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Jan 11 2013

Thank God It's Link Day

In Contentiontalks to Oscar nominated sound designer Paul N.J.Ottoson onZero Dark Thirty
Film.comJoe Reid does the research we wanted done on most winningest acting lineups of all time -- but, yes, Supporting Actor 2012 is the only ALL winners acting lineup at nomination time.
We Are Movie Geekscollects all the new official Oscar posters and Oscar promos so click on over if you wanna fill up on Seth MacFarlane.

Heat VisionChristopher Nolan in talks to directInterstellar.The internet's mind is blown because it's a) Nolan and b) sci-fi and c) a & b together and d) because it's supposedly a surprise...but since Jonathan Nolan wrote it I can't figure how the "d" is true.What did I miss?
National Postcontemplates Bradley Cooper's hair, awards schmoozing amd career highs in Palm Springs

Worthy Long Read
New York Times Magazine"Here is what happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie" an epic piece on Paul Schrader and the making ofCanyons

Today's Funny
Have you seen College Humor's "accurate movie titles" Best Picture edition.It's funny.ArgoandAmourare the ones that made me lol.

see them all

Nov 27 2012

Liz & Link

Film.comOur friend Joe Reid debuts his Oscar column and explains why Oscars are good for us
Winnipeg Free Pressinterviews Kim Morgan on her Marilyn Monroe essay for Playboy
Huffington PostwillLes Misérablesvirgins enjoy the film?Mike Ryan did.
演员s & Crewthe best iPhone apps for filmmaking
Natasha VCFeel all your feelings about James Spader (now appearing inLincoln)
NY Timesextensive audio & text piece on the sound design ofKilling Me Softly.I love educational web goodies

The Atlanticworries that the conversion to digital will cost us deeply when it comes to the classics.Some of them may never look or sound the way they were intended to again.(With commentary from the brilliant editor Thelma Schoonmaker)
In ContentionCanBeasts of the Southern Wildreturn to the Oscar fray?
In ContentionThe "Oscar Bait" got good
Coming Soonphotos from the set ofR.I.P.D.with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds.They don't look much like zombie police officers to me?
MovielineDid you know that Steven Spielberg was once turned down when he asked to direct James Bond!?
The Carpet Baggeris back and looking at how the new Oscar schedule may change release dates and campaign strategies

Linds & Tricks
the wordless acting of Lindsay Lohan inLiz & Dick
TFEMean Girlspredicted the future!
PopWatchthe best lines from Liz & Dick
Huffington Post100 Twitter Reactions...their layout is really messy/annoying but if you scroll down the post title can be found in a slide show that looks like an ad...but it's actually the content of the post after a long intro.

And no...I haven't yet watchedLiz & Dick.I know.I didn't have the energy, wasn't in the right mood to see Liz defiled (easily among the top five best celebrities who ever lived -- in multiple senses of "best") and maybe you had to be there at the online viewing internet party anyway!

Nov 26 2012

Mean Girls Predicted the Future!

Sep 30 2012

Anne Linkaway

big screen
/Filmwhat to expect on the Prometheus BluRay
Playbillcharacter actor Herbert Lom (The Pink Panther, Night and the City) dies at 94
In Contentionshines a spotlight on AMPAS's best quality: their interest in film preservation.They're still trying to find the missing Oscar nominees from year's past.God speed, AMPAS, god speed.
The Envelopecan Disney dominate the Animated Film Race?I think so.I'm guessing that Frankenweenie wins.
i09original production art fromSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs(1937)

small screen
In Our Wordssmart piece on gaycism and sitcoms -- just because you include a gay character, you shouldn't have carte blanche to indulge in every other form of bigotry.
Gawkerwhat's going on with Christina Aguilera's vagina in her new video?
Big Thoughts...enjoys Kelly Macdonald onBoardwalk Empire.I have to say that's my only regret in my lack of interest in the show.Love her in the movies whenever she pops up.

must-seethis newly uncovered video from behind the scenes onMean Girlsis a must-see: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan rehearsing the Kevin G rap.


Salonhas an interesting article about the right wing's problem with pop culture and lack of Hollywood supporters

Gothamistan absolutely horrifying live theater development.Spider-Man is the gift that keeps up stinking up Broadway!
Hollywood ReporterANNE HATHAWAY DOING THE SONGS OF "CABARET"-- one night only in New York.(Oh to have enough money to attend benefit concerts!)

Apr 23 2012

A Drowning Woman Takes Down Those Nearest

JA fromMNPPhere.Well it's official!As rumored slash threatened,Lindsay Lohsan will be playingElizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime channel bio-pic centering on Liz's back-and-forth paparazzi-bait romance with Sir Richard Burton.我想这也许会林德的解放军ying Lovelace and end up no more than hot air, but it appears it's for real, and she's maybe cleaned her act up enough...?

I'm forced by the sheer weight of the past several years sordid history to end that sentence with a question mark.Nevermind if this is even a good idea or not - skepticism regarding any project involving LL has become too deeply ingrained in me.Until this thing's actually on my TV screen, I will doubt.

What say y'all?Is it too soon after losing the legend to even contemplate this?Does Lindsay have what she needs to nail this...or to even walk away unscathed?Is it a gutsy move on her part or just a symptom of derangement?And who would you cast as Dick?So many question marks.

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