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"that moment fromCircus of Booksreminded me of an identical scene inbroadcast newsand, much like holly hunter's character, made me suspicious of the interviewer"-Par


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May 07 2020

Emmy Watch: Contenders for "Limited Series"

byAbe Fried-Tanzer

We’re turning today to a new category of Emmy races: limited series and TV movies.Limited series is an entirely different ballgame, though changing rules and eligibility make this category just as fascinating as any. For instance,Big Little Lies, which won this prize three years ago, is now a potential contender for Best Drama Series. A number of shows featuring different storylines and characters each season, includingAmerican Crime Story, Fargo,andGenius,continue to be nominated, though all three of their latest iterations won’t premiere until after this season ends as a result of delays in filming and postproduction.American Horror Storyearned four bids here before its eighth season got reclassified as a regular series with overarching threads. With no high-profile returning shows eligible this year, we have a whole slew of new contenders…

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Mar 25 2020

Review: Little Fires Everywhere

byMurtada Elfadl

This review only covers the first three episodes ofLittle Fires Everywhere.

In the second episode of the new Hulu miniseriesLittle Fires Everywhere丰富的特权白人妇女埃琳娜•理查森(Reeese Witherspoon) asks the nomad artist Mia (Kerry Washington), who is her new tenant, to be her maid. You see she means well. She saw Mia and her teenage daughter asleep in their car and of course as any upstanding citizen would do, called the police on them for trespassing. Out of guilt she leased them her open apartment when by coincidence she recognized them later in the day. Now Mia has told her that she needs to juggle more than one job to make ends meet. The offer comes out naturally out of Elena's mouth. Only after she finishes saying the words does she realize what she has said and how it can be misconstrued. She back tracks by changing the job to “house manager.”

That scene is fraught with racial, class and socio-economic tension. It made me excited for the series and for watching Witherspoon and Washington tackle these issues...

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