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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
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May 24 2019

Posterized: Liza Minnelli

by Nathaniel R

Some people's talents are so supersized that they're destined for fame.Others are born right into it.In the delicious nutty case of Liza Minnelli it was both.She was famous at birth,being the first child of a superstar couple (Movie star Judy Garland and celebrated director Vincente Minnelli) but later her talents proved that she would have become LIZA even if she'd been born to a phone operator and a brick-layer.

Liza is currently back in select movie theaters as herself in the documentaryHalston(2019).But we're here to look back today.You can actually catch baby Liza (uncredited) at the end of the Judy Garland musicalIn the Good Old Summertime (1949) but her film debut proper came in 1968 in the Albert Finney comedyCharlie Bubbles.

How many of her movies have you seen?Every poster is after the jump but since she's an all platform star we included notes about other major work where it applied...

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May 20 2019

Showbiz History: The Best Cannes Year?The Birth of Cher!

Here are 10 things worth celebrating on this day in showbiz history,May 20th.

Federico Fellini and Jeanne Moreau were both winners at the 1960 Cannes festival but they look none too happy about it!

1891Thomas Edison's prototype kinetoscope gets its first public display (to the National Federation of Women's Club).Could any of them have imagined the colossal artform that would spring forth in those early days?

1960The 13th annual Cannes Film Festival wraps up with Federico Fellini's masterpiece (well,one of them at any rate)La Dolce Vitataking the Palme d'Or.The competition lineup was insanely rich...

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Apr 09 2019

Fosse/Verdon - EP 1: "Life is a Cabaret"

byChris Feil

FX'sFosse/Verdonbegins with two intriguingly quiet moments for a series founded in musical theatre.First,an older Bob Fosse waits alone in a hotel room,and someone comes knocking.Then we flash back to the genius working in tandem with his wife and partner Gwen Verdon,perfecting a piece of choreography in his iconic style.Gwen offers a slight adjustment to his angular positioning,and they proceed."Yours is better,"he says decisively.This kind of personal and creative symbiosis,which has made the two depicted here into the stuff of Broadway hallowed history,is sadly only fleeting in the premiere of this new limited series.

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Oct 09 2018

Doc Corner: 'Studio 54'

ByGlenn Dunks

The most famous nightclub of the 20th century ran for only 33 months,but has gifted us with decades worth of memories.Studio 54,inarguably the pinnacle of 1970s disco decadence was a home for reckless hedonistic abandon and affected sexual liberation all under the appropriately throbbing beat of Donna Summer,Sylvester and Thelma Houston.A celebrity haunt and a genuine phenomenon with girls in fur coats and boys in short shorts and Cadillacs circling the block,it was the place to be even if you couldn't get in.

Studio 54 has played a good sized role in movies,too,so it's surprising that it's taken this long to get a comprehensive documentary about it.There have been movies like54(recommended in Director's Cut format and nothing else) and others likeSummer of Samset against Studio's influential disco beat.And,of course,any documentary about the 1970s,especially as it relates to celebrity or queer life,will inevitably take a limousine detour down W 54th Street in Manhattan.Is Matt Tyrnauer's film worth the 40-year wait?For the most part,yes;although it can't but feel like there is still much more that was left on the dancefloor...

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Aug 03 2018

Cabaret Pt 3: 'From cradle to tomb...'

Occasionally Team Experience will take a classic movie and pass it around for a deep dive.This week Cabaret (1972) which is currently streaming on Filmstruck.But if you're in NYC don't miss your chance tosee it in an actual movie theaterat the newly renovated gorgeous Quad Cinema.

InPart One,Nathaniel investigated the way the musical's major players are introduced at the cliff end of the Weimar Era in Germany.

InPart Two,Dancin' Dan watched as two couples (Brian & Sally,Fritz & Natalia) fell in love and lust and into "money!".It makes the world go round.When we left off,Brian and Sally's new lover,a rich baron,has taken Brian out to lunch when a song interrupts their not-so-innocent idyll.- Editor

Part 3 by Chris Feil

1:18:16 - Out of nowhere,we hear a tenor breaking into the nationalist anthem "Tomorrow Belongs to Me".We pan from his angelic face to see his Nazi uniform,realizing we've fallen into a musical number that is about to be a harsh reality in more ways than one.

It matters that "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"is a very different kind of song than what we have been given thus far,and the only number outside of the cabaret.Entirely without nuance,a straight-shooting melody that purposefully tries to pull you into its grip as we watch in horror while its grim subtext shows itself...

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Aug 02 2018

Cabaret Pt 2: 'It makes the world go 'round'

Occasionally Team Experience will take a classic movie and pass it around for a deep dive.Cabaret is showing onscreen this weekend at The Quad.Don't miss your chance to see it in an actual movie theater if you're in NYC.

InPart One of our tag team look atCabaret(1972 being our 'year of the month'),Nathaniel investigated the way director/choreographer Bob Fosse introduced the musical's three major players at the cliff end of the Weimar Era in Germany.He also touched on Liza Minnelli's physical expressiveness in creating one of the most memorable protagonists of all time.When we left off,Fritz and Sally had just forced themselves into their friend Brian's English lessons for a Jewish heiress.Here'sDancin' Danwith Part Two of ourCabaretroundelay - Editor

Part 2 by Dancin' Dan

34:45 "Bobby!A Landauer.In my house!"I love the little glimpses we get of the other residents of the boarding house.In the stage show,Fräulein Schneider is much more fleshed out and has some truly lovely moments.I can't say I miss it entirely in this film,but I still love seeing them.

35:00 Meine damen und herren,the most awkward tea party EVER.There are so many great moments in this scene,from Fritz pulling his jacket down to hide his fraying shirtsleeves to Marissa Berenson's accidental double entendres as Natalia ("This was a cold of the bosom,not of the nose.""Ze plegma?Zat comes in der tubes?"),which are even more cringe-worthy since she is so beautiful and nearly regal in her bearing.And the sass she gives Brian when he can't explain the spelling of "phlegm"is delightful!

36:30 Sally is VERY unimpressed with Fritz's overeager laughter at Natalia's jokes...

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