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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Apr 29 2018

Michael Anderson (1920-2018)

by Nathaniel R

We lost one of our oldest Oscar nominees this weekend.98 year old film director Michael Anderson passed away of heart disease.The quadrilingual reportedly very amiable director had a long career stretching from a couple of acting gigs in the 1930s through directingThe New Adventures of Pinnocchioin 1999.His two biggest claims to fame were the Best Picture winning blockbusterAround the World in 80 Days(1956,one of the biggest hits of its decade) and the sci-fi hitLogan's Run(1976).People keep referring toLogan's Runas a cult hit online but it was actually just a regular sized success ("cult"is a really strange term in the modern vernacular which doesn't seem to mean what people think it means when referring to the fanbases of films.I've even heardMean Girlsdescribed as a cult-classic.Child,that is mainstream!)

His two most famous pictures were both naturally eyed for remakes...

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Jan 27 2017

30 Days Until Oscar

30 is...

...the running time of Wallace & Gromit's Oscar winning shortsA Close Shave(1995) andThe Wrong Trousers(1993)

...the number of features directed by Steven Spielberg fromSugarland Express(1974) toThe BFG(2016)

...the age of Bette Davis and Hilary Swank when they won theirsecondBest Actress Oscars for亚博主页Jezebel(1938) andMillion Dollar Baby(2004) respectively

...the year of Best Picture winnerAll Quiet on the Western Front

...and the age at which you get all dressed up to be "terminated"inLogan's Run(1976).For the good of society!

Apr 25 2015

4 Movies That Introduced Artificial Intelligence (As An Afterthought)

Michael C hereto celebrate some of cinema's lesser known machine life.

Artificial Intelligence is such a rich idea,if it is introduced into a film more often than not it is going to be the centerpiece of the story,as is the case with titles ranging from2001toBlade Runner to Her.Even when it is not the main attraction,like with the droids fromStar Warsor the synthetics of theAlienmovies,those films still have to take the care to craft a world in which these robots make sense.

That said,there are those rare films that introduce A.I.into the storyline seemingly at random."Oh yeah,forgot to mention.There are sentient machines in this world."To introduce such a big concept in such an offhand manner is always jarring,and can often be unintentionally hilarious.

Jor-El Hologram inMan of Steel(2013)
By the time the Superman finds the last recording of his deceased father late inMan of Steel,the audience is primed for some variation on the scene from the original Superman where hologram Brando boots up to impart some prerecorded wisdom to his son.Instead we essentially get Russell Crowe's Jor-El brought back from the dead.He can respond to new information and run around the ship opening doors for Lois Lane.Hologram Jor-el even has an emotional confrontation with Zod about things that happened after Zod murdered him.The idea that this is even possible is frankly way more interesting than the giant space jackhammer the audience is supposed to care about at that point during the climax.

Sico inRocky IV(1985)
So the fourth film in theRockyfranchise is plugging away,hitting all the typical,roided out,80's sports movie beats,when out of the blue Rocky gives Uncle Paulie SICO,a fully intelligent robot butler,as a Christmas gift.Paulie and the bot proceed to develop a wacky odd couple relationship,at least until things go next level bonkers and Paulie reprograms the robot to be female (which for some reason dumb old Paulie is capable of doing).TheRockyfilms weren't exactly bastions of realism by the fourth entry but it is difficult to put into words just how bizarre it is to have this A.I.subplot dropped into the middle of a boxing movie.It is the equivalent of the nextFast and the Furioussequel having an appearance by The Great Gazoo who floats next Ludacris during chase scenes dispensing wise cracks.

Alsatia Zevo inToys(1992)
Unlike the total randomness ofRocky IV'ssubplot,everything in Barry Levinson'sToysshould prepare the audience for the appearance of a humanoid robot.After all,Toysis little more than two hours of elaborate gizmos.Yet it is still so very weird when it's revealed that (20 year old spoiler warning) Joan Cusack's character was a robot the whole time,built by Robin Williams' toy maker father as companion for his oddball son.Like the rest ofToys,the twist is designed to be sweet and charming but lands squarely on unsettling.It's a combination of the way the twist doesn't add up and the movie's bizarre foreshadowing that Alsatia is not quite human (She enjoys mayonnaise sandwiches…just like a robot would?)

Box inLogan's Run(1976)
Around the 2/3 mark of the dystopian thrillerLogan's Run,Michael York and Jenny Agutter are trying to escape through an ice tunnel to the mythical "sanctuary"when they encounter Box,a giant tin foil robot who speaks with the warm tones of Babe narrator Roscoe Lee Brown and who looks like he was designed for the originalStar Trekshow after it had blown the whole budget on tribbles.At first it seems like Box is going to be like all the other soulless computer programs in the movie,but he is different,describing himself as "More than machine or man.More than a fusion of the two."Not only is Box a conscious being but it quickly becomes clear that he has been down in that ice cave alone waaaay too long and has lost his little robot mind.For five minutes our heroes listen to Box ramble like a street corner prophet,making grandiose nonsense declarations ("The deep grottos whisper my name.Box…BOX…BOOOOOX!") going on and on about plankton,and finally attempt to murder them while cackling like a loon.Nothing in Logan's Run is explained with too much depth but the Box interlude is especially nutty - nothing about it makes a lick of sense or even attempts to - but damned if it isn't one of the most memorable scenes in the film,random or not.

Do you have any other "favorite"examples?

Apr 10 2015

In the Link Room

A very quick roundup to begin a Netflixy day (Daredevilanyone).Speaking of...Hi,Sissy!

Sissy Spacek photographed by Christian McDonald

InterviewTodd Field (In the Bedroom) interviews Sissy Spacek onBloodlineetc...
NPRtalks to Brad Bird on Tomorrowland.And yes,he is finally working onIncredibles 2(very early writing stages) for which we will eschew our normal eye rolls at animated sequel news and instead cheer wildly.
Tracking BoardLogans Runremake still a slight possibility.This time with female lead?
i09posits thatPractical Magicw/ Bullock & Kidman as witch sisters is a perfect movie
Antagony & Ecstasyfilm criticism for a good cause: Tim takes on the daunting task of reviewingVertigoaka "the greatest movie ever made"as part of his cancer charity drive -- he's raised over $2000 already!
Vanity Fairon Ryan Gosling as a director
Pajibasays "eff it...reboot everything"includingCybill.Hee!
Pajibashould you grow a Mad Men moustache?A handy guide

Today's Watch ICYMI
It gives a whole new meaning to "instant watch"

Oct 27 2012


My New Plaid Pants"13 Whores of Halloween"a fun countdown of film characters: "Jules"fromCabin in the Woods,"Lucy"fromBram Stoker's Draculaand 11 more!
Star Ledgermovies as political propaganda:Won't Back Down,2016: Obama's America,and more
Pajibaa shirtless link roundup.Why haven't I thought of this?On a content related note: I hadn't heard that Ryan Gosling has left Nicolas Winding Refn'sLogan's Runremake.Sad face.But I guess Ryan Gosling,who is 31 going on 32,would already be dead byLogan's Runstandards!
Hollywood Elsewhereon John Goodman's Oscar campaign problem forFlight.

After Eltoncute and thorough interview with the star ofGaybyout actor Matthew Wilkas
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Movie|Linewonders if Idris Elba will win the James Bond role in the future.But why are we talking about this?I want Daniel Craig to keep on running,shooting,fighting,travelling,stripping,and bedding those Bond girls.Don't you?
Cinema any rate,Daniel Craig's possibly final two Bond pictures MIGHT have linked stories,a laCasino RoyaleandQuantum of Solace