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Oct 06 2017

C O N S I D E R -Fav Actresses of 2017,3rd Qtr

With less than three months of the year to go - eep!-- it's time to do another tally of favorite performances -- this is how we keep track so we're not like Oscar voters who only vote on the last couple months of the year.Here are the17bestfemale turnsthis past quarteraccording to your host,Nathaniel.Which movies were considered?Movies released between July and right now (October 6th) as well as unreleased movies (marked by an asterisk*) which were screened in that time frame but have no firm release date in the future.Previous 3rd quarter lists:FilmmakingandMale Acting

Disclaimer: Key actress-focused films I missed this past quarter wereHome Again,Ingrid Goes West,andLady Macbeth.If you've seen them give their MVPs a shout-out.


Dame Judi Dench as "Queen Victoria"inVictoria & Abdul
I love the idea of character sequels decades later rather than continuing story sequels (that's what TV is for!).The movie is no great shakes but it's quite fun to see her return to this signature character.

Regina Hall as "Ryan Pierce"inGirls Trip
A wonderfully nimble performance.She's got to provide the straight man to the comic bananas but to make that funny,too,while dexterously handling the script's somewhat heavy handed character arc.

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Sep 20 2017

TIFF: Euphoria and Zama disappoint

We've got a a few more adventures from TIFF to get through.Here are two pictures Euphoria and Zama that I was greatly looking forward to for disparate reasons (the lead actors and the director,respectively).But neither one did it for me and I sincerely hope other future eyeballs will enjoy them more...

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Dec 14 2012

I Want To Squeeze You,Please You

JA fromMNPPhere - I don't want to speak for Nathaniel,but I can't imagine him having to do one of his patented "Yes No Maybe So"takes on this here first teaser for Pedro Almodovar's next flick,a comedy calledI'm So Excited- as in The Pointer Sisters' big hit song,which we see some male flight attendants perform therein.I can't imagine Nat having to to a "Yes No Maybe So"since this is Almodovar,and it is always HELL YES with Almodovar.

So I will just present it unto you,in hopes it can maybe put a smile on your face on this dreary horrible day.And I will add this informational nugget - I stole pizza from a pizza party that The Pointer Sisters were having during a drag show I attended when I was in college in the late 90s,and that's all this song ever makes me think of.So thanks for the pizza,ladies!

[UPDATE: The comedy about a flight where passengers begin to reveal their secrets to one another when the plane runs into trouble will feature familar Pedro regularsJavier Cámara(Talk to Her),Lola Dueñas(Volver)Cecilia Roth(All About My Mother),Carmen Machi(Broken Embraces) and a lot of new blood.Actors doing just their second tour of duty for the great auteur includingPaz Vega("Amparo"inTalk to Her),José Luis Torrijo(a doctor inAll About My Mother),Antonio de la Torre("Paco"inVolver) andBlanca Suarez("Norma"inThe Skin I Live In).We will also see quite a few Pedro virgins,most of them male:Hugo Silva,Miguel Angel Silvestre,Raúl Arévalo,Willy Toledo,José María Yazpik,Carlos Areces,and the lone new actressLaya Martí.What's more,according to Fotogramas,the comedy will also feature Pedro's movie star darlingsPenelope Cruz&Antonio Banderasthough they don't appear in this 47 second look.]

Jun 27 2011

Box Office: Crushed Cars,Ascendant Woody and Global Hits

We won't waste too much time on the American box office today as it's the usual stories: an animated film tops the charts (don't make me say the name),Bridesmaidbarely dipped andMidnight in Parisis zooming up the "all time Woody Allen lists".On this last bit I wish we had "adjusted for inflation"charts at the ready.Those inevitable stories about it passingHannah and Her Sistersat the box office are going to be annoying because $40 million in 1986 is a helluva lot more ticket-buying action than $41 million in 2011,you know? I'm guessing thatAnnie Hall,which really captured mainstream attention,would reign supreme if you adjusted for inflation.[updated: yep,ANNIE HALL is #1]

And yes I normally do a new drawing for the box office but I hate drawing cars and the only picture I'd like to conjure in that realm isCars 2's "Mater"squished flat in a compactor.

U.S.Box-Office (Actuals)
figures via box office mojo

01 CARS 2new$66.1
02 BAD TEACHERnew$31.6
03 GREEN LANTERN$18[review] (cum.$88.9)
04 SUPER 8$12[thoughts] (cum.$95.1)
05 MR POPPER'S PENGUINS$10.1(cum.$39.2)

the rest of the top twelve are now losing screens...
X-MEN FIRST CLASS$6.6[review,top ten X] THE HANGOVER PT II$5.5, BRIDESMAIDS$5.2, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES$4.9[review],KUNG FU PANDA 2 $4.1,MIDNIGHT IN PARIS$4.1[podcast] and TREE OF LIFE $1.3 [overheard & thoughts]

Worldwide Action
It's all about the 4thPiratesfilm worldwide unfortunately,reminding us that the US hardly has the strangehold on lemming-like sequel culture.Johnny Depp on loop nears another 1 billion gross.Crazine$$.

But let's talk about movies that never get any attention on movie blogs!
I looked at the global charts atbox office mojoand thought it was worth sharing.Here are the top grossers that aren't Hollywood for 2011 (Please note: Bollywood does not give figures to B.O.M.so who knows with those films)

2011's Top Grossers (Non-English Language)

01Hankyu densha
This Japanese film is based on a best-selling novel about intersecting lives (it uses a public transport line as connecting backdrop).Starring Miki Nakatani and Erika Toda.It's nearly as big a hit as,say,Rangoacross the ocean but it's Japan only thus far.[Trailer]
02Rien à déclarer (Nothing to Declare)
Directed and written by and stars (whew)Dany Boonwho you might remember as the lead actor from last year's chaotic farceMic-Macs(which was fromAmélie's director).It's a comedy about customs officers during the elimination of the French-Belgium border in the 1990s.This is a bigger hit thanTrue GritorNo Strings Attachedoverseas and has distributors in various markets but nothing for the US as far as I can tell.
03Che bella giornata (What a Beautiful Day)
A very complicated sounding comedy starringChecco Zalone(who also co-wrote the movie) as a security officer in Italy who gets mixed up with an Arabic girl posing as a French woman.Italy only thus far.[Official Site]

German star Til Schweiger (Inglourious Basterds) co-wrote this family comedy and co-stars with his daughter.Warner Bros handled the very very successful German release.Will we see it...or some English language remake here?
05SP The Motion Picture
Japanese film about Security Police that's based on a TV series.
A genre film about two teenagers played by Ken'ichi Matsuyama and Kazunari Ninomiya hunting and killing aliens.This one has distributors in some European countries in addition to Asia but the only US plans (at the moment) is a spot in theNew York Asian Film Festivalwhich is just about to start (July 1st).

Here's the trailer for the festival as a whole (cute).If you're in NYC are you seeing anything?

After that in the global charts when its not Hollywood films it's mostly Asian films (they have their own strong markets) but there's one film in particular that our actress-loving heart is thumping for longingly.That'sLes Femmes du 6ème étage(Service Entrance)which is a French film about Spanish maids from director Jean-Philippe LeGuay.The Spanish cast includes Carmen Maura and Lola Dueñas (Volverreunion alert!) as the help and Fabrice Luchini and Sandrine Kiberlain as conservative wealthy French employers.

Service Entrance

Strand Releasinghas US distribution rights but given that the film is the 79th most popular overseas for 2011 with a $15 million gross (thus far),we hope it gets a hearty US push.

Do you like hearing about foreign hits or did your eyes just glaze over?