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Jun 05 2019

Untitled Woody Allen Picture Shoots This Summer

by Nathaniel R

Chalamet & Fanning and Woody on the set of the ill-fated "A Rainy Day in New York"

For as long as we've been conscious of the movies,there's been a Woody Allen movie released every single year.That clockwork regularity ended withWonder Wheel(2017).Amazon refused to release the completed pictureA Rainy Day in New Yorkwhich was meant for 2018 when the bad press kept mounting and some of that film's cast (Rebecca Hall and Timothée Chalamet,among them) disowned the film due to media pressure from the Farrow family's accusations against the director (unchanged since 1992 -- Woody was never officially charged after two separate investigations -- but revived very publicly/frequently since early 2014).The filmmaker and Amazon Studios are,last we heard,still in a pricey legal battle over their broken contract (even if you dislike Woody,one wonders what argument Amazon Studios could possibly come up with that's a winning one since they went into that contract with full knowledge of the accusations)  but Woody has the greenlight from other sources for his 2020 picture,as yet untitled,which will begin filming in July...

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May 22 2017

Cannes Day 5-6: "Killing of a Sacred Deer"and "Happy End"

by Nathaniel R

PreviouslyDay 1andDays 2-4

How's that hunt for our Palme d'Or and runner up prizes coming?Here are the five latest in competition films to screen.

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Aug 31 2016

Links: Movies (and TV) Matter,Garrel Picks Pics,Oscar's Centennial

Thrillist"Why everyone was wrong aboutWarcraft"- the summer's most underrated movie?
MNPPgreat moments in movie shelves hitsYoung Frankenstein
The Wraplooks at Colton Haynes winning an HRC award.Why Colton,exactly?

CriterionLouis Garrel chooses movies from the Criterion closet.He likes Jacques Tati,Loves of a Blonde,andAmarcordamong others
FlavorWirelooks back at Madonna & Sean'sShanghai Surprisein its Bad Movie Night column
Telerama(in French) Alain Guirardie talks about his filmography - he thinks he can do better thanStranger by the Lake!
SBShilarious satire video on White Fragility in the Workplace
SlatepitsBad MomsagainstGhostbustersbecause women have to be pitted against each other!
NY Timeson current film restoration anxiety asking the following question which I swear is going to give me regular nightmares:

What happens to an art when its foundational medium disappears?

Today's Must Read
Richard Brody at the New Yorker wrote a great piece called"Why Movies Still Matter?"that examines the critical circularity that leads people to write things like "Could This Be the Year Movies Stopped Mattering?"We're all inside this ororborus!Help.My favorite part is his contention that the rise in popularity of serial television is actually emulating the college experience.Interesting.

The experience that the watching and the critique of new serial television resemble above all is the college experience.Binge-watching is cramming,and the discussions that are sparked reproduce academic habits: What It Says About,What It Gets Right About,What It Gets Wrong About.There is a lot of aboutness but very little being;lots of puzzle-like assembling of information to pose particular kinds of questions (posing questions—sounds like a final exam),to explore particular issues (sounds like a term paper).For these reasons,television's actual competition isn't movies or museums or novels but nonfiction books,documentary films,journalism,radio discussions,and general online clicking.Serial television is designed to gratify the craving for facts to piece together and analyze.The medium seems created for the media buzz that's generated by the media people who are its natural audience,and to whom the shows owe their acclaim,their prestige,and their success.

Then he goes on to investigate the personal versus the public in our cinema experience.Love this piece.So much to think about and not judgmental about those filmortelevision!Or to quote another great writer...

EWEmily Blunt hears what Julie Andrews says about her casting asMary Poppins Returns
GuardianAnne Hathaway to star inLive Fast Die Hotthe adaptation of a bestseller about new motherhood and responsibility
VarietyRichard Linklater is making a sequel (of a sort) toThe Last Detail(1973) calledLast Flag Flying
/Filmearly photos from Woody Allen's Crisis in Six Scenes,his new streaming series
TowleroadMatt Bomer has signed on to play a trans sex worker in a new film calledAnything.They're still not casting trans actors for trans roles which is a shame.Especially since we actually have famous trans actors now,proof that there's no reason to not cast them or think they can't win media attention themselves
VarietyStranger Thingsrenewed for Season 2.(I liked Season 1 but a continuation of that story seems like a mistake to me.Better an anthology template!)
Comics AllianceStranger Things'breakout "Barb"(Shannon Purser) will guest star on CW'sArchieadaptationRiverdale
Awards DailyWarren Beatty'sRules Don't Applywill open the AFI Fest this year in November

In case you haven't heard ABC and Oscar have extended their contract.The Oscars will now be held on ABC through 2028 now.亚博主页In extremely related news: 2028 is when the 100th Academy Awards will be held so imaginethatcentennial.If you'd like TFE to be around for that (so far away) please consider joining our monthly donaters --see sidebar -- because it's so not easy to keep making this site work each year,financially speaking.

Feb 13 2016

Valentine's - Les chansons d'amour

Team Experience are sharing their favourite love scenes for Valentine's.Here'sDavidfrom THE city of love...

Murtada was firstto share a musical movie moment to celebrate Valentine's,but,as the famous Shakespeare quote goes,"if music be the food of love,play on…",and so it is that I bring you an actual Love Song - one of the gentle acoustic numbers of Christophe Honoré's Les chansons d'amour...

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Oct 14 2014

Top 10 Things We Learned from the 52nd New York Film Festival

To close out ourNew York Film Festivalcoverage for the year,a quartet of takeaways from this annual highly curated celebration of international cinema.NYFF doesn't have a broad selection like a lot of festivals but there were goodies.I've asked each member of our team to send me a top ten list of things they learned (we did not consult each other on our lists).

I'll start


1.17 years afterBoogie Nights,Julianne Moore is still 'the foxiest bitch in the world'

2.Birdmanhas a smorgasbord of quotable lines.My favorite on first viewing:

Popularity is just the slutty cousin of prestige."

3.Marion Cotillard is getting so mesmerizingly authentic onscreen pretty soon she's going to walk right off of it in character like she's reenactingThePurple Rose of Cairo.(I apologize for the image: no one wants to think of the Dardenne Brothers going 3-D.)

4.You should never ever sit in the middle of a row of a long-ass Mike Leigh movie if you are feeling sick.My half-apologies to my row mates who you have no right to take up aisle seats if you're uncomfortable moving for the people in the middle.

More includingWhiplash,Birdman,Inherent Vice,and Channing Tatum's bootsafter the jump...

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Mar 16 2013

Vintage 1983

With nothing new in theaters worth getting excited about my head has been all over the (time) map of cinema.I picked this year somewhat arbitrarily to discuss.

Were you alive in 1983?Even if you weren't do you think of it fondly?To give you a little context for the year: Ronald Reagan was POTUS and Nancy had just contributed "Just Say No"to the vernacular;M*A*S*Hended its lengthy run on television;Michael Jackson's"Thriller"was all anybody listened to;CheersandHill Street Blueswere the Emmy champs.

Let's savor 1983's cinematic crop for a moment.Are these movies (and people) and things aging well?Is there much left to savor?

Best Movies According To...
Oscar:The Big Chill,The Dresser,Tender Mercies,Terms of Endearment,andThe Right Stuffwere the best pictures nominees but they also lovedCross Creek,Fanny & Alexander,Educating Rita,SilkwoodandZelig
Golden Globe: (drama)Reuben Reuben,The Right Stuff,Silkwood,Tender Mercies,andTerms of Endearment* (comedy/musical)The Big Chill,Flashdance,Trading Places,Yentl*,andZelig
Cannes:The Ballad of Narayama
Box Office:1)Return of the Jedi2)Terms of Endearment3)Flashdance4)Trading Places5)War Games6)Octopussy7)Sudden Impact8)Staying Alive9)Mr Mom10)Risky Business
Nathaniel:The King of Comedy, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life,Pauline at the Beach, The Return of the Jedi, The Right Stuff,Silkwood,Terms of Endearment,The Year of Living DangerouslyandYentl.I'm holding a spot in my top ten open forFanny & AlexanderorZeligwhich are weirdly movies I never get around to seeing even though I am likely to worship both given the time frame in their auteur's filmography in which they land...

Adorable '83 Babies after the jump...

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