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Dec 24 2017

To Me,You Are Perfect: Ranking the Stories in "Love Actually"

By Spencer Coile

Every holiday season,we sit down with our favorite festive movies and return to the magic these films have to offer.Some turn to classics such asIt's a Wonderful Lifeor the various renditions ofA Christmas Carol.Others favorDie Hard,Gremlins,or something a bit more contemporary --The Family Stone,anyone? Regardless,we come back to our favorites for comfort and a jolly mood.

Love Actually,to me,is that Christmas movie.Using the "interwoven lives"structure that so many rom-coms have since used disastrously,Love Actuallyuses the formula with beautiful effect.The result is a kindhearted,giant hug of a film that always manages to lift the spirits.Put on your holiday hats as we rank the 9 storylines...

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Dec 20 2017

Soundtracking: "Love Actually"

Chris's weekly look at music in movies gets festive forLove Actually!

Love Actuallyis so loaded with musical sequences you could almost call it a quasi-musical.That said,it is light on holiday music even though it is set at Christmas time.However,you can easily forgiveLove Actuallyif you want it to be loaded on melodic holiday cheer because it usestheChristmas song of the past few decades: Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You".

Like Spider-Man and multiple lobsters' participation in this Christmas pageant,Love Actuallythrows everything it can into its insane mix but is nevertheless a delight because of the reliable charms of genre hallmarks."All I Want for Christmas is You"is about as indispensable as they come and a guaranteed bop.How many times have you already heard it this holiday season and how many more times will you hear it again before it's over?Despite its ubiquity,the answer to both questions is "probably not enough".

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Mar 10 2017

Love is complicated for Keira Knightley

by Murtada

It seems that Jason Clarke has cornered the market on playing husbands whose wives look elsewhere in 2017.That is one of the plot threads of theSundance hitMudboundwhere Carey Mulligan plays his wife,who has eyes for his brother played by Garrett Hedlund.And now in theThe Aftermathhe's a British colonel in Germany right after WWII,whose wife (Keira Knightley) forms a bond with the German widower (Alexander Skarsgård) who used to own the house they now live in.The film just finished shooting in Prague under the helm of James Kent (Testament to Youth).It might appear on the fall festival circuit.

Knightley was seen this week in London shooting scenes for thatLove Actuallysequel we've been hearing so much about...

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Nov 15 2013

Links with an Invisible Glass of Moët

Inside MoviesAndrew Lincoln looks back at "to me you are perfect"fromLove Actually
MNPPwants to watchOnly God Forgivesagain.Are you also experiencing these deviant feelings?
Ultra Cultureanatomy of mostBlue is the Warmest Color"reviews"

In Contentionwonders if Will Forte can win Best Supporting Actor traction forNebraska- well the category is amorphous still...
BuzzFeedsaw fit to rank every episode ofBuffy the Vampire Slayer.Such a mammoth project so even if you quibble with the ranking -- and boy do I (love "Beer Bad") --you have to respect
Gawkerweeping throughThe Best Man Holiday
Pajibahow to prepare yourself for the release of Nicolas Cage's nude photos

And while I was in Los Angeles earlier this week theMoët British Independent Film Award nominationswere announced.I love little weird awards groups like this (the corporate titling not so much) because you can't tie them to "ooh,they're trying to influence the Oscars"亚博主页which is just about the most boring thing you can possibly do if you're a group thinking of handing out awards.No matter what your group is,if it has no character,personality or purpose outside of predicting another groups awards,QUIT - the world doesn't need you!But's a complete list of nominationsin case you missed them as I did.They were big fans of the bleak with the violentStarred Upand Clio Barnard's festival gemThe Selfish Giantleading the nominations.They also approved ofMetro Manilawhich isthe UK's Oscar submission.But they also found room for more mainstream senior Brit efforts likePhilomenawith Judi Dench andLe Week-Endstarring Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan.

What a World: Ralph Fiennes & Kristin Scott Thomas are co-stars again.But this time he's sleeping with her screen daughter.Here's why I spit out my Moët,though.They ignored12 Years a Slavein "International Film"and had a reaction to Ralph Fiennes'The Invisible Womanthat I find not only puzzling but deeply lazy.They nominated it only for Best Actress (Felicity Jones,whose appeal still escapes me like crazy) and Best Supporting Actress (Kristin Scott Thomas).Now y'all know I am an über fan of KST but if you're handing out acting prizes tothatmovie and you DON'T start with Joanna Scanlan,who plays the unloved wife of Charles Dickens,you're on autopilot with stars in your eyes.To which you might counter if you haven't yet seen the film "But KST is a great actress!!!"Well,yes,dear reader and BIFA voters,she is...but Joanna isthismovie's MVP.And by a significant margin,too.

Of course the movie is marginalizing Scanlan,too.She doesn't appear or barely appears in the ads and none of the film's promotional stills include her;P&A has never been a meritocracy.

Nov 07 2013

Happy 10th,Love Actually!

Dancin' Danhere to wish a happy birthday to the romantic comedy to end all romantic comedies.Love Actuallysurely caused fans and haters of the genre alike to spontaneously combust upon seeing it – so packed is the film with cliché after cliché after cliché (seriously,the only cliché that isn't here is the one where an unattractive girl removes her glasses and suddenly becomes hot).Richard Curtis's film tells the stories of no less than twenty-two Londoners (and one Portugese and four American girls),pretty much making this the first rom-com epic.

It's true,we haveLove Actuallyto blame for the insipidValentine's Dayand the even worseNew Year's Eve,but those two films don't have nearly the lightness of touch,the humanity,the… well… British-ness of the 2003 crowd-pleaser.

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Dec 10 2011

American Linko

Slantanalyzes the new poster for Madonna'sW.E.
EmpireSacha Baron Cohen taking the Threnadier role we thought was going to Geoffrey Rush in Tom Hooper's adaptation ofLes Miserables.
In ContentionKris & Anne give their top ten films of the year
Stale Popcornon the plans to 'update'American Psycho.Hollywood executives can be so thick.It's a satire about the 80s.You don't "update"what something isabout.

The Hairpinlooks back atLove,Actuallya predecessor of the current all star roundelay that isNew Year's Eve.
New York Magazinean inner monologue of a critic watching Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady (I missed this somehow last week but it's great)
Animation Magazinehas been hopping lately.Lots of features on the animated contenders including the ones we've heard the least about like the Spanish old age dramaWrinkles.
YouTubePulp Fictionin chronological order.I was totally taken by surprise by how it begins but it all came back to me.
The Wrapthis news makes me giggle.Lifetime Television is planning to remake 1980'sThe Blue Lagoon.This is what's called a missing the point.The only reason anyone watched the original film was for the nudity.
The AV Clubchats with Diablo Cody aboutYoung Adult.Check out this great exchange on the film's origins:

Diablo Cody: "Am I some kind of stunted woman-child that's living vicariously through her characters?"And then I thought,"Stunted woman-child—that's a character."
AVC: Now you're living vicariously through a character who's living vicariously.
DC: Yeah,it's like Escher.

Living through film characters.Sigh.Don't we all to some degree.If we're being honest with ourselves.

Which film character have you found yourself living through?