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"Worth every dollar spent to mount it on Broadway."-Romy

"It looks fabulous but a love story musical does need two lead that have chemistry or no matter how dazzling the show will not work"-Jaragon

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Feb 10 2017

What's Next for Gyllenhaalics?

Remember the ol' internet nickname for Gyllenhaal fans circa 2004-2006,"Gyllenhaalics"?We never stopped using the term because it never became irrelevant for us.Both Jake and Maggie have continued to do amazing work well past their initial breakthroughs in the early to mid Aughts.Let's check in with what the wonder siblings are up to after the jump...

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Jul 31 2015

Beauty vs Beast: Gyllenhaal x 3

Who is with me in missing Jason's Beauty vs.Beast column?He's been offline a lot this month.So here's aBeauty vs Beastin his honor,training our eyes on the one and only Jake Gyllenhaal.Or,rather,the Jake Gyllenhaals as he's versatile.

Therein lies the twist.It's All-Beautiful Jake (Brokeback Mountain&Love & Other Drugs) versus Beautiful & Beastly Jake (Donnie Darko&Jarhead) versus All-Beastly Jake (Southpaw&Nightcrawler).Who gets your vote?Ready?You're always ready for Jake.So go...Vote and Comment.Pound your keyboard so hard that you wake Jason up and he returns to us next week to resume his series.

Beautiful Jake
Beauty *and* Beast Jake
Beastly Jake
Poll Maker

Previously on Beauty vs Beast...

Janet Leigh's Marion Crane beat Anthony Perkin's Norman Bates by a slim but still surprising 55% of your votes.Your love blindsided us.Jason and I both thought it would turn out differently given that Norma Bates is an immortal villain and Marion Crane is well,dead and buried (or,rather,submerged) but y'all are so predictable when there's an actress involved.Hence this week's all male challenge.There's no actress to win your automatic vote.However will it turn out?

Mar 20 2011

Film Bitch Awards Continue

Our annualawards jamboreewent into an unexpected coma due to Oscar exhaustion but the film bitch awards are back as we try and reallynot just sortawrap up the 2010 film year.So here areBEST POSTER,SEXPOT and DIVA OF THE YEARfeaturing achievements from Cher,Joan Rivers,I Am Love,Fish Tank,Burlesque,Love and Other Drugsand yes evenAlice in Wonderland(among other films).

So that's six pages down.One more to go.Woohoooooo almost finis!(Just in time for the NEWOscar predictions for 2011which always kick off in some form on April 1st ).We'll fill in the BEST SCENES next (final page) but I'm still debating various efforts,like this number below for Best Musical Number in a Non Musical Film.

Since not many of you saw Hrithik Roshan inKiteshere's the film's best scene.Someone told me it was edited out for the US version of the movie (they released three versions I believe) which is in-san-it-y since there's plenty of unnecessary filler elsewhere in the movie (seriously you could lose like 10 minutes simply by shaving of 10 seconds from every scene involving long soulful gazes between Hrithik and Barbara Mori there are so many of them) and this is Hrithik's only musical number.And don't people buy tickets for his moviesbecauseof the dance numbers?

I could watch him dance for hours.So it's kind of annoying that the editing is so hyperactive.I mean his body is all the hyperactivity one needs,always locking,shaking,popping,flipping,swaying,slinking,swerving,slurving (I made that last word up) and busting out all over.  Hrithik just missed the sexpot list.The sexiest people are,generally speaking,the ones who just exude carnality (Mila Kunis inBlack Swanand Tom Hardy inInception,hell-O) without every noticeably forcing the point.But since Hrithik is basically a superhero made flesh,one forgives most of the oversized everything so...almost!Here's hoping he gets another chance headlining an international effort likeKites,just a better one next time.

So,what'cha think of them divas?And I'll gladly take recommendations for the final categories: Action Sequence,Musical Moments,Kiss & Sex Scenes,Opening & Closing Scenes,Credits and just Best Moments in general.