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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jun 05 2019

Podcast: Booksmart,Ma,Diamantino,and Rocketman

by Murtada Elfadl and Nathaniel R

Index (53 minutes)
00:01 Drama Desk Awards (plus Tony buzz)
10:00Rocketmanw/Taron Egerton,Jamie Bell,Bryce Dallas Howard
25:40 Olivia Wilde'sBooksmartw/ Kaitlyn Dever & Beanie Feldstein
34:00 The thoroughly bizarreDiamantino
39:10 Octavia Spencer in the horror flickMa(plus Missi Pyle!)
48:00 Randomness: summer movies,Nathaniel's bday,upcoming Smackdowns

Mentioned(Extra Credit Reading!)
RocketmanvsBohemian RhapsodyVulture Quiz
New YorkerMaEssayby Doreen St.Félix
TFENathaniel's Review ofRocketman
TFEMurtada's interview with theDiamantinodirectors

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?


Jun 03 2019

Finally,some options at the movie theater!

What did you see over the weekend?I saw four movies - a fun weekend.FINALLY.It's always better when multiple options of quality arrive instead of every distributor clearing the way for some preordained lame Disney blockbuster.

The charts and a few notes are after the jump...

Weekend Box Office
May 31st-June 2nd
= new or expanded theater counts / ★ = recommended
1Godzilla: King of the Monsters$47.7 on 4108 screens*new*
1Biggest Little Farm$435k on 275 screens (cum.$1.8)
2Aladdin$42.8 on 4476 screens (cum.$185.5)1992 RETRO
2The Souvenir$133k on 74 screens (cum.$460k)REVIEW,PODCAST
3Rocketman$25.7 on 3610 screens*new*REVIEW
3The White Crow$125k on 212 screens (cum.$1.5)PODCAST

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Jun 02 2019

Review: Octavia Spencer lets loose with "Ma"

by Sean Donovan

In an age where critics praise a generation of thoughtful,innovative,and dazzlingly styled horror films,a deceptively basic package likeMa --unconcerned with winning good reviews,elevating the genre,or acquiring a fancy boutique label like A24 -- is uniquely refreshing.Ma's jump scares are familiar,its plotting is predictably iffy,its logic and emotional contexts for its supporting characters even more so- but goddamn it,it's fun.

The ‘fun' comes from feeding off the joy of Octavia Spencer inhabiting domestic horror-thriller,Hand That Rocks the Cradlerealness.No longer is Spencer smiling on a gilded stage,frozen while Peter Farrelly and Nick Vallelonga accept prizes for socially regressive trash to which she's somehow attached.Octavia's back baby,and this time she's got hell to raise and teens to terrify....

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