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a look back atKing Kong(1976)

"Worth every dollar spent to mount it on Broadway."-Romy

"It looks fabulous but a love story musical does need two lead that have chemistry or no matter how dazzling the show will not work"-Jaragon

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Dec 13 2017

Soundtracking: "Magnolia"

With a new Paul Thomas Anderson film waiting in the wings,Chrislooks at the music ofMagnolia...

Rarely is a film and musician as inextricable from one another as Paul Thomas Anderson'sMagnoliaand Aimee Mann.The singularity of her voice repeated throughout helps streamline Anderson's massively expansive vision,like a tidy bow pulling together the film's many untidy pieces.With the film's religious themes and allegories,her omniscient voice makes Mann the film's watchful angel,perhaps a messenger of God.She's as much as character as everyone else,if a far more enlightened one.

"One is the loneliest number..."and Anderson announces his ensemble as a collection of "ones".The Harry Nilsson track is a smart choice,establishing that no matter their twisty associations to one another,each is essentially isolated.Having Mann cover the classic song marries the old and the new,sounding like something that's lingered for an indeterminate time but still aches like a fresh bruise.A curse of the biblical variety destined to perpetuate and repeat itself...

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Dec 01 2015

Required Viewing: Julianne Moore Acts for Tips in Times Square

I was hoping to hear a littleBoogie Nights!But this will more than do.Billy Eichner is a national treasure.Or at least a regional treasure.Does he go over well in the southwest?

P.S.Mark Harris made a funny about this video on twitter.

ALL Oscar campaigns are basically this brilliant@billyeichnersegment w/ Julianne Moore acting for tips in Times Sq.

It's funny because it's truthy.

Jan 20 2015

Top Ten Best Julianne Moore Performances

abstewhere for a Tuesday Top Ten.JulianneMoore is known simply as 'God' at The Film Experience.亚博主页That wasNathaniel'snickname for her even before the site was launched.It's winking hyperbole,sure,but if there's any other actress working today deserving of that moniker,it's this talented redhead who has given us countless transcendent performances for more than 20 years.This past Thursday,Moore earned her 5thcareer Oscar nomination for her beautiful performance inStill Aliceandall signs indicate that this is the year that she will finally take home the gold.Since many are seeing this eventual win as honoring her impressive body of work,I could think of no better time than to look back overJulianneMoore's10 Previous Best Performances.Withsuch iconic creations as Amber Waves andCathy Whitaker over the years,Moore'sdivinity has already been proven,but a golden statue still seems like a worthy offering.All hail,JulianneMoore!

10.Maps to the Stars(2014)

The Role:HavanaSegrand,a self-centered,ageing Hollywood actress obsessed withplaying her dead movie star mother in a film.
Awards:Cannes Film Festival Best Actress,Golden Globe Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy nomination

Why this Performance:I can't say that I'm a fan of the film as a whole (too manystorylinesandtonal shifts that seem unfocused andchaotic),but amid the chaos isMoore'slivewire,crazy-committed performance.For an actress that has been working as long as Moore has,it can sometimes be difficult to surprise your audience withsomething they haven't seen before.But withHavana,Moore is able to suppress her natural intelligence andcompassion as an actress by playing an actress so unlike her: needy,vapid,dim-witted,andsomething Moore could never relate to,untalented.In scene after scene we see Moore in unflattering positions (including one on the toilet that I'm sure most Oscar-nominated actors would balk at),but perhaps the most shocking thing about Moore in the film is that even after all these years,there's an excitement in knowing that she can still astonish us.

9.Short Cuts(1993)

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Nov 18 2014

P.T. Pinups

I'mnot a fan ofInherent Vicemuch but it will inspire lots of fun fan art and/or official this banner poster starring Katherine Waterston as "Shasta Fay".(Her hair is filled withsecretscharacters.)

I wish P.T.still wrote memorable female characters (sigh) even the kind of vacant bimbos like Rollergirl used to be awesome.WithThere Will Be Bloodhe basically left them behind altogether.Inherent Vicehas a dozen or so female roles and only two of them are halfway interesting (Yay,Jena Malone and Jeannie Berlin cameos).

Uh-oh...I feel a list attack coming on.It can't be stopped

Female Characters in P.T.Anderson films from Most Fascinating to Least
(not comprehensive but the major ones)

  1. Amber Waves (Boogie Nights)
  2. Linda Partridge (Magnolia)
  3. Rollergirl (Boogie Nights)
  4. Gwenovier (Magnolia)
  5. Lena Leonard (Punch-Drunk Love)
  6. Peggy Dodd (The Master)
  7. Clementine (Hard Eight)
  8. Jessie St Vincent (Boogie Nights)
  9. Becky Barnett (Boogie Nights)
  10. Elizabeth Egan (Punch-Drunk Love)
  11. Claudia Wilson Gator (Magnolia)
  12. Hope Harlingen (Inherent Vice -cameo)
  13. Aunt Reet (Inherent Vice - cameo)
  14. Rose Gator (Magnolia)
  15. Xandra (Inherent Vice)
  16. Helen Sullivan (The Master)
  17. Petunia Leeway (Inherent Vice)
  18. Penny (Inherent Vice)
  19. Japonica Fenway (Inherent Vice)
  20. Sortilege (Inherent Vice - great voice that Joanna Newsom has,though)
  21. Shasta Fay Hepworth (Inherent Vice)

Aug 24 2012

VIDEO ESSAY: There Will Be Blood and Symmetry

Hey everybody!It'sMatt.

Five years have passed since we last heard from Paul Thomas Anderson,but he returns on September 14thwithThe Master,a movie that has been the object of considerable anticipation related to a few surprise screenings and its subject matter.Anderson's phalanx of adoring fans has already started to speculate onThe Master's Oscar potential.While it is meaningless to start daydreaming about Anderson's acceptance speech before we've seen the movie,there are several reasons to get excited aboutThe Master.

Above all,it is crucial to recognize that Anderson has managed to improve with every project.He has progressed from the boisterous creative ecstasy ofBoogie Nights,Hard Eight,andMagnoliato the tight formal elegance ofPunch-Drunk LoveandThere Will Be Blood.There Will Be Blood,one of the many great films released in 2007,is especially notable for its visual and thematic maturity.Anderson used a careful system of symmetries and visual rhymes to hold together the sprawling,epic subject.

In this video essay,I demonstrate how Paul Thomas Anderson communicates his ideas.The video is graciously hosted by IndieWire's Press Play.Be sure tohead over and check out a brief introduction.Special thanks toMatt Zoller Seitz,someone I really look up to,for his assistance.