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"SawThe Kitchenand was disappointed.There was absolutely no style."-Ryan

"I would be more optimistic aboutThe Farewellif any of last year's deserving summer A24 releases,did better with the Academy."-Suzanne

"Scary Storiesis fun but not exactly great.It also has a confused but very intriguing relationship with history"-Dave

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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May 03 2019

Michelle in Makeup

Apr 24 2019

Oscar Rule Changes.It's about time with the Makeup & Hair, Academy

They finally listened!Or,rather...

We are now allowing ourselves to freely fantasize thatourannual griping here at TFE for the pastforeveryears thatMakeup and Hairdeserves as many nominations as any other filmmaking craft,planted the seeds that eventually led to discussions on the other coast.The Academy announced that there will be five nominees going forward in the category starting this next season.(We've already adjusted this year's April Foolish Prediction Chart). Should we go power-mad,loyal readers??

Alas,nope.The other rule change we've requested for a long time,didn't happen...

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Apr 08 2019

April Foolish Predictions #5: Visual Categories

[drumroll]Our annual April Foolish Oscar Predictions continue

"Nomadland"was shot by the cinematographer of "The Rider"

We always mention at the start of all this that we call them April Foolish predictions because it's foolish to assume we know anything at all quite yet.Oscar buzz begins the day of announcement for projects with "pedigree"but the reality of the Oscar race is much more complex than that as the quality of films,size of campaigns,box office results,media pets,and public perception all end up weighing in later in the year.So consider these early bird predictions as "what ifs"...we do not pretend to have the year figured out just yet as we're going on hunches...

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Mar 24 2019

TFE PSA: Stop asking Nicole Kidman about her wigs!

by Ilich Mejía

Last week,Nicole Kidman called into KIIS 1065'sThe Kyle & Jackie O Showto promote the Australian release ofDestroyer.The actress talked to Jackie O about working on the filmand the future ofBig Little Liesbefore the host introduced a discouraging question.

"They do this podcast and,literally,the podcast is all about your wigs.It did make me wonder,what is your favorite wig?"Jackie started.Coolly,Kidman replied...

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Feb 25 2019

Make Up For Ever

by Seán McGovern

About ten months from now,there will be a press release from the Academy informing us that some of the 24 categories will be handed out during the commerical breaks.Initially there will be uproar all over again.How dare they?!Didn't we go through all this last year?What an outrage!But then I'll turn to you and say 'yeah but remember those make-up people who won forVice?' at which point we shall all accept this harsh but necessary decision...

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Feb 20 2019

4 days until Oscars.亚博主页More trivia fun.

Four is today's magic number so let's share some Oscar trivia.

Makeup prosthetics for Christian Bale as Dick Cheney (photo fromAida Dombrinstagram)

Why yes,we're so glad you asked.In addition to thepreviously discussed costume designer Sandy Powell(The Favouritemight make it four for that genius),Makeup artistGreg Cannom,who previously won Oscars for亚博主页The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,Mrs DoubtfireandBram Stoker's Dracula,might well win his fourth for giving Christian Bale that realistic looking Cheney bald cap and thick neck inVice.If Cannom winshe becomes the second most awarded makeup artist of all time (after category king Rick Baker -- who appears to have retired?-- who took the Oscar an incredible 7 times).Now,technically,Cannom is already the second most awarded makeup artist but he's currently holding that honor in a tie with another three time winner Ve Neill (she won for BeetlejuiceandEd Wood,as well asMrs Doubtfirealongside Cannom).Interestingly enough both Cannom and Ve Neill each won Makeup Guild awards this past weekend forViceandA Star is Bornrespectively.

Katharine Hepburnis the only person to ever win 4 acting Oscars...亚博主页

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