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a look back atKing Kong(1976)

"Worth every dollar spent to mount it on Broadway."-Romy

"It looks fabulous but a love story musical does need two lead that have chemistry or no matter how dazzling the show will not work"-Jaragon

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Jun 24 2019

Beauty vs Beast: Say it With Streep

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere with our fourth and final LGBT themed "Beauty vs Beast"poll of this year's Gay Pride Month,and what happier -- dare I say gayer -- coincidence could we stumble into than a rainbow bright overlap with the 70th birthday celebration of our queen,all hail,Meryl Streep.Yes it was this past Saturday,but this is the sort of thing that should also get its own month,ya know?For our purposes we turn our eyes to Meryls two explicitly queer roles,that of the wife-turned-lesbian-turned-author Jill inManhattanand that of the party-tossing Janney-kissing Clarissa inThe Hours.

PREVIOUSLYY'all killed Eve,but just barely,withlast week'sKilling Evepoll,giving it voer to Jodie Comer's turn as the villanous Villanelle with just 52% of the vote.SaidDancin' Dan:

"Look,I LOVE Sandra Oh and I LOVE her performance as Eve...but Jodie Comer's Villanelle just steals the show.I love the little smile she gets whenever she's about to go into assassin mode and kill somebody.She just enjoys what she does,and enjoys the lifestyle it has allowed her to live.She's an icon."

Jan 18 2018

Months of Meryl: Manhattan (1979)

Hi,we'reJohnandMattand,icymi,we are watching every single live-action film starring Streep.

#3 — Jill,our neurotic protagonist's chilly lesbian ex.

MATTHEW: So,you've just playeda chatterboxanda near-mute,the former defined by her gaucheness,the latter by her almost ethereal warmth.What role do you take on next?Why,an ice queen,of course!

The overarching worldview of Woody Allen's belovedManhattanis cruel,chaotic,and self-absorbed,even as its fleet,monochromatic presentation retains the smooth and deceptive romanticism of that rightfully-iconic opening montage...

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Jun 07 2015

Smackdown 1979: Barbara,Candice,Jane,Mariel ...and Meryl Streep!

Presenting the Supporting Actresses of '79.Three divorcées trying to find themselves or build new lives (a white hot character type / movie theme in the late 70s) battled for the statue with a simple suburban mom and a precocious student at the 52nd Annual Academy Awards.


Candice BergenandMariel Hemingwaywere first-time Oscar players in 1979,but they shared the interesting distinction of being previous Globe nominees in the long since cancelled category of "Promising Newcomer/Acting Debut"in 1966 (The Sand Pebbles) and 1976 (Lipstick) respectively.Barbara Barrie,the eldest nominee,was no stranger to good reviews having previously won Cannes Best Actress (for the little seen interracial romanceOne Potato Two Potatoin 1964) but was largely considered a TV actress.She returned to the small screen immediately after her most beloved film role  -- in a TV series based on that film no less making her the rare performer (the only one?) to have received both an Emmy nomination and Oscar nomination for the same exact role!But theKramer vs Kramerladies were the marquee draws in 1979 and not just because the public response to their divorce drama was so seismic:Jane AlexanderandMeryl Streephad been nominated before and would be again.Especially La Streep.No one could have then predicted that she'd continually obliterate Oscar records over the next thirty plus years buteveryoneknew she was the Next Big Thing.1979 was the year of her true ascendance,a third consecutive year co-starring in a Best Picture contender (Julia,The Deer Hunter,Kramer vs Kramer) and the small matter of two other much-raved about performances in the same year (ManhattanandThe Seduction of Joe Tynan).


Here to talk about these five turns are authorKM Soehnlein("The World of Normal Boys") and film bloggersKristen Sales(Sales on Film),Bill Chambers(Film Freak Central),Brian Herrera(StinkyLulu),and your hostNathaniel R(亚博主页).There's alsoa must-listen Podcast companion conversationto the Smackdown where we flesh out some of these thoughts and expound on the movies themselves.

Without further ado,the Smackdown...

An in-depth discussion after the jump...

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Oct 15 2013

12 Links Today

Cinema Blend50 Shades of Greymight go with Alexander Skarsgård (and a new screenplay)  now that it lost its leading man.Skarsgård has to be anxious forTrue Bloodto wrap given the movie offers coming his way.
Ultra Culturethe exhaustive list of Xavier Dolan's his own movies.
Xavier Dolan...oh and he's started film #5
Pajibahas an awesome take down of the recent resurgence of "boohoo it's hard to do female characters"quotes and articles -- I can't even with those comments from the animators ofFrozen!

Popcorn TaxiTom Hiddleston doing Owen Wilson doing also LOL)
Coming SoonNetflix has ordered a new family secrets thriller series from the creators ofDamages
VarietyPaul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are said to be Marvel's top choices for upcoming superhero flickAnt-Man
VarietyWeird.Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri may star in a mother/daughter sitcom.I can't say I predicted a sitcom for Sarandon and isn't "Mom"already on TV?
i09the weirdest vampire movies ever made
The Playlistnew images and clip from12 Years a Slave
MNPP250 words or less onCaptain Phillips

my favorite Best Actress win of the 1970sFinally...
Movie Mezzanineseemingly asked everyonebutme to compile their "top ten"of the 1970s without commentary.I dont know why lists without commentary are fun to read but they are.It's fun to see which movies dominated their massive roundup (The Godfatheris the expected winner,topping 6 lists and it's nearest rivals - more interesting -- are tied for 3 #1 ranks each:Annie Hall,Days of HeavenandTaxi Driver).I've already done this particular top tenin an earlier postbut if I were to redo it it'd maybe look like so.And weirdly no one they polled had my #1 as #1 though it appears on a few lists.

1) Manhattan 2) Nashville 3) Cabaret 4) Apocalypse Now
5) Network 6) All That Jazz 7) Carrie 8) Taxi Driver 9) Annie Hall
10) Dog Day Afternoon 11) Cries and Whispers 12) The Conversation
13) Three Women 14) Jaws 15) The Godfather 16) The Way We Were
17) Klute 18) McCabe and Mrs Miller 19) Star Wars
and 20) Grease (for the nostalgia.shut it)

Okay I cheated with a top twenty but the astonishing thing about that decade is that everyone's lists look completely reasonable because great films can be seen wherever you choose to look in your 70s film education.You know?

Exit Music
How about a little "Chopsticks"with Oscar bound (again) mega-stars Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock?So crazy that today's new adults (Happy 18th,1995 babies!) were born into a world where Hanks and Bullock were ruling the box office and today here we are again.Talk about legs (and I don't mean Bullock's literal ones but wow those gams)