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The New Classics: Y Tu Mamá También

"Great piece of writing of one of my all time favorite films."-Almasy77

"The final scene still hurts like the first time."-Peggy Sue

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Jun 02 2018

Showbiz History: Dead Poets,The Crown,and Annie Potts' Debut

Happy birthday June 2nd-ers!Here's what was happening in showbiz or showbiz-related history on the day you were born...

1740 The Marquis de Sade is born.Lives on in immortal infamy and morphs into Geoffrey Rush in 2000 for the SAG & Golden Globe nominatedQuills.I always forget that that movie WON Best Picture at the NBR and then wasn't even Oscar nominated for Best Picture (a thing that doesn't happen super often.)

1865 The American Civil War reaches a major turning point signalling the end (basically) when the final Confederate army ceases to exist with a surrender in Missississippi.There's a million movies on the matter (well,not that event in particular).The wounds have obviously become reinfected of late,so expect even more.

1904 Athlete and movie star Johnny Weismuller born in Austria-Hungary (in what is now Romania)...

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Sep 01 2017

Say What?!Luke Got Lewks

Chris here.It's reassuring to know that we won't have to just rely on Laura Dern's mauve-haired character to serve us the fashion whenStar Wars - The Last Jediarrives at the end of the year.Mark Hamill is on the cover of Hungary's Mozimania magazine,and is Luke ever giving us a look.Here we get a detailed glimpse at how Luke Skywalker is holding up on that island mountain paradise - and there is a suspicious similarity to his now scar-faced nephew Kylo Ren.

But no matter the brooding,because who knew Hamill would be such a fashion cover girl with this Luke Lewk.In the comments tell us:what's his fashion catchphrase?

Apr 14 2017

Teasing "The Last Jedi"

Click to see the poster largeStar Wars: The Last Jediopens this December to once again hog all the media attention and all the box office and probably 3 or so Oscar nominations,too.(Here is the new poster to the left.)

The hilariously drama queen thing about the title and Luke Skywalker's pronouncement at the end of the new teaser is that we (i.e.everyone on the planet with any sense) know there willneverbe a "last"Jedi.Not with literally billions to be made every single year from milking this franchise until no one cares anymore ...an event that surely won't occur in our lifetimes.

Exhausting as it can be sometimes to live inside a film culture that wants the exact same things annually: two Marvels,two DCs scattered from spring to Fall,a Star Wars movie each Christmas,at least 15 concurrent bi-annual franchises and a few ever-discussed franchises that are infrequent (James Bond for one),Disney has done a bang-up job stoking the fire for annual Star Wars adventures,a fire that would burn bright without any stoking whatsoever!

But they stoke well you must admit.Here is the excellent teaser forThe Last Jedi,which is mostly focused on Luke and Rey with a few key shots reminding us of the other players.

What'cha think?

Mar 03 2017

Link Came Back

Vanity Fair's Emma Watson cover story (with a really cool photoshoot by Tim Walker that of course is getting flak due to one semi-topless photo)
Daily NewsJJ Abrams says Mark Hamill will be up for an Oscar forThe Last Jedinext year.Uff,we're going there already?(What is it with blockbuster teams especially that like to make these predictions.Remember when Vin Diesel was sureFast & Furiouswas going to be a Best Picture nominee?)
Varietya movie theater in London plays a prank,showing a bit ofLa La Landbefore aMoonlightscreening
Varietya movie theater in Alabama,one of those states that just can't help being a stereotype of itself,won't show Disney's newBeauty & the Beastdue to...
TFE...the earlier announcement that there'd be a gay character

PlaybillHairspray Live!'s directing duo will reunite for the live version ofBye Bye Birdie-- that's good news as I really thinkHairspray Livewas by far the best of these productions yet
THRstrange cast assembled for what's billed as a romantic drama that has something to do with death.Irreplaceable Youwill star hotties with star hotties Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Michiel Huisman as well as Christopher Walker and Steve Coogan
i09filmmakers discussing why video game movies always suck
/FilmDisney may rebootTronfor...Jared Leto.Hrmmm.

Oscar Crumbs
Jezebelan Oscars story we accidentally didn't cover but for a brief mention on the podcast - Oscar winner Patricia Arquette is understandably upset that Alexis Arquette was left out of the In Memoriam montage亚博主页
AV ClubSir Ian McKellen's advice to awards show presenters to avoid the Beatty/Dunaway fiasco

Off Screen
The Hairpin"Everyone wants to be this raccoon"Amen
Theater ManiaSondheim and Bernadette Peters attend the opening night of the new Off Broadway production ofSweeney Todd,with the theater transformed into a pie shop.The show has already extended its run all the way through December.Wheeee

Mark Harris's Book Gets a Documentary Version
Yes,I wish we were talking aboutPictures at a Revolution(because we can never get enough Oscar lore) but it's his book about Hollywood directors during World War II which is also fascinating.Here's the trailer forFive Came Backwhich premieres at the end of the month

Dec 18 2015

Review: "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens"

This article originally appeared yesterday in Nathaniel's column on Towleroad.It is reprinted here in a slightly longer version

[Please read with the John WilliamsStar Warstheme blaring in your head…]

In the first trailer forThe Force Awakens(akaStar Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakensbut we'll go with the shorter title).Han Solo famously announced…

Chewie we're home.

You'll be happy to learn that it wasn't just a well placed trailer byte but a promise to audiences that the film actually delivers on.I can state unequivocably that the The Force Awakens is the best Star Wars film in 32 years. That might sound like a backhanded compliment — for what could be worse than the 1999-2005 prequels?—  but it's meant with great affection just like the film in question...

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Nov 16 2015

Tweets o' the Week

Los Angeles is uncommonly windy at the moment.Dorothy Gale windy even.Nature Attacks!

But nevertheless I'm off to the airport to fly home to NYC after quite a fun busy week ofOscar buzzandAFI festivities.We'll catch up on anything we missed (surely a lot) in the next couple of days.In the meantime please to enjoy tweets that amused us most this week.

Beginning with this hilarity from Ryan Adams and moving on to Golden Globe categorization thoughts,Charlotte Rampling praise,Bradley Cooper schadenfreudeand more after the jump...

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