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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Jun 10 2018

Hello Linky

Just two handfuls of links this morning.I'm still on my birthday tear for Tony weekend -- finally sawHello,Dolly!on Broadway last night with Bernadette Peters and as usual she was an adorable diva.Laughed my ass off.A friend of mine revealed that he had already seen the show four times to see all three leading ladies (Bette,Donna Murphyx 2,Bernadette).Bette returns to the show (with the magical Donna Murphy on Bette's off days since Bette can't handle 8 shows a week) on July 17th.I don't have the funds for three trips but would definitely see again if the chance occurs.

Vulturewhat wouldSex and the Cityplotlines be like if the show were still on.Vulture asks members of the original writing team
THRWith other companies pursuin g him Warner Bros reups with prolific TV producer Greg Berlanti (who also directs the occasional movie - hi,Love Simon) for $400 million.In cash no less!
The Daily Beasttalks to Sutton Foster aboutYounger's evolution
Rewiregreat reflective piece by Kieran Scarlett on black fathers in TV (Black-ishandCosby)
i09John Lasseter is leaving Disney after his suspension for misconduct with female co-workers
Awards Dailya glitzy Emmy FYC event to celebrate the costumes ofRuPaul's Drag Race
Words Seem Out of Placewrites a letter to Angela (Michelle Pfeiffer) fromMarried to the Mob

It's Tony Weekend so a bit of theatah for you
Vulturehilarious article ranking all 41 Broadway theaters
Time Out New Yorkfirst headshots of all the Tony nominees.These arepriceless!Especially the ones of Mark Rylance,Lauren Ambrose,Grey Henson,Amy Schumer,and Ari'el Stachel
MNPPCorey Stoll is wearing leather pants as Iago in the Shakespeare in the Park production ofOthello

Mar 28 2018

Review: "Ready Player One"

byChris Feil

The pairing of godfather of contemporary pop culture Steven Spielberg with a film adaptation of Ernest Cline's reference heavyReady Player Onesounds like one that would fit like a glove.Cline's novel has great reverence for the Spielberg canon,not to mention a wide-ranging affection for video games,cinema,and general geekery that is greatly indebted to him as one of our greatest storytellers.The chance for the legend to riff on the likes of John Hughes and Robert Zemeckis already carries a bit of whimsy,an acknowledgement of the type of now omnipresent fan culture that he laid the groundwork for.Don't forget Spielberg was the original movie nerd,and the opportunity to play with some of his own inspirations like King Kong should naturally allow him to approach the material with necessary affection.

But this perfectly-fit glove turns out to be an inside-out rubber one that's spent the day scrubbing an ancient multiplex floor,and it's our hands that end up covered in junk...

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Feb 01 2017

Oscar's reigning quartet to present,as is the tradition.

I've somehow never seen this photo of Mark Rylance trying not to step on Brie Larson's train.Adorable.

AMPAS has announced that last year's acting winners will each be presenting on Oscar night.One assumes they will present their corresponding opposite-sex category as is the tradition,but who knows.Perhaps Oscar will mix it up.I'm all for tradition at the Oscars,亚博主页don'cha know,but I don't mind a curveball now and then.You?

Alicia Vikander is back on screens February 24th (Oscar weekend!) with long delayed costume dramaTulip Feverin which she dumps Christoph Waltz for Dane DeHaan because who wouldn't.

Brie Larson is back on screens April 21st in the ensemble crime comedyFree Fire,from Ben Wheatley (High-Rise).

Mark Rylance is back on screens July 21st in Chris Nolan's WW II epicDunkirk.

...and Leonardo DiCaprio is back on screens in...2018?2019?2020?He appears to have taken a whole victory year off after winning the Oscar and still has no immediate plans to be in front of the camera.It was just announced thathe'll headlineThe Black Handbecause what the world really needs more of is mafia movies (sigh) but in truth that one is a long way off since there's no screenplay yet.There's alsothe possibility of the Olympic bombing movieThe Ballad of Richard Jewellwhich Leo was once set to star in butmightonly be producing now.Whatever happened toThe Devil in the White Citywith Martin Scorsese?That project was announced just over a year agoand not a peep since.If they've dropped it,I hope it becomes a miniseries instead because that book is dense with information,history,cause and effect through lines,and reams of characters.

Jul 05 2016

Review: The BFG

Erichere,with thoughts on the new Steven Spielberg release,The BFG.

Spielberg lends his patented magical touch to this film adaptation of Roald Dahl's children's storyThe BFG.  It's the tale of little orphan Sophie (Ruby Barnhill),who meets a friendly elderly giant (Mark Rylance) who instills dreams into children.  They go off together to Giant Country,where we meet other giants who eat children,and Dream Country,where The BFG shows her how he harvests dreams.  Then they enroll the Queen of England in an attack on the bad giants.

The first third of the picture establishes the meet-cute of our two leads,and it's standard fantasy fare,albeit with a sleek look that blends the live action and CGI material quite successfully into one neat universe.  It's all a little sparkly and cute,and pitched as most kids' movies are to generate response for twinkly endearment.  At the end of this act,when we meet the bad giants,the film gets its first jolt of real gas...

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Apr 22 2016

"Time 100"is Oscar-Obsessed

Magazines may be a dying business but the few mega magazines that remain all have annual traditions to entice buys.And so it is with the "Time 100" an annual list of "Most Influential"though as with any such list it's highly subjective.

Here is a list of the movie & television people who made it this year in one of their five sections (the only section that does not include at least one actor is "Leaders")

PioneersAziz Ansari and Gina Rodriguez

TitansDwayne Johnson,Wang Jianlin,and Kathleen Kennedy

Taraji is the modern-day Bette Davis,touching audiences with her honesty and intensity.When you are on set with Taraji,she listens,but she also questions.She challenges everyone to go the extra step to get it right.She has a deep understanding of the human condition,and she displays it with her eyes—the pain,the happiness,the love,the laughter.She probably would have been a great silent actor,but then the world wouldn't have had Cookie.

BeforeEmpire,she was underappreciated by white America and Hollywood,while African Americans heralded her as our Meryl Streep.I'm so proud that Cookie has moved her into the zeitgeist.What Taraji has done with the role made the world finally appreciate who she is—quite simply,a tour de force on and off the screen.
-Lee Daniels on Taraji P Henson

I offered Mark Rylance a significant supporting role in 1987 in my filmEmpire of the Sun—and he turned it down.A play had caught his fancy,and anyway,I sensed he was suspicious about film acting.Who could blame him?For actors who have given their lives to theater,making movies must be like lurching in the backseat of a car while the driver keeps working the brake.When Mark does a play,nobody says,"Cut,"only "Curtain"after a few uninterrupted hours.Legions of young thespians look to Mark as their muse and inspiration.FromBoeing-BoeingtoJerusalemtoTwelfth Night,the impact he's had on classical and contemporary theater is the stuff of legend.A winner of three Tony Awards,two Olivier Awards and now an Oscar,Mark glimpses these honors with gratitude and humility,but his heart belongs to a good story.His soul is pure.He just loves to act.
-Steven Spielberg on Mark Rylance

ArtistsGael García Bernal,Taraji P Henson,Melissa McCarthy,Ryan Coogler,Idris Elba,Oscar Isaac,Julia Louis-Dreyfus,Mark Rylance,Charlize Theron,and Priyanka Chopra

IconsThey went fullRevenanthere honoringbothLeonardo DiCaprio &Alejandro González Iñárritu

What's the takeaway?
It always amuses us when people call the Oscars "irrelevant"亚博主页since the very fact that people get so up in arms about them every year is quite the indication that they remain the most relevant of movie institutions (even if movies themselves aren't as central to pop culture as they once were).They matter to people.Even the act of rising up against The Academy is underlining their stature as the house of the definitive golden idol of Hollywood.Time's movie lists are extremely unsubtle about sticking it to the Academy yet again over #OscarsSoWhite.亚博主页Note that they ignored all but three Oscar nominees (the three big male winners) while honoring both Ryan Coogler & Idris Elba.Not that Coogler and Elba aren't worth honoring as they did have great years!But if they weren't trying to shame the Academy yet again they might well have considered Cheryl Boone Isaacs for this list since she's in the media so much of late and has been trying so hard to make a difference on the issue of diversity in Tinseltown.On the other hand,even as Time slaps Oscar's hand,they're embracing its other status quo #OscarsSoMale (in a manly back-patting kind of way) since they included亚博主页all threeof the Academy's most high-profile male winners (Rylance,DiCaprio,andIñárritu) and neither of the big female winners.

Do you think of all these people as influential?Whose part do you suppose Spielberg wanted Rylance to play in Empire of the Sun?

Apr 14 2016

Steven Spielberg and Mark Rylance's Shotgun Wedding

After two consecutive casting announcements from Amblin Entertainment,it's official: Steven Spielberg and Mark Rylance are,like,totally BFFs!As if collaborating their way to a Best Supporting Actor Oscar and finally bringing the Roald Dahl classicThe BFGto the big screen weren't enough,it looks like this dynamic duo – what are we calling them - Stark?Ryberg?Spylance?– are gonna shack up for two more big screen ventures.You won't see us complaining.IfBridge of Spieswas any indication,this fusing of sensibilities has the makings of a director-actor partnership for the ages.

While we're on the subject of theatre and film titans merging,the plot thickens.As spilled onTwitterby Mark Harris,the entertainment industry's atom-splitter emeritus,Lincoln'sdream team of Spielberg and Pulitzer Prize (and,in a just world,Oscar) winner Tony Kushner is triangulating with Rylance to bringThe Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortarato theaters in 2017.Rylance will portray Pope Pius IX in this custody tale of a young Jewish yet baptized boy torn from his Italian family and thrust into a life in the Vatican.Giving Francis a run for his money in the saying a lot with a little department,one can expect Rylance to cheekily intone conflicts of dogma and birthright with a little more papal pomp and circumstance than his Academy Award-winning role.While the pedigrees will likely be polarized,one can't help but think of the captor or savior complex of John Goodman in10 Cloverfield Lane…but with much more silver-tongued,gold-hatted gravitas,to be sure.

And then yesterday,theHollywood Reporterfilled us in on the fact that Rylance is set to join Spielberg's sci-fi actionerReady Player Oneas an "enigmatic figure with shades of Howard Hughes and Steve Jobs."Get a room,you two!Per the chronological tradition ofIndiana Jones,by the time the credits forReady Player Oneare about to roll – this,the fourth in their series – expect the pair to tie the knot with guest Shia LaBoeuf awkwardly linking arms on the side.This fistful of rice is about to explode.

As Steven Spielberg and Mark Rylance prepare to team up in cinemas again and again and again,what are some of your favorite director-actor combos in film history?

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