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May 13 2019

Beauty vs Beast: The Kindness of Strangers

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere,using this week's brand new "Beauty vs Beast"poll to celebrate the 48th birthday of the great Sofia Coppola,which is tomorrow.We are so lucky to have her!Quite honestly I think the world's been under-valuing her directing career,which's given us one great film after another after another.Her last one,2017's remake ofThe Beguiled,is where we're focusing today -- another entirely under-appreciated one if you ask me.While I've long been a fan of Don Siegel's sweaty 1971 version I consider Coppola's an improvement for how it spins itself off into a gothic fable of female empowerment gone to seed.It feels like a sister film to Nicole Kidman's other movie about haunted folks isolated during war-time,The Others-- seriously,go watch them back to back.That'll be an excellent evening at the movies.But until then...

Switching over to the Elder Coppola,it turns out it was too tough for us to vote for a war-mongering maniacwith last week'sApocalypse Nowpoll,even when he's played by Marlon Brando -- Martin Sheen's "Captain Willard"managed to score 57% of your vote instead.

Summed up byTom G:

"Shouldn't we NOT be voting for crazy people with too much power?"

May 06 2019

Beauty vs Beast: Napalm Mornings

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"-- Francis Ford Coppola's filmApocalypse Nowhas been coming up in conversation a lot lately,and not just because my boyfriend kept accidentily getting the title of Gregg Araki's TV showNow Apocalypsebackwards.The film is celebrating its 40th anniversary this Friday,and besides doing a screening and conversation about the film at the Tribeca Film Fest last week Coppola's putting out what he's calling a "Final Cut"in August,in theaters and on blu-ray.It falls somewhere between the original release and the 2001 Redux cut,apparently.But no matter the cut it's the tension between Captain Benjamin L.Willard (Martin Sheen) and Colonel Walter E.Kurtz (Marlon Brando) that remains the the backbone of the film,and that's what we're investigating today...

PREVIOUSLYTwo weeks back most of us still hadn't seenAvengers Endgame,and now two billion dollars worth of us have.But all that money couldn't help Chris Pratt,wholost the contest against Thanos70 to 30%.Suck it,Star-lord.SaidTom G:

"Just like Jennifer Lawrence ran circles around [Pratt] in Passengers,Brolin literally ran galaxies around him."

Nov 13 2018

Top 10: Oscar's All Time Favorite Leading Men

by Nathaniel R

I was shocked to realize that De Niro,Hanks,Penn,and Pacino -- none of them made the top ten!

Okay okay.Since we didSupporting MenandSupporting Womenduring the summer, I figured we should complete the set.Who are Oscar's 10 favorite leading men?We'll work the ranking like so: Nominations count most,with wins acting like half a nomination to help determine rank.The tiebreaker is the spread of time of nominations which can denote either long term fandom on the Academy's part or shortlived enthusiasms.If there's still a tie at that point,other Oscar statistics (like if they were nominated for producing or supporting or whatnot) break the tie.

Only 20 men throughout film history have scored 5 or more nominations for Best Lead Actor and thoughthis year's currently pulsing competition for Best Actoris chalk full of previous nominees,none of them are regulars tothatdegree.Here are the ten runners up followed by the all-time top ten list...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Oct 27 2018

Happy Teresa Wright Centennial

The Oscar-winning actress ofMrs Miniverfame,was born 100 years ago on this very day in Harlem,where I'm typing this from.(Well,not literally where I'm typing this from - this apartment probably didn't exist in 1918 but who knows.)

a lesser known distinction: she was Marlon Brando's very first romantic interest in a film (his debut The Men,1950)She didn't consider herself a glamour girl,which could account for the sparcity of glamorous photoshoots compared to other 'it girls'.Wright's screen heyday was short-lived as many careers are when the success is so instantaneous and large.Still,it's hard to knock the girl next door beauty  for not being able to live up to her first two years in Hollywood.Her first three movies (Little Foxes,Pride of the Yankees,Mrs Miniver) all brought her Oscar nominations.An Oscar winner by the age of 24 with batting a thousand record there was essentially nowhere to go but down.Still,before the inevitable fade of her career she managed two more all time classics,doing her best acting for Alfred Hitchcock inShadow of a Doubt(1943) and appearing the perfect ensemble of one of the very best Best Picture winnersThe Best Years of Our Lives(1946).Her big screen career died quickly due to diminishing popularity and fights with her studio but she worked frequently on TV beginning in the 1950s.

Do you have a favoriteTeresa Wright film?

Apr 02 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Monkeys to Monoliths

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere on the surface of the Moon (aka lower Manhattan covered with farcical April snowflakes) and primed to toss a bone your way with this week's edition of "Beauty vs Beast"which is wishing Stanley Kubrick's2001: A Space Odysseya happy 50,which it turns today.The film premiered in Washington D.C.on April 2nd 1968 and in New York the following day,and it has probably been running on some stoner's projector every day since.The film was nominated for four Oscars and rightly won for Best Visual Effects - basically every movie that's gone to outer space ever since has been mercilessly ripping it off,亚博主页just like every movie set in the future post-Blade Runnerthrows up a neon billboard or twenty.But for all its trippiness it's still at its heart just a "boy and his dog"movie.So what of the boy and his dog then?

PREVIOUSLYWe faced down two of thegreatest performances ever put on a movie screenlast week with withA Streetcar Named Desirebut y'all didn't have much trouble making your choice - Viven Leigh's Blanche DuBois roundhoused Marlon Brando's Stanley with 59% of strangers' kindnesses.Saidadri:

"I always think of Tennessee Williams as expressing his soul through Blanche.So yes,my dearest Tennessee,I am with you on Blanche,no matter how messy,and a failure and a figure of ridicule she may be."

Mar 26 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Somebody's Kindness of Strangers

Howdy y'all Jason fromMNPPpopping in to clear my throat and let out a rollicking "STELLA!!!"in honor of the master Tennessee Williams birth - he was born in the town of Columbus,Mississippi (three hours south of Memphis) on this day in the year 1911,and went on to basically shape the entire Southern United States with his writings;I'd argue he's had more of an effect on our modern view of the sub-Mason-Dixon than maybe anybody but Margaret Mitchell did.And to think a gay man did that!

Anyway for this week's "Beauty vs Beast"let's zoom in on his most famous story,the one about theStreetcar Named Desirethat you take to the one called Cemetery that you take to Elysian Fields.And yes that means we're facing down arguably two of the greatest movie performances ever put on screen - Vivien Leigh as Blanche DuBois and Marlon brando as her brother slash ape in law Stanley Kowalski.But whose side are you on?Do you wanna sparkle in that rhinestone tiara or swap sweaty tank tops with Stan?

PREVIOUSLYRight after the Oscars we riddled you about a亚博主页pair of the night's meme-worthy momentsand it turns out that you'd rather ride on a jet-ski with Dame Helen Mirren than get Armie Hammer's weiner flung into your face (PS y'all crazy) to the tune of 55%.SaidAlexD:

"This was impossible.But it seems reasonable that a proud queen like myself would only turn down Armie's hot dog for a real queen,Helen Mirren herself.And jet skiing at that!"

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