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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jul 22 2019

Marvel Studios: The Next Three Years

by Nathaniel R

Angelina Jolie,Simu Liu,and Scarlett Johansson the stars of "Eternals","Shang Chi",and "Black Widow"

Over the weekend Comic-Con was in full swing so Marvel Studios took the well-timed chance to share their "Phase Four"schedule now thatAvengers: Endgameprovided the behemoth finale to their first dozen years.Spider-Man Far From Homewas its afterdinnerfeast mint...

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Nov 12 2018

Excelsior Links

/FilmMichelle Yeoh may be headlining aStar Trekspin-offseries
TowleroadGreg Berlanti (Love Simon) plans to direct a Rock Hudson biopic
VarietyThis is so cool.The animation studio Aardman (Chicken Run,Wallace & Gromit,etcetera) is transferring its ownership to its employees.Peter Lord will stay on as creative director

MNPPRaúl Castillo joins the already amazing cast of Rian Johnson'sKnives Out
Awards DailyAdam McKay promotingVicesays something he might regret about the difference between Cheney and Trump
PlaybillDid you hear they're releasing another album forThe Greatest Showman?This one is all covers.Kelly Clarkson is doing "Never Enough"
Kinjagreat deal if you're a Potter person.All 8Harry Potterfilms on bluray for just $40
Cinema Eye Honors,which honors documentary films (we guess it's the week for that?),release their nominations for the year with Bing Liu'sMinding the Gapleading with 7 nominations andBisbee '17,Hale County This Morning This EveningandShirkerseach receiving 5.All are eligible for the Oscars this year,亚博主页too.
Boy Culturewhat Matt said about this odd quote from Michael C Hall on his sexuality
The GuardianControversy!German Playboy has published an interview with Ennio Morricone in which he trashes Quentin Tarantino.Now Morricone says he never gave that interview and will take legal action.

VarietyStan Lee,Marvel's figurehead and comic book legend,has died at 95.One assumes we have four final Stan Lee cameos coming up,though.He gets a bit inInto the Spider-Verse(yes,I've seen it but we're not allowed to talk about it yet).And surely he'll be inCaptain Marvel,Infinity War Part 2,andSpider-Man: Far From Home,since they're all in post production already.
The GuardianDouglas Rain,the voice of HAL in 2001 has died at 90.

Exit Video
Here's another cover fromThe Greatest Showman Reimaginedfrom P!nk and her daughter Willow Sage Hart

Grammy winner Becktweeted outthat he was recording a score forRoma.Naturally this is upsetting because the movie has screened for months and actually has no score.The soundscape is so unique and immersive and tons of critics have praised the movie for this craftsmanship exactly.Why would they change it now after all the praise?I'm currently having nightmares of what happened toA Star is Born(1954) andThe New World(2005) when the studio kept meddling after screenings with something that was already brilliant and perfect to the point where some people never could see the original version and in the case ofA Star is Bornit was lost for all time.

Jul 08 2018

Box Office: Ant-Man Grows,Mr Rogers Moves In,and LaKeith Stanfield Phones In

by Nathaniel R

I've been reading mixed things on the success level of Marvel's latest superhero flickThe Search for Michelle Pfeiffer in the Quantum Realm.Some say it's opening weekend of $76 million is a big step up fromAnt-Man's debut,others think that that's all too low for a Marvel film at this juncture in their history.It does work as a nice after-dinner mint for the heavy meals ofBlack Panther/Infinity War(though I could've done without the bitter aftertaste of its post credits sequence.) At any rate this is the last Marvel Studios film for awhile.We now have a eight-to-nine month break from Marvel heroes unless of courseBlack Pantherbecomesa big Oscar conservation.The next Marvel Studios film isCaptain Marvel(March 8th,2019) which will be followed by the as yet untitledInfinity War Part Two(May 3rd,2019).

Weekend Box Office Estimates
(July 6-8)

800+ screens
excluding prev.wide
Ant-Man and the Wasp Sorry to Bother You
1.WHITNEY$1.2 on 452 screens*NEW*
2.INCREDIBLES 2$29 (cum.$504.3) 2.SANJU$1.2 on 359 screens (cum.$5.9)
3.SORRY TO BOTHER YOU$717k on 16 screens*NEW*
4.THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS$717k on 51 screens (cum.$1)REVIEW
5.LEAVE NO TRACE$425k on 37 screens (cum.$800k)TRAILER DISCUSSION

In other box office news,the LaKeith Stanfield starring comedySorry to Bother Youopened to very full houses (albeit only 16 of them) which bodes well for significant expansion and the popular Mr Rogers docWon't You Be My Neighbor?went wide...

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May 18 2018

In the Links

The New YorkerKathleen Turner is singing...yes,singing,at Cafe Carlyle for a week or so.OMG I'd love to cover that for y'all but that place ispricey.
Film School Rejectsthe troubled history of the film adaptation of Lin-manuel Miranda'sIn the Heightsmay finally be ending with Warner Bros snatching up the rights
MNPPon the trailer for the art slasher flickKnife + Heartpremiering at Cannes

The Guardianthoughtful piece by Xan Brooks about provocative cinema,Cannes,and Lars von Trier in our new age of moralizing
PlaybillCalifornia readers take note.At the upcoming Hollywood Bowl production ofAnnie,Megan Hilty,Ana Gasteyer,and Lea Salonga star.Fun casting!And those voices!!
Boy CultureTrinity Taylor makes over Nico Tortorella who now identifies as gender fluid,or as he says 'sort of cisgendered but not so...CISSY
AV ClubJordan Peele producing a series set in the '70s about Nazi-hunting in NYC.What now?
DListedobsesses over a strange Cannes moment with John Travolta and 50 Cent
MovieMakerprofiles Geena Davis's Bentonville Film Festival
W Magazineinterviews Brie Vinaite on her busy post-Florida Projectlife
Film School Rejects"How Marvel Broke Storytelling"a good piece on exactly what the problem is with how they've trained audiences and deferred endings
PlaybillThis is so heartbreaking.Just a few months ago Tony-winning actress Ruthie Ann Miles (The King and I) lost her daughter (to a driver who hit five pedestrians including Miles) and now due to complications from that tragic event she's lost her unborn child
ExtraTVsilly bro clip of Josh Brolin talking about his naked ad for Fish Love

Exit Video
Here's the trailer for the series finale movie ofSense8.Sad that this singular series from the Wachowski sisters and J Michael Straczynski is ending but glad we'll have closure.

Mar 27 2018

Captain Marvel Begins.Infinity War Promises.Black Widow Waits.

by Nathaniel R

Brie Larson training with a real pilot

As you've undoubtedly heard given that half the internet (at least) is a conveyor belt for Marvel Studiospropagandanews,Captain Marvelbegan shooting yesterday.Brie Larson headlines Marvel's first female driven superhero film.Despite the company's cultural prominence they didn't get to female heroes first.That honor actually belongs to the all but forgottenSupergirl(1984).If you only want to count the modern superhero film era (i.e.postX-Men,2000) the honor belongs to the much-reviledCatwoman(2004),which was followed by the also-reviledElektra(2005),and the also-also reviledMy Super Ex Girlfriend(2006).If you want to only count the post-Marvel Studios world (i.e.2008'sIron Man,was ground zero) theystilldidn't manage "first!"dibs but we shouldn't dwell on their priority problems.Thankfully Warner Bros / DC'sWonder Woman(2017) was beloved and hopefully signalled a turning point in the fate of the female hero subgenre...

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Jul 08 2017

Review: "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

byChris Feil

It's another go around the spider's web again.WithSpider-Man: Homecoming,the second reboot in under a decade,Peter Parker cashes in some MCU cache in attempt to regain audience enthusiasm after a string of disappointments.The good news is that director Jon Watts (Cop Car) and team have delivered a distinct revamp that may be far off from the cinematic heights of Sam Raimi's first films,but is still one of the most entertaining.As we last saw him inCaptain America: Civil Warthis is our youngest Spider-Man yet,and he may not be ready for his crime-fighting responsibilities yet.

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