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Jan 04 2018

A Case for Hong Chau in "Downsizing"

By Spencer Coile

Downsizingtook a quick downward turn during awards season.Premiering at the Venice Film Festival last August,it was met with exceedingly positive notices.This goodwill vanished after its lackluster showing at TIFF and its absence from subsequent awards conversation.And although the film is arguably not very good and looking like a non-entity for any major Oscar consideration,it does still have one strong asset: Hong Chau...

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Sep 06 2017

Julianne in Venice: Suburbicon,Woodshock,Three Billboards...

by Nathaniel R

This lovely photo was taken by longtime Film Experience readerFerdi in Italywhere the Venice Film Festival is ongoing.Isn't she a vision in gauzy red?One more photo of Julianne and more about several Oscar hopeful festival premieres after the jump...

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Jul 28 2017

A First Look At "Suburbicon"

Chrishere.With fall festival lineups beginning to be revealed,that means some of the upcoming films that have been shrouded in secrecy are beginning to lift the veil.One such film that we've seen next to nothing from is George Clooney's Suburbicon,which will be among the Venice andTorontolineups.

Thus far we've only had the starry cast (Matt Damon,Julianne Moore,Oscar Isaac) and a script by Clooney,his writing partner Grant Heslov,and the Coen brothers to stoke our curiosity - with a brief plot synopsis about home invasion to have us scratching our heads as to what the actual tone of this thing would be.Now there is a trailer that...leaves us with more questions about the tone.

Take a look at the trailer and I have some burning questionsafter the jump...

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Mar 02 2017

Random Leftover Thoughts from Oscar Night...

by Nathaniel R

Yes,I'm trying to stave off the annual Post Oscar Depression.It's a real thing even if the medical community doesn't yet recognize it.So herewith some random final screengrabs from Oscar night and accompanying thoughts on topics we haven't totally covered yet over the past 3 days of Oscar reactions,recapping,post-mortem.(I promise we'll quit with Oscar 2016 by tonight and move on to other topics for those of you who've already moved on)

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Feb 19 2017

What did you see this weekend?

The odd proposition ofThe Great Walldidn't excite moviegoers in the States -- Matt Damon leading historical fantasy fiction about China's great wall and monstersWhaaa?-- but its huge price tag (150 million budget) doesn't mean it will lose big since it's already made over 200 million overseas.Generally speaking director Zhang Yimou knows how to wondrous spectacle movies but this movies reviews leave something to be desired.Nevertheless it was a relatively quiet weekend with not much changing as the maintream titles played steadily and the Oscar titles are beginning to decline as the conversation around the Oscars nears its end point.亚博主页

But did anyone seeI Am Not Your Negro's huge box office gross coming?You never can tell with documentaries which ones will convince people to buy tickets en masse.In specialty theaters the Mexican rom-comEverybody Loves Somebodyalso opened to strong numbers.

the great Zhang Yimou directing...Matt Damon in The Great Wall?

01Lego Batman Movie$34.2 (cum.$98.7)
02Fifty Shades Darker$20.9 (cum.$89.6)
03The Great Wall$18NEW
04John Wick Chapter Two$16.5 (cum.$58.6)
05Fist Fight$12NEW

01Everybody Loves Somebody$1NEW
02I Am Not Your Negro$975K (cum.$3.2)Review,the nominated docs
03Oscar Nominated Shorts$600K (cum.$1.6)Doc Shorts Ranked
04Jolly Lib 2$330K (cum.$1.3)
05A United Kingdom$270K (cum.$360K)

Feb 07 2017

Pictures from the Oscar Luncheon


The question on a lot of people's minds afterthe SAG Awardsis how political are the Oscars going to be.亚博主页If there was any doubt in anyone's mind,Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs put that to rest.Addressing those gathered for the traditional luncheon,she alluded to the banned Muslim nominees,Asghar Farhadi and others,by pointing to the empty chairs:

Today we celebrate you.Your work and your achievements,but everyone knows there are some empty chairs in this room which has made Academy artists,activists.There is a struggle globally today over artistic freedom that feels more urgent than at anytime since the 1950s.Art has no borders.Art has no language and doesn't belong to a single faith.No,the power of art is that it transcends all these things.And strong societies don't censor art.They celebrate it.

By calling the nominees "activists",Boone Isaacs is sanctioning political speeches at the ceremony which could make for an interesting show.Still the mood was not somber at the luncheon,and many nominees took the time to socialize.Isabelle Huppert and Michelle Williams caught up at the cocktail hour.Others did that even while taking their places for the annual class photo.More favorite moments after the jump.

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