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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jun 21 2017

Would you rather...?

Would you rather...

...have a suddenGleereunion with Jonathan Groff & Lea Michele in NYC? Matt McGorry on how to beach? with Kathleen Turner,Rosie,and Broadway's delicious Max von Essen?
...stand for a good cause (Casting Directors Union) with Cheyenne Jackson? a reverseXanaduand becoming one with murals alongside Harry Shum Jr?
...take a singing road trip with Garrett Dillahunt?
...dream of tapdance lessons with Hillary Swank?
...make babies laugh for no reason with James Wolk?
...or talk to Virginia Madsen on a 16th century contraption.Something called a "landline"?

Pictures are after the jump to help you make this difficult choice...

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Mar 25 2017

Tweetweek: Fantasy Boyfriends,Favorite Seasons,Fabulous Divas

You must click through every photo of that tweet.That whole moment in watching celebrities be themselves in real time with each other together as fans is funny heaven."Yay,social media,"which is something we can't always say as sane people.

ANYWAY.More after the jump...

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Jul 09 2015

Aunt May and Link and the Dying World

Marisa Tomei earlier this year in LA.She is 50 years oldOnce the Rumor Spreads
I will not be linking to anything Marisa Tomei as "Aunt May"in Spider-Man related until it is "official"-- and with the internet nowadays that line is always blurred since people report "in talks"as official when in talks only means a role is being discussed and contractsmightbe signed.Until this isnotofficial,though,I'll be over here weeping in the corneras this possible tragedybefalls one of my favorite actresses who should NOT be rushing her "last fuckable day"to play a famous part that has for 50 years in pop culture,or as long as Marisa Tomei has been alive,signalled grandmotherly love and worry.Marisa Tomei is as sexy as ever.When people say thatanyoneis aging well they might as well be saying "they look pretty good for their age.Not as good as Maria Tomei does at 50 but then who looks that good?!?"

429terrific juicy interview with Jonathan Groff onLooking,celebrity,coming out,dating other actors,and more
GrantlandMark Harris on Jake Gyllenhaal's incredible artistic growth of late,really upping of his game as an actor
The Dissolvenot sure why I didn't see this piece earlier but this a very heartfelt defense ofMe and Earl and the Dying Girl,a film I did NOT respond well to,that is helping me see it a different light...though it sounds like the changes they made from the novel were unwisely reductive in terms of the film's reductive/protagonist's view
Matt Zoller Seitzsays goodbye to The Dissolve.I love MZS
THRin terrible news Paramount and AMC collaborating on making theatrical window even shorter.It's like they want to kill moviegoing altogether
i09Elektra is official for Daredevil S2.The Greek assassin,easily the best of Daredevil related characters,will be played by Elodie Young who is of French & Cambodian descent

Elodie Youngis on twitter and while I type this she has 5,766 followers (or like 1,000 more than me to show you how unfamously few).By the time you read this her numbers have probably skyrocketed to god knows what.
Movie City NewsDavid Poland reacts with a partial history of the changes in the theatrical distribution model over the years
Matt McGorrywants to #FreetheNipple
PressPlayvideo essay on Shakespeare on the silver screen
Pajibalooks at Adrien Brody's strange filmography of late.Bet you you've only heard of like one or two of them!
NYTtalks to Stephen Sondheim about Lin-Manuel Miranda's new Broadway musicalHamilton
Comics Allianceawesome 15"sculpture of Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman available for preorder -- sadly it's $270

Off Cinema
Slatefascinating disagreements out there on whether cats are domestic or wild animals

I highly recommend checking out this tumblr "Every Single Word"which takes movies and reduces them only to lines of dialogue spoken by actors of color.I really hope they make more of these videos.Here are two examples:American HustleandEnough Said...though I supposeEnough Saidis more impactful if you've watched all of them.

Oct 04 2014

How To Get Away With Murder - Two Episodes

How to Procrastinate Film Blogging?Live-blog a tv show.

Since The Film Experience has been in亚博主页Viola Davis's corner for a dozen years now -- I gave her one of her first film prizes even if she didn't know it: a gold medal for best cameo inAntwone Fisher(2002) -- I felt obligated to watch her new headlining gig for at least a couple of episodes.I'm not remotely a procedural kind of person or a Shondaland person.Grey's Anatomy,her career-maker,had too much whining andScandalis too hysterical and (worse) wildly uneven in its acting.Nevertheless I thought I'd live blog the first two episodes and see if it's fun enough to stay with (?) and largely to see if you are watching,too.

How To Express Your Feelings?Comment on said blog.

1.1 Pilot
00.01 Opening sequence is like those 'we're changing scenes and denoting the passage of time!' interstitials onScandalbut for like a whole interminable two minutes.Average Shot Length of .0001 seconds isnotmy speed.Some college kids are shouting about what to do with a dead body.Is it mine?Having died from seizures from the editing.

01.48 Tall cute black guy (who has the longest neck I've ever seen on TV) says that "tossing a coin"is OUR ONLY CHOICE.Thank god for coins because decision making,man.Tall cute black guy looks super familiar but I can't figure out why*.

03.03 MATT MCGORRY!(love him onOrange is the New Black.Andhis sense of humor as a celebrity)

03.33 Giggling that Wes (that's the tall guy's name) is told there's a seating chart in his class.He looks at it for less than .002 seconds while simultaneously swivelling his head around with that crazy neck of his to talk to all the other main characters (everyone with a line will surely be important)...and yet he knows EXACTLY where to sit.Psychic.


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Jun 11 2014

Linkenstein Monster

The Wirehas a funny report on new Chris Martin / Gwyneth Paltrow rumors
i09the greatestBride of Frankensteinposter ever
/FilmAndrew Stanton on theJohn Cartersequels that will never be
My New Plaid Pantssuggests that we all rewatchAlexanderbecause Oliver Stone's new cut vastly improves it

GuardianSigourney Weaver will appear in all threeAvatarsequels continuing her fruitful collaboration with James Cameron
CHUDon theDumb and Dumber Toposter
Guardianthe trailer to the beautifully shotLiltingstarring Ben Whishaw and one of the most handsome actors you've never heard of (I reviewed it at Sundance)
Antagony & Ecstasyone of our most loyal Best Shot supporters finally got around toPocahontas!
The Dissolvesees a statue ofNapoleon Dynamite
Vice's summer fiction issue features a short story about Lindsay Lohan by James Franco
EmpireJosh Brolin will co-star with George Clooney inHail Caesar!a new comedy for the Coen brothers about 1950s Hollywood about scandal coverups of the stars
/FilmDavid Fincher and Rooney Mara may reunite forRed Sparrow,a spy thriller

Today's Watch
Though perhaps you saw it late last week (what?I can't be everywhere at once).Matt McGorry,the adorable confused soon-to-be father fromOrange is the New Black"auditions"forMagic Mike 2