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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
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Jul 09 2015

Aunt May and Link and the Dying World

Marisa Tomei earlier this year in LA.She is 50 years oldOnce the Rumor Spreads
I will not be linking to anything Marisa Tomei as "Aunt May"in Spider-Man related until it is "official"-- and with the internet nowadays that line is always blurred since people report "in talks"as official when in talks only means a role is being discussed and contractsmightbe signed.Until this isnotofficial,though,I'll be over here weeping in the corneras this possible tragedybefalls one of my favorite actresses who should NOT be rushing her "last fuckable day"to play a famous part that has for 50 years in pop culture,or as long as Marisa Tomei has been alive,signalled grandmotherly love and worry.Marisa Tomei is as sexy as ever.When people say thatanyoneis aging well they might as well be saying "they look pretty good for their age.Not as good as Maria Tomei does at 50 but then who looks that good?!?"

429terrific juicy interview with Jonathan Groff onLooking,celebrity,coming out,dating other actors,and more
GrantlandMark Harris on Jake Gyllenhaal's incredible artistic growth of late,really upping of his game as an actor
The Dissolvenot sure why I didn't see this piece earlier but this a very heartfelt defense ofMe and Earl and the Dying Girl,a film I did NOT respond well to,that is helping me see it a different light...though it sounds like the changes they made from the novel were unwisely reductive in terms of the film's reductive/protagonist's view
Matt Zoller Seitzsays goodbye to The Dissolve.I love MZS
THRin terrible news Paramount and AMC collaborating on making theatrical window even shorter.It's like they want to kill moviegoing altogether
i09Elektra is official for Daredevil S2.The Greek assassin,easily the best of Daredevil related characters,will be played by Elodie Young who is of French & Cambodian descent

Elodie Youngis on twitter and while I type this she has 5,766 followers (or like 1,000 more than me to show you how unfamously few).By the time you read this her numbers have probably skyrocketed to god knows what.
Movie City NewsDavid Poland reacts with a partial history of the changes in the theatrical distribution model over the years
Matt McGorrywants to #FreetheNipple
PressPlayvideo essay on Shakespeare on the silver screen
Pajibalooks at Adrien Brody's strange filmography of late.Bet you you've only heard of like one or two of them!
NYTtalks to Stephen Sondheim about Lin-Manuel Miranda's new Broadway musicalHamilton
Comics Allianceawesome 15"sculpture of Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman available for preorder -- sadly it's $270

Off Cinema
Slatefascinating disagreements out there on whether cats are domestic or wild animals

I highly recommend checking out this tumblr "Every Single Word"which takes movies and reduces them only to lines of dialogue spoken by actors of color.I really hope they make more of these videos.Here are two examples:American HustleandEnough Said...though I supposeEnough Saidis more impactful if you've watched all of them.

Jul 08 2015

Halfway Menagerie: Ten Best Screen Animals 2015

½way mark - part 8 of 9
Did you find yourself wishing that the Maloja Snake wasn't just the movement of theClouds of Sils Mariabut an actual snake?Did Channing Tatum still turn you on in dog-human hybrid form inJupiter Ascending?Did you cringe when that cute double-headed mutant lizard met such an ignoble end inMad Max Fury Road's first scene?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you might be an animal person and this list is for you!

Because Nathaniel R is a crazy cat lady

10Paddington inPaddington
His fur may be too mangy (who needs photo realism?) but he sure is a polite amiable fellow and his movie is mostly a treat.

09Cat Stevens inMe and Earl and the Dying Girl
I get that this movie is probably making fun ofmeGreg's dad's love for his cat,Cat Stevens,but I don't care because screen time for cats always improves movies.And this one needed the help.Injustice: the cat actor playing Cat Stevens is not credited.

8 more furry friends after the jump...

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Jul 05 2015

Podcast XXL: Brian and Earl and the Inside Out Girl

Nathaniel Ris thrilled to welcomeNick Davisback to the podcast.He's been binge-watching 2015 movies after months of deprivation.Seven films discussed if you countJurassic World...but perhaps you shouldn't.We talk fast because there was just so much to catch up on.


  • 00:01Jurassic World
  • 02:00 The Upcoming 1995 Smackdown
  • 04:45Magic Mike XXLand his women
  • 10:37DopeandMe and Earl and the Dying Girl:Or, The Good and Bad of Sundance Quirkiness
  • 22:10Inside Outand a little moreXXLjust because
  • 29:24Love & Mercyand/or 'Admirations & Misgivings' about the movie itself
  • 39:00Spy

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Please continue the conversation in the comments because if the podcast were twice as long there'd still be plenty left to say.We repeat: seven movies.

Further (Related) Reading:
1995 Smackdown Info,Nathaniel onMagic Mike XXL,Nick onMagic Mike XXL,Rose Byrne FYC,andNick's "Fifties"Report for 2015

Inside Out,Magic Mike XXL,Me and Earl

Feb 01 2015

Sundance: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Michael C herewith some thoughts on the newly minted Sundance award winner

Trying to pull off the tone of the disease movie is a tricky proposition.Not only is there the risk of crossing into a bullying sappiness that all but demands the viewer fill a quota of tear-filled buckets,there is also the opposite risk,where the film's insistence that it doesn't want your tears becomes its own kind of pandering,a persistent nudging that we should be moved by the characters' bravery.

The most impressive thing about Alfonso Gomez-Rejon'sMe and Earl and the Dying Girlis how well it walks that line.It isn't afraid of tears,but it makes the journey to the emotional climax count as much as the destination,building towards subtler,wiser epiphanies than the "life can be painful"for which a lesser film would settle.[More...]

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Feb 01 2015

Sundance Award Winners: Slow West and Earl and That Diary Girl

Michael and Nathaniel are both safely back in New York but a few more Sundance reviews are forthcoming as well as an Oscar discussion about the first possibilities for the new film year.The festival closes up tonight for another year and last night,they announced the winners.As with last year whenWhiplashone both the Jury and the Audience award,one film took both again this year:Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,based on the best seller by Jesse Andrews.Can we expect a similarly Oscar friendly trajectory?



Grand Jury Prize & Audience AwardMe and Earl and the Dying Girl,Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Michael's review coming later today.It's said to be a bitFault in the Stars-ish young people and terminal illness only better.

Directing AwardThe Witch,Robert Eggers
Michael's rave review.A 1630s set horror film about a religious family in Salem.

Waldo Salt Screenwriting AwardThe Stanford Prison Experiment,Tim Talbott
Nathaniel's Review.This one is based on the infamous 1971 college psychology experiment that's inspired other movies before it.

Special Jury Award – Excellence in CinematographyDiary of a Teenage Girl,Brandon Trost
Michael's review&Nathaniel's quick take.Michael liked it a bit more but expect a lot of talk about it when it's released.With Bel Powley,Alexander Skarsgard,and Kristen Wiig

Special Jury Award – Excellence in EditingDope,Lee Haugen
Nathaniel's review.The editing has crackerjack timing and is deeply commendable for the first half but why is the second hour so much less taut?

More after the jump...

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Jan 29 2015

What Link Gets Wrong About Blog

AV Clubdeep screen capture to reveal how well constructed shots inDivergentdont make for a good film
BuzzFeedgreat essay on the current relevancy ofBefore Sunrise(1995) and instant nostalgia
Heat VisionTyrese Gibson obsessed with playing Green Lantern in a film that's at least 5 years away based on a character already ruined by the movies
Decider10 essential movies about nuns from our belovedBlack Narcissusto less impressive but famous offerings likeDoubt

HuffPoAdam Scott and Jason Schwarzmann discuss their prosthetic penises inThe Overnight.(Takeaway: no actor will ever truly be naked again onscreen.That's only for actresses)
THRtalks to the director ofBook of Life- though disappointed by the lack of an Oscar nomination,he cherishes stories from fans about how it effected their families
Towleroadarts teacher in Texas does "Uptown Funk"with students.Cute.But I only share it because I love Uptown Funk because you know why (first verse)
PlaylistPaul Thomas Anderson lovesEdge of TomorrowandThe Grand Budapest Hotel
THRWhyMe and Earl and the Dying Girldid not choose the highest bidder at Sundance

This Week's Must Read
You undoubtedly know already that Mark Harris is one of the best writers on movie culture and the awards beat in general (if for some insane reason you haven't read his first bookPictures at a Revolution,it's the most invaluable Oscar book since "Inside Oscar") but I think his latest column for Grantland is one of his all time finest.He goes deep on "HowSelmaGot Smeared: Historical Fiction And Its Malcontents"I only wish this essay had broken sooner before Oscar nomination voting.Now you may be thinking 'please,Nathaniel,I have read enoug about Selma's LBJ problem' and you may even be thinking (as I have been) that complaints about Selma's "Oscar snub"are starting to feel weirder and weirder as the season progresses.Fact:Selmawill now go down in movie history as a Best Picture nominee,something only 8 movies from hundreds and hundreds released in 2014 can claim.But trust me you need to read this anyway.

Here's a part I particularly love (bold is mine) that is really illuminating about historical fiction:

About a third of the way intoSelma,Coretta Scott King (Carmen Ejogo) has a private meeting with Malcolm X (Nigel Thatch) in an Alabama church (this is not an invention of the movie;the two met in Selma on February 5,1965,two weeks before Malcolm X was assassinated).The scene is introduced with a shrewd recurring device — an onscreen teletype legend that tells moviegoers what's happening,but only through the warping prism of FBI surveillance."C.King in Selma to meet with Negro militant Malcolm X.03:46 p.m.LOGGED."The description denotes the assumption of white law enforcement that a conspiracy of one kind is taking place — a clandestine meeting in which King may be moving closer to throwing in with a more militant,potentially violent faction of the movement.In reality,the "conspiracy"that's unfolding is exactly the opposite;Malcolm tells the wary Coretta that he is not in Selma to impede her husband's work,but to allow himself to be used,even to be misrepresented,to further King's goals.


DuVernay's view of the uses of history and of (mis)representation is not careless in this scene or in the movie;it's clearly thought through.The onscreen typed summary is a perfectly deployed example of how something can be factually correct (meeting with a "Negro militant"is,literally,what Coretta King is doing) without being true;the movie,by contrast,finds many ways of being true without being strictly factual.That is exactly what good historical drama must sometimes do,and must be given permission to do,including in this scene itself,in which DuVernay has a character express an understanding that his presence and his motives may have to be slightly distorted in order to achieve a greater truth and justice.

And Harris illuminates it,strategically,in a scene not even involving LBJ.