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Sep 04 2018

Old Man and the Link

EFAYou can now vote on the People's Choice Award at the European Film Awards and maybe win a trip to the ceremony (strange choices this year.I don't like it when it's easy to decide!)
VarietyBuzzy titles at TIFF without a distributor that are hoping to inspire big sales / awards buzz -a laI Tonyalast year
NWIRobert Redford's swan song inOld Man and the Gun
PlaybillMegan Hilty singing "Suddenly Seymour"(!) fromLittle Shop of Horrors
Bobby RiversTCM's "The Black Experience on Film"- set your DVRs
DeadlineCats,the movie musical,has moved intoWicked's previous release date December 20th,2019.It's so weird thatCatsis going to happen beforeWickedwhen the latter so clearly needs to be a movie and the former so clearly shouldn't.
The PlaylistDave Bautista not sure if he wants to continue his Marvel Universe contract post James Gunn firing
The New Yorkergreat piece on the shaming of character actor Geoffrey Owens for his grocery bagging job on the side
Vulturelet these photos of Lady Gaga be your air conditioning
Film School RejectsCrazy Rich Asian's had a historically big Labor Day weekend.It's also the first romcom to win that weekend sinceBring It Onin 2000!
Next Best Picturea potential controversy forA Star is Born
Gothamistthe Village Voice is officially dead,after publishing since 1955 *sniffle*

Finally,over at TowleroadI shared feelings about the Summer Movie Seasonas we bid it goodbye.You've heard most of that article's introduction feelings before here at TFE but if you want to see the silly awards I handed out like "sexiest men,""stealth MVPs,"and "best quotes",click on over.

Dec 26 2016

Female Performance Heaven Across Mediums

Our Year in Review is doubling up now,two "best of"lists a daily to wrap up.This afternoonMatthew Engexercizes his actressexuality.

Here are 25 scenes,songs,shots,reactions,line-readings,gestures,and whatnot that have stuck with me the longest from some — but notall— of my favorite female performances across film,television,music,and theater this year.Remember these?They alphabetical order:

01Kate BeckinsaleandChloë Sevigny's bravura comic badinage is the main engine drivingLove & Friendship,which only ever threatens to turn softhearted when these two catty soulmates are finally forced to part.Beckinsale and Sevigny carefully modulate their straight-faced hauteur during this fond farewell,but refuse to let even an ounce of sentimentality disrupt their regal self-possession.It's one final,triumphant occasion for game to recognize game.

02"Value," the sixth episode of Donald Glover's extraordinary first season ofAtlanta, opens with an extended showcase scene of friendly rivalry between the luminousZazie Beetz(aslong-suffering public school teacher Van) and one-episode wonderAubin Wise(as her childhood pal,now an "Instagram escort").Both actresses tear into the scene with a comical trenchancy that scores its necessary laughs but also establishes a layered and fleetingly poignant background of affectionately-waged one-upmanship.

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Mar 18 2015

Link Block Tango

HAPPY HANGOVER DAY.I kid I kid.I never drink on St Patrick's Day because who wants to be a cliche?I was too caught up inThe Quiet Man but I also got stuck on a subway for hours.Oy so I'm off to a very late start today andlast night's roundup postdidn't go as well and I missed a few.So make sure to check that out again for all the updates.Definitely check outI/fwpbecause we always love it when we get a newbie set of eyeballs to this series,sohere's a loving cinephile husband on this movie that he wouldn't have seen if not for his wife.

W MagazineAlicia Vikander photoshoot by Willy Vanderperre.I'm so anxious to see her inEx-Machina.Loved her breakout parts inAnna Karenina,A Royal Affair.Can she keep it up?
Playbilla new TV sitcom for Megan Hilty in which she plays a former Tony-winning musical star adapting to life as a soccer mom.Ummm...unless she sings every episode this will make me crazy
BBCwonders if sexual fantasy can be filmed looking at50 Shades of Grey,The Duke of Burgundy,Eyes Wide Shutand more
A Fistful of Filmslooks back for his birthday to his formative films in this epic post.I love personal blogging like this

In ContentionwithSuffragetteandThe Danish Girl,will Focus Features on the forthcoming Oscar season?
VarietyJohn Williams is not doing Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies due to a health issue "that's been resolved".But then why is he also not doing the new Star Wars (with Alexandre Desplat taking over).John Williams is 83 years old so this worries.Best wishes for a speedy recoveries.
The Dissolvelooks at The Jinx and wonders why Andrew Jarecki's Robert Durst fascination worked so much better than it did back inAll Good Things(2010).I didn't watchThe Jinxbecause a) I'm not that into documentaries,b) I didn't likeAll Good Thingsand c) I'll miss Kirsten Dunst too much who was so excellent in Jarecki's first attempt at the story
Pajibapredicts the date of the end of the superhero craze.Ostensibly this post is about Jason Momoa and silly comic book wards
Varietyon the Paley Center's celebration of the women in American Horror Story.Connie Britton and Kathy Bates quotes
Empirebecause Hollywood cannot leave the 80s alone we'll soon have a remake of that Roy Scheider helicopter movie Blue Thunder.This is not what that article is about but it's what we're always about: the one subsection of 80s hits that the studios don't seem to be mining for remakes are all the the actressy ones,you know the Goldie Hawn / Sally Field / Debra Winger / Kathleen Turner type blockbusters.
The Guardianon Disney's Princess franchise box office and the strong first weeks ofThe Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
cinematically insaneonThe Smartest Girl in Town(1936) and Pre-Code love (though this one isn't) in general.

MNPPcelebrates Jai Courtney.Confession: My favorite part of Jai Courtney (and there are a lot of good parts) is Jai Courtney's nose.I was sad that it lived to smell no more after the plane crash inUnbroken.
MNPPactually Jason celebrates Jai Courtney twice over.But in this second link it's Jai Courtney celebrating Jai Courtney but Jai Courtney isn't focused on his nose.How many times do you think I can type Jai Courtney in this post?Jai Courtney.

Speaky of hunky deliciousness..two more takeaways.The first is a new quad teaser poster for 007's next outingSpectre.Craig's first three outing got him in a bathing suit at least once.(Or wait,didQuantum of Solaceskip that?-- if so,no wonder it's the worst of the three) but will Spectre?

From the annual Broadway Backwards concert,which raised almost half a million dollars,an all male rendition ofChicago's classic "Cell Block Tango"--Pop!Six!Squish!Uh uh,Cicero,Lipschitz!

My favorite is #17 the Spread Eagle but L-O-V-E the linguistic swish/switch-up to "uh uh"-hee!

Dec 18 2014

News of the Century: "Bombshell"From Smash Is Happening.June 15th, 2015


That's right show queens,"Bombshell"is finally getting a stage production.[src]It's a one night only benefit event in NYC so who knows if it will be way above our pay grade but you have to start somewhere.

The Film Experience's亚博主页troubled marriage to "Smash"the ill fated NBC series about the making of a Marilyn Monroe musical named "Bombshell"lives on!It's impossible to get a full divorce actually from that show and especially the show within the show because social media has guaranteed that all TV series with a devout following remain somehow in the pop culture conversation like they're still on the air.I can't tell you how many times someone mentionsSmashin my twitterfeed (#notcomplaining) and my eyes always flash a bit,like an ocular exclamation point.

There's no word yet on casting but ifMegan Hiltyisn't playing Marilyn at this one night only event there's really no point in that day in the world's timeline even existing.This is our only mandatory requirement*.Otherwise proceed,producers.Our hearty gratitude and possible our dollars,depending on ticket prices,await you.

*Requirements are different than wants but we got a string of those too if you need 'em.

May 27 2013

R.I.P. "Smash"

Smash,age 2,passed away on Sunday May 26th,2013 at an undisclosed location at NBC after airing its final two-part episode "The Nominations"and "The Tony Awards".Few were there to mark its passing due to its long and quite unamusing terminal illness.Smash's difficult short life was plagued by self-sabotage,and two unfortunately common showbiz ailments: Actress Dysmorphia Disorder,in which everyone pretends that a gifted actress is NOT awesome so as to place another lesser being on a pedestal,and the no less deadly Audience Prosopagnosia in which a piece of showbiz believes it is performing for a different audience entirely than the one it's got.

Smash,television's first and now only Broadway musical series,was born on February 6th,2012 to stubborn scarf-aficionado Theresa Rebeck but wrestled away from her and placed in the care of foster parents who,from all filmed evidence,had never set foot inside a Broadway theater,never witnessed a Tony Awards telecast and prefer American Idol Results Shows to Broadway Musicals.

In its final death rattle on Sunday night,Smashcontinued to exhibit all of its usual signs of self-loathing and  mental illness: oh look another "Cute"moment about leaving your cel phone on during live theater!;oh look a lame subplot suggesting the show's best actress should chuck aside her showbiz career the second she's earned it;oh look,more encouraging of absolutely unprofessional behavior to get your way in your profession as if everyone working in musical theater is a complete sociopath and everyone else is okay with this!).In its final two hours of lifeSmashdrifted in and out of consciousness and lucidity forgetting it was a musical and then remembering and even breaking the fourth wall (during one bizarre gay flirtation) on the way to its "Big Finish",a cute reminder that McPhee & Hilty did always sound good singing together,despite all the rest.

In the tradition of all self-immolating entertainments,Smashwill be buried with the careers of several of its participants though these names are as yet undisclosed and mourners are asked to withhold petitions calling for Katharine McPhee,Jeremy Jordan,and Joshua Safran's entombment.Smashis survived by Megan Hilty (aka "Ivy Lynn"),actress,Christian Borle & Debra Messing (aka"Will & Grace""Tom & Julia"),actors,and presumably by Anjelica Huston,diva,who survived Jack Nicholson and is rumored to be indestructible.