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Jul 17 2017

Q&A: Who needs their own "Big Little Lies"?

Hello dear readers.I didn't forget about your questions.I just ran away for two weeks to beautiful southern Connecticut and the National Critics Institute.It was grand.But,now,back to work.Here are seven questions you asked (more to come) answered...

MARK G: Word in the UK from a respected critic is that Kate Winslet is on top/peak/Blue Jasmineform in Woody'sWonder Wheeland the film has a chance as breakout hit.What do you think of Winslet's chances of winning a 2nd - you always say the ladies win a 2nd within the first 10 years.

NATHANIEL: Until theSteve Jobsyear I thought it highly improbable butthat yearreminded me that it was possible if she lucks out and runs with a great performance in a weak year.She was clearly in the runner-up position and only category frauding from Vikander denied her her second.Winslet's hurdle will be that people who win an "overdue"Oscar don't tend to win again thereafter.Overdue Oscars carry a whiff of 'thanks for the career -- NEXT!' as if everyone knows it亚博主页hasto happen but wants to swiftly move on.Note that Pacino and Sarandon were never nominated again after winning.(As forWonder Wheelwho knows.Woody's output is so uneven.)

TYLER:What is your absolute favorite Audrey Hepburn performance?

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Feb 28 2017

New Facts & Trivia from the 89th Oscars亚博主页

Before we begin,a quick note that we shouldn't have to share but we do because the rest of the universe has conspired against the proper way of doing things.When we refer to an Oscar ceremony year we are talking about the year of the films honored,not the random month of the following year in which the ceremony is held.What we just witnessed was the 2016 Oscars.亚博主页We don't know who will even be nominated for the 2017 Oscars yet though we'll make some early bird predictions on April 1st as we do.亚博主页


La La Land's loss was shocking but its performance at the Oscars was not completely without precedent.亚博主页Two other films in Oscar's 89 years have won the rare combo of Best Actress and Best Directorwithout winning Best Picture.That would beCabaret(1972,also the single film to win the most Oscars without winning Best Picture) and亚博主页7th Heaven(1927) in the very first year of the Oscars.亚博主页That silent film is an unusual case though as Janet Gaynor won Best Actress for three roles includingSunrise: A Song of Two HumansandStreet Angel(Oscar quickly changed the rules so nominations could only be for one picture.)

Arrival(8 nominations) is the first non-war film Best Picture nominee to win Sound Editing only...

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Feb 20 2017

6 Days Until Oscar: Manchester vs Hacksaw vs Lion

With 6 days to go until the big show,let's play like we did with 8 days,and look at the Best Picture nominees with that particular number of nominations.Three movies received six nominations this time though they'll facing off less directly and only in the marquee categories at that.Nevertheless,remove the other nominees from the equation for this exercize and tell us who wins in these particular face-offs...


Their six nominations

Picture Picture Picture
Director Director
Andrew Garfield
Casey Affleck
Supporting Actress
Nicole Kidman
Supporting Actress
Michelle Williams
Supporting Actor
Dev Patel
Supporting Actor
Lucas Hedges
Adapted Screenplay
Original Screenplay
Film Editing
Original Score
Sound Mixing
Sound Editing


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Feb 16 2017

Links: Colossal's Trailer,Moana's Brothers,Namor's Rights

Coming SoonColossal,that kaiju movie starring Anne Hathawaythat we told you about at least year's TIFFis coming out this year and it has such a cute poster (pictured left) and the trailer is also here.
Deadlinegood interview with Octavia Spencer on why she didHidden Figuresand diversity in film
Coming Soonhere's a super duper strange news item.Kenneth Lonergan is writing an miniseries adaptation ofHowards Endto star Hayley Atwell.Never mind that there's zero chance of improving on Merchant & Ivory's 1992 masterpiece!
Varietywhat does the Academy look for in an Original Song nominee and winner?
Tracking Boardwhat makes a TV pilot script a success?
In Contentionprofiles former sound mixing partners nominated against each other for the first time forHacksaw Ridgeand13 Hours
THRan anonymous source talks about the lack of shame in Hollywood around the gender imbalance in the director's chair
MNPPpays tribute to sexy German actor Clemens Schick
/FilmtheJurassic Worldsequel has started production

Playbilla deleted scene fromMoana- she had many brothers in an original draft
PlaybillFathom Events is showing the filmed movie of Disney's Broadway version ofNewsiesstarring Jeremy Jordan today (and a couple of other dates within the next week)
Coming SoonI didn't think I could want to seeSuicide Squad 2any less than I already did.I was wrong.Mel Gibson is in talks to direct
/Filmthe latest rumor has it that Marvel Studios is secretly working on a Namor film.I don't believe this one personally because since Namor is a mutant I assume his right are locked up with Fox (though the article mentions they were once with Universal).Fox owns most of the mutant characters due to their extensive X-Men contract and even if Namor doesn't fall under that (since he's rarely thought of as an X-Universe character he is much more closely associated withFantastic Fourwhich Fox also owns.
Film School Rejectsa call for more wangs on screen -- and this from a straight dude so everyone is noticing that they refuse to show 'em - even in sex movies like 50 Shades
Varietythe hilarious Constance Wu (Fresh Off the Boat) is in talks to headline a new romantic comedy calledCrazy Rich Asians

Jan 29 2017

Tweet Story: Huppert,Gibson,Barbarella

After the jump a gorgeous mini-review of 20th Century Women,a valid question about Barbarella,a fantasy about female auteurs,and more amusements...

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Jan 24 2017

Team Experience: Mourning the Snubbed,Pondering the Head-Scratching Nominees

I polled Team Experience this morning about the Oscar nominations.Here are the first two related questions on absences and curious inclusions.We expect your answers to add to the conversation in the comments.

What omission in this morning nominations most upset you?

Matthew: Like everyone else on here,I am devastated,first and foremost,for the outstanding Annette Bening,an exclusion for which I hold A24 accountable.Finally,I'd like to imagine that Pharrell andSing Streetcomposer Gary Clark are off together somewhere getting hammered and slinging insults at the tire-fire that is "Can't Stop This Feeling."

John: The intense excitement at Isabelle Huppert's name being read first,chased quickly by the sad reveal that Annette Bening lost a nomination is a perfect capsule for this Oscar morning...

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