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The Farewell: Personal and Universal

"This is a lovely review (the best review I've read on this site lately).The right balance of review + personal."-Anonny

"This movie is (and will be) at the top of my "favorite lists"this year.It's incredible."-Eli

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Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
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Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
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Aug 22 2018

Links: Lynskey,Castillo,Cho,and Missing 80s Movies

THRa reporter on the next tense moments at Netflix as they try to make their original movies more culturally impactful to continue to lure filmmakers.RomaandThe Irishmanare going to be crucial to their plans
Awards DailyMelanie Lynskey talks about her work onCastle Rock
EWhigh powered producer Craig Zadan,who brought lots of musicals to the screen and also produced the Oscars,亚博主页died unexpectedly at just 69.Hollywood is paying tribute.
Playbillcast announced for the Broadway aimedBeetlejuicemusical.Includes Kerry Butler in the Geena Davis role!

ScriptNotesa great discussion about the new silent-movie like loss of old movies (particularly from the 70s and 80s) in the streaming era.It springs from this article...
BlackList"In search of the last great video store"- the writer had a craving forFresh Horsesstarring Molly Ringwald and couldn't find it.(We've been there MANY times)
FilmmakerRaúl Castillo talks about his career from his theater roots,throughLooking,and on toWe the Animals
VarietyAretha Franklin apparently didn't leave a will before she died
Coming SoonCrazy Rich Asianssequel is moving forward.That's great news for Gemma Chan and Harry Shum Jr who feature prominently in the book's sequel
My New Plaid PantsJohn Cho seven times
The AV ClubHulu wants to reviveVeronica Mars
Vulturelooks into the climactic mahjong showdown inCrazy Rich Asians

May 16 2017

Today's 5: "She's got Bette Davis eyes..."

Five mood-boosting showbiz anniversaries for today,and if it's a special day for you have a great one.Take these suggestions and let us know if they helped.

MAY 16th History

2003The fabulous and seriously undervaluedDown with Loveopened in theaters...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Dec 18 2016

Here's to the Ladies Who Lush

Year in Review.Each afternoon,a new wrap up list.TodayStevenwith our first wine soaked entry...

A lot of us were taken by surprise by the results of the election,and now we find ourselves living in a post "11/8"world.Since that day,how many of you have spent a quiet evening at home pondering the winding road ahead with a giant glass of red wine for company?I know I have.If you answered yes,you're not alone in this and you have fine actressy counterparts.Some of 2016's best narrative moments have played out just this way.Our screens,large and small,have been filled with fierce femmes sipping some wine,reflecting on life,death,pain,joy…you know,existence.

Join us in tipping a glass to some of the best of those scenes (possible spoilers ahead)...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Nov 07 2016

Beauty vs Beast: Political Animals

Jason fromMNPPhere,posting today's edition of "Beauty vs Beast"from deep down inside my underground election bunker -- it's kind of like10 Cloverfield Laneonly depending on which way things go tomorrow I'm possibly going to be dissolvingmyselfin acid.Until then,cheers!And don't go blind from drunkeness.

But first I've got to put in front of you the most obvious poll for this week's contest that I could possibly have gone with.When it's right,it's right,ya know?In 1999 Alexander Payne droppedElection,his second-best movie,on the world and it's resonated deeply and profoundly every four years since.There's a character for every type - Paul Metzler's a little bit Bush and a little bit Obama;I like Tammy too much to attach Trump to her but their shared anti-establishment rhetoric is pretty on-point.And as for Tracy Flick,well...obviously.

But for "Beauty vs Beast"it only make sense to face off the real adversaries of the film.There are morals,and there are ethics,and it's one lone man's job to police the distinction...

PREVIOUSLYLast week we tackledthe love-struck teenaged maniacsofHeavenly Creaturesand I forced you to split the duo in two like you're they're heteronormative parents side-eyeing their affections - it was close (I was hoping for a tie!) but Winslet's Juliet squeaked it out with 54% over Lynskey's Pauline;seeing as how Juliet is ever so slightly roped into the killing by the more enthusiastic Pauline I suppose we can understand.But said our hostNathaniel(and I'm prone to agree):

"I love this movie with all my heart (the best of its year if you ask me) and this is an awful thing to be expected to answer!Cruel,Jason,cruel."

Nov 06 2016

Podcast: The Handmaiden and Other Heavenly Creatures

We're back to weekly podcasts!This weekNickandNathanielrevisit a summer favorite that's now on DVD and have divergent feelings aboutThe Handmaidendespite their mutual Park Chan-wook history.

Index (41 minutes)
00:01 AHeavenly Creaturesrevisit
05:10The Handmaidenandthat time Nathaniel and Nick watched a Park Chan-wook together
25:00 Almodóvar'sJulietaand Farhadi'sThe Salesman
34:00Doctor Strangé&Captain Fantasticbriefly to wrap-up

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

Referenced in this conversation:
Nick's Isabelle Huppert e-mail hack|Nathaniel's photo op with Viggo Mortensen|A recent rewatch ofWitness|Alama Drafthouse Night Out|1994 Oscar Races

The Handmaiden Fantastic

Oct 31 2016

Beauty vs Beast: The Princesses of Borovnia

Jason fromMNPPhere -- with most holidays I think it would suck to share a birthday - who wants their birthday on Thanksgiving?Or even worse,Christmas?Everyone else getting presents on your day?What a nightmare.But Halloween is the exception - I would love my birthday to be on Halloween.Costume parties every year!A cake shaped like Frankenstein's head!Or even better - a cake shaped like the Bride of Frankenstein's head!(Because more cake.)

And you wanna know who I bet has the best Halloween Birthday Parties?Peter Jackson,that's who.I bet he dresses up like the STD-riddled rabbit fromMeet the Feeblesor like the Mouth of Sauron every year.Damn you,Peter Jackson.

Oh well - we'll go ahead and wish him a happy day today with this week's edition of "Beauty vs Beast"anyway,and since we're going to be seeing his 1994 masterpieceHeavenly Creatureson a big screen (with Film Experience fave Melanie Lynskey in person!) in just a couple of daysthanks tothe brand new Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn,we'll go with a show-down between teen dreamers Juliet (Kate Winslet) and Pauline (Lynskey).Good luck choosing with this Sophie's Choice,folks...

Instead of doing the usual "Previously On..."here (Eli wonlast week'sLet the Right One Incontest though) I want to keep aboard the Melanie Lynskey Express for a minute since we're here and she's wonderful and we all love her so - she's got a new movie coming out this weekend!It's calledRainbow Timeand it stars Lynskey as a woman pulled into the weird relationship between two brothers (played by Timm Sharp and Linus Phillips) and the movie's really fine and funny and I highly recommend it.Watch the trailer now:

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