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Nov 18 2018

Would you rather?

Time for another round of our silly hangin' with celebrities game,brought to you via the aspirational pleasures of Instagram.

Would you rather...

  • smell the flowers with Missi Pyle?
  • steal a Myrtle Snow painting with Sarah Paulson?
  • Read Thelma Adams' new book with the LEOgend?
  • enjoy a mud treatment with Michelle Monaghan on the Dead Sea?
  • attend a tennis match with Mads Mikkelsen?
  • do charity with Liv Tyler & Goldie Hawn?
  • dine with Julianne Moore & Kyle Maclachlan?
  • seeVox Luxwith Carrie Preston & Emily Berg?
  • visit an ADR session with Lena Olin?
  • have a cup with Henry Golding & Michelle Yeoh?

pictures after the jump to help you decide...

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Nov 02 2017


Village VoiceBilge Elbiri on a film review that changed his live (J Hoberman's 1992 piece on Orson Welles' Othello) - lovely personal piece
Nick DavisChicago film festival jury picks and his own precise takes on the movies screened including high profile gems likeCall Me By Your Name,and several foreign film Oscar submissions
EsquireBryan Cranston must be seeking to sabotage his Oscar hopes this year with this admission that he's rooting for Trump to succeed
Huffington Posttalks to Melissa Leo aboutNovitiateand becoming a gay icon with those "Consider..."ads

Another Magamazing photos of the well decorated sets ofCall Me By Your Name
EWMoulin Rouge!'s stage musical adaptation sets its debut for next summer in Boston.Which means we're probably looking at a Broadway transfer and contention for the June 2019 Tonys.
SBSan amazing interview with Katya and Trixie whose new seriesThe Trixie & Katya Showstarts real soon
Vanity Fairsits down with still-rising Tessa Thompson about her stereotype defying career
Esquirejumps on the "giveI,TonyaOscars"亚博主页bandwagon.I tell you what dear readers,the ease with which this movie is getting people excited when I though it was genuinely not good (mockumentary stale,politically problematic,and cheap-looking) is going to make this Oscar season a loooong one for me (sigh).Ah well.You can't love everything...or every Oscar season.

Oct 23 2017

Middleburg: Maggie Betts' "Novitiate"

Continuing our Middleburg Film Festival adventures.Here's Lynn Lee

Middleburg is the kind of idyllic Virginia town that makes me wish I had enough independent means to spend regular fall weekends there lodging at a cushy spa,riding horses,visiting local wineries,and binging once a year on Oscar-baity films before they get released in theaters.  As it is,I was happy to get a taste of the latter on a press pass to this year's festival.  On Day 3,I joined Nathaniel in town (albeit at different events) and took in Maggie Betts'Novitiate,Todd Haynes'Wonderstruck,and Dee Rees'Mudbound.

Of the three,the one I knew the least about beforehand turned out to be the one I liked best.  Set at a convent in the 1960s around the time of Vatican II,Novitiatecenters on the struggles and yearnings of young postulant Cathleen (Margaret Qualley of "The Leftovers"andThe Nice Guys) and the fellow nun-aspirants and nuns around her.  That may sound like niche fare at best,but I hope Sony Pictures figures out how to market it because it's an astoundingly assured,riveting debut feature...

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Apr 19 2017

Best Supporting Actress - April Foolish Oscar Predix

With so many of our favorite working actresses in key potential Oscar roles this year this season is either going to be tremendously exciting or crushing disappointing.

Can Woody Harrelson & Naomi Watts get his & hers nominations as the "deeply dysfunctional"parents of THE GLASS CASTLE?


Answer me these questions three:

  • Who you think we're underestimating?
  • Which performance on the chart are you most anxious to see?
  • Do you think any of the 4 time nominees (Nicole Kidman,Julia Roberts,and Michelle Williams) move to 5 nominee status this year?5 is actually such a major threshold that's really hard for people to break into.Only 29 women,if I'm counting correctly,have done it with Julianne Moore and Amy Adams being the most recent inductees to that exclusive club).With maybe 2 exceptions (Geraldine Page and Thelma Ritter)  everyone who's ever managed 5 has been a rather huge movie star of their day,certainly bigger than Michelle Williams is now for example.Not that she couldn't do it withThe Greatest Showmanif the part is good enough.Some working giants that are,like Kidman and Roberts,currently at four (acting) nods include: Bening,Lawrence,McDormand,Mirren,and Emma Thompson.

Apr 18 2017

Doc Corner: 'God Knows Where I Am'

by Glenn Dunks

The discovery of a woman's lifeless body in an abandoned New Hampshire farmhouse next to a diary that reads how she,if found dead,was the victim of domestic abuse is the starting point for Jedd and Todd Wider'sGod Knows Where I Am.These words begin the story of how Linda Bishop came to be in the house,a tragic entry point to a story that takes on further inescapably sad connotations the more we learn about her and what lead to her body lying dead on the hardwood floors of an empty house after the worst winter on record.

It's not exactly a spoiler to note that domestic violence is not what brought Linda's life to an end.Perhaps she thought it was...

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Mar 22 2017

Interview: Melissa Leo on Playing 'The Most Hated Woman in America'

ByJose Solís

Few actors can command the screen like Melissa Leo.She has cemented her status as a true scene stealing chameleon in films likeThe Fighter,Frozen River,Mildred Pierce,andThe Big Short.And while she's mostly regarded as a character,read supporting,actor,she gets a chance to show off her leading lady chops inThe Most Hated Woman in Americawhich debuts this week on Netflix. She plays atheist activist Madalyn Murray O'Hair who led a campaign that banned Bible readings in public schools.

Leo infuses the part with heart and courage,so that she becomes a perfect embodiment of the notion that the personal should be political.Director Tommy O'Haver uses Madalyn's kidnapping and horrific murder,to frame a film that aims to reach everyone's humanity,regardless of their religious beliefs.Anchored by Leo's majestic performance,it becomes one of the most important films of the year,in terms of the conversations and debates it could,and should,spark.I had the chance to speak to Leo from SXSW where the film premiered...

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