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"All the actors inRomy and Michele' make it look so easy that you don't notice how sophisticated the performances are. Every young actress who gets a role in a comedy should study it. It's a master class in character acting."-JF


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Jul 09 2020

Mira Sorvino Pt 1: On "Hollywood," "Badland" and "Waterlily Jaguar"

Sorvino in Waterlily Jaguarby Nathaniel R

The actress Mira Sorvino has been on our screens both large and small for nearly 30 years now. In the past few years the headlines came for speaking out about sexual harassment and her political activism. Now, with Ryan Murphy'sHollywoodcampaigning for Emmy nominations, and two recent indies available to stream (BadlandandWaterlily Jaguar), the focus is back where it originally began: her acting. We talked to her recently about her newest roles.

She can currently be seen as the co-lead of Melora Walters'Waterlily Jaguar."It's a really interestingart film about the complicated end of a relationship" she says describing the drama about an alcoholic novelist and his wife. While the movie is anguished by nature, Sorvino is a canny enough entertainer to know just when to liven the mood without betraying the tone, in this case with heartbreakingly forced cheer.

But among her recent projects it's Ryan Murphy's high profile mini-seriesHollywoodwhich has reminded the most people of her gift. Even, in a neat life-imitating-art parallel, of her Oscar win...

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