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Jul 08 2019

What did you see over the holiday week?

Given the craziness of holiday weekends at the box office,we opted to wait until "actuals"were released rather than run with an "estimates"column yesterday.So herewith a complete picture of the Fourth of July weekend with all 12 pictures still in wide release and the corresponding top of the charts in platform or limited titles.What didyousee this first week of July?

Weekend Box Office
July 5th-7th (Actuals)
= new or expanded theater counts / ★ = recommended
1Spider-Man Far From Home$92.5 (cum.$185)*NEW*TOM HOLLAND
1Pavarotti[DOC] $458k on 250 screens (cum.$2.9)
2Toy Story 4$33.8 on 4540 screens (cum.$306.1)PODCAST
2Last Black Man...$431k on 188 screens (cum.$2.7)REVIEW,PODCAST,BEST OF

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May 10 2019

Nominations for the 61st Arieles Are Announced

by Jorge Molina

Award season is a misnomer.Movie awards are a year-long,worldwide affair.At the end of last month the Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences (AMACC) announced its nominees for the 61st annual Ariel awards,celebrating the films of 2018.

As you undoubtedly would expect,Alfonso Cuarón's multi-celebrated,Oscar-winningRomagarnered the most nominations,with 15.It was followed byMuseo,by Alonso Ruizpalacios,andThe Good Girlsby Alejandra Márquez Abella (still awaiting US distribution),with 14 each.

You can see a full list of the nominees after the jump with a bit of trivia and commentary [UPDATED IN JULY: WE'VE ALSO NOTATED WHICH FILM WON EACH PRIZE AT THE CEREMONY.WINNERS ARE MARKED WITH A STAR]...

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Apr 20 2019

Review: The Curse of La Llorona

by Tony Ruggio

Latino audiences are theleading demofor moviegoing so Hollywood ignores them at their own peril.Cynical though it is,somebody at Warner Bros said "no mas"and rangJames Wanto add one more wrinkle to his ever-expandingConjuringuniverse.

Serving as producer,Wan's fingerprints are everywhere.From swooping dollies and immaculate crane work,to an early scene of kids frolicking to 70's tunes,La Lloronaoften flatters the original with homage.The simple foreboding of a dark corner in the room or a hazy reflection in the mirror,it's all there and it works for the most part...

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Feb 25 2019

Oscar Trivia with the 91st Annual Academy Awards now a wrap

Now that the big show has ended let's talk trivia.Please do share any cool things you noticed in the comments.


• With Alfonso Cuarón's win we are reminded that Mexico iscompletelydominant for Best Director prizes in Hollywood of late.Five of the past six winners have been Mexican directors (Damien Chazelle forLa La Landbeing the lone non-Mexican winning).The US is really lagging,and not behind Mexico -- in the ten past ceremonies only two American-born directors have won: Chazelle and Kathryn Bigelow forThe Hurt Locker

Alfonso Cuarón is the first and ONLY director to win for directing a foreign-language film.Some trivia listings suggest he's the second after Michel Hanavicius forThe Artistbut that was a silent film,so language isn't relevant...

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Nov 02 2018

Blueprints: "Coco"

Feliz Día de los Muertos!To celebrate,Jorgelooks at how the script for Disney's "Coco"mixes two languages the same way the movie interconnects cultures.

I've written a couple of pieces in this site before aboutCoco.It was an extremely intimate and touching experience to be able to see my native culture represented to accurately and lovingly.It is a movie that perfectly captures the spirit of Mexicanism,of our fragile and ever-present relationship with death,family,and tradition.

I saw the movie twice in theaters: once in its original English,and once in its Spanish dub.While I consider the dub to be a better version (but that perhaps has to do with the way I've always experienced animated films),the English one made me consider a new aspect of the film: the way it handled Spanish.It's a movie explicitly set in a different country;one where a different language is spoken (unlike say,Brave).How can the script incorporate this essential cultural element without making it seem unauthentic?It turns out,they do itmuy bien.

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