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Sep 三十 2013

专访:Actress Dánae Reynaud on "Club Sandwich"

丹·雷诺The51st New York Film Festivalcontinues with何塞's interview with Dánae Reynaud,co-star of俱乐部三明治

In a relatively short time, the young director Fernando Eimbcke has become one of the most original voices in Latin American cinema. With a mere three movies to his name, he's one of the few auteurs working outside the standard subjects of drug trafficking, crime and magical realism. His movies tend to focus on young people living ordinary lives and coming to terms with impending adulthood. To call them coming-of-age films wouldn't do justice to the larger truths they carry. His latest,俱乐部三明治, is no exception; it deals with a single mother (María Renée Prudencio) who takes her son Hector (Lucio Giménez Cacho) to a resort during the low season.

The first part of the movie finds them bonding over sunscreen application, discussing Prince's sexiness and ordering the title meal. Things change when more guests arrive to the hotel, one of them being Jazmín (丹·雷诺),一百一十六岁的他抓住了赫克托耳的眼睛。苏ddenly he doesn't want to be with his mom for long, he starts noticing he's growing a tiny mustache and secretly washes his underwear so that his mother won't notice the accidents he's been having at night. The film is a delight made even more special by the naturalistic performances of the three lead actors. Reynaud in particular brings a sense of mischief to a character that could've been villainized by a lesser actress. I asked the charming Dánae about working with Eimbcke and when she realized she wanted to act. You'll relate to her profound love of movies (after the jump).

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Sep 21 2012

"Fill The Void", "The Clown" and "After Lucia" Join the Very Crowded Foreign Race

Brazil, Israel, and Mexico -- three countries that have yet to produce an Oscar Foreign Film champ despite a small handful or two of previous nominees -- have now joinedthe fast-growing list of Oscar's subtitled contenders

The tally now stands at35...42 films44 films and 4 finalist lists!

这意味着我们只得到了约剩下约正式听到列表完成之前20部电影。10月1日是提交并在10月中旬奥斯卡将为我们提供的正式名单通常会含有一些惊喜的最后期限 - 无论是最后一分钟的电影switcheroo,取消资格,或者说还没有公开宣布突然浮现一个国家名单。让我们看看我们的新的竞争者和后跳他们的国家被提名人的历史。

Israel's New Contender:FILL THE VOID by Rama Burshtein which gives us an intimate look at the Hasidic community in Tel Aviv.

Israel's Nominee History - 10 noms / 0 wins
链接到Netflix的网页 - 所有,但一个可供出租!
1971The Policeman
1972I Love You Rosa
1973The House on Chelouche Street(instant watch!)
1977Operation Thunderbolt
1986 Beyond The Walls
2007博福特(instant watch!)
2008Waltz With Bashir
2009Ajami(instant watch!)

Brazil's New Contender:THE CLOWNis about a father (Paulo José) and son (Selton Mello, also the director) who work together as clowns in the circus. The son no longer thinks himself funny and wants to settle down.

Brazil's Nominee History - 4 noms / 0 wins
with links to Netflix pages if available
1962Keeper of Promises
1995 O Quatrilho
1997Four Days in September
1998Central Stationis by far the most universally beloved of Brazilian Oscar contenders even netting a well deserved Best Actress nomination for Fernanda Montenegro. In any other year it would surely have been a winning entry but it had the timing misfortune of going up againstLife is Beautifulwhich was that year's even bigger foreign crossover hit, winning 3 Oscars on the big night (Actor, Foreign Film and Original Score) from its hefty 7 nomination tally which included Best Picture and Best Director nods.

Mexico's New Contender:AFTER LUCIAby Michel Franco is about high school bullying and was a hit at Cannes where it won the注目sidebar

Mexico's Nominee History - 8 noms / 0 wins
with links to Netflix pages -- unfortunately spotty
1961 The Important Man
1962 The Pearl of Tlayucan
1975 Letters from Marusia
2000Amores Perros(instant watch!)
2002The Crime of Father Amaro
2006Pan's Labyrinth
2010BIUTIFUL(instant watch!)


Plenty of countries in South America and Asia as well as three European biggies. The three countries with the mightiest Oscar stats that have yet to announce this year are...

Denmarkeveryone assumes it will be the festival hit costume dramaA Royal Affair...which has won acting awards and critical favor. So why haven't they announced that yet? Rumor has it they're announcing today so perhaps it's a done deal by the time you read this.YEP. IT'S A ROYAL AFFAIR
ItalyRealityhad some buzz but NYFF is playingCaesar Must Dieso it would sure be convenient... for me ;) ... if it were the latter.
Spainannounces next Friday though they've already narrowed it down tothree contenders。I'm hoping it's the silent black and whiteSnow White图片主演了国际公认的马里贝尔·弗杜(Y Tu Mama Tambien, Pan's Labyrinth, etcetera) because I like annual themes, don't you? See we're drowning in Snow White movies in 2012 -- you'd think this ancient story had just hit the public domain or something? -- so let's finally get a good one in the mix!

Nov 21 2011

Scene Work: Demián Bichir & Chris Weitz on "A Better Life"

在这个新的迷你剧,we'll be discussing some of the most memorable individual scenes of the movies of 2011. So let's start with the penultimate scene from the immigration dramaA Better Life.Have any of you seen it?

At a recent luncheon honoring Demián Bichir (Weeds, Che), currently on the最好的演员campaign trail, I had a brief chat with the star and his director Chris Weitz. Our conversations kept drifting to two scenes in the movie, the aforementioned emotional peak when Carlos (Bichir) explains to his son, as best he can, the reason why he moved to America and had a child, and an earlier intense sequence that sets much of the plot in motion as Carlos (Bichir) makes a fateful mistake while shimmying up a palm tree in his day job as a gardener.

I told Bichir that I've always wondered how scary it is for actors to work on those slow build performances. Many performances have several peaks butA Better Lifeis quite a linear drama and Bichir keeps the performance very low key for a long time. It's all building to his intensely emotional monologue as he sits in a deportation center with his son. I wondered how nerve wracking that scene must have been for him. He plays the scene beautifully, with so much pent up painful intimacy. But as character arcs go it's very backloaded; his entire performance and indeed the film, rests on it.

That's why I had you. For me. For me. For a reason to live."

“很有趣,”多鳍鱼目说,考虑到这个问题。“我尽量不去想这个。我从来不认为未来。”他承认,并解释说,他试图把旅途中的序列与性格,虽然他爽快地承认,你知道thescenes in every script your first time reading through.

"So I don't think about it," he elaborates. "It's like in life. You know, when you're in love you don't think 'what if we break up?' You don't think about the fears or the negativity." The emotional place you have to get to you just work towards day by day, he explains. They were lucky to shoot almost chronologically which really helped him.

Oscar Campaigning and a unexpectedTwilightdiversionafter the jump

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Sep 三十 2011


Serious Film'sMichael C pleased to report he's viewed his first, but hopefully not last, knockout, must-see movie of the New York Film Festival.

According to director Gerardo Naranjo, some critics have accused his drug war thrillerMiss Bala的美化卡特尔团伙成员的生活。我没有得到一个机会在Q&A问一个问题,但如果我有它可能是,“什么星球上这些批评,以及他们是如何得到电影的出路在那里?”Miss Balais the answer for every person wearing aScarfacet-shirt. It glamorizes the business of drugs about as much as《梦之安魂曲》glamorizes the use of them.

Miss Balais a thriller that manages to generate incredible suspense despite upending genre conventions at every turn. It is the tale of Laura, an aspiring beauty queen, who through incredibly bad luck finds herself sucked into the Hell that is Mexico’s drug wars. Naranjo sticks to the point of view of his naïve, overwhelmed protagonist throughout. It’s a reversal of the Hitchcock method of suspense through letting the audience know as much as possible since at any moment Laura has little idea what the motives of her captors are and what role she is plays in their schemes. Unlike 99% of thrillers the audience isn't trying along with Laura to outwit her tormentors, but rather to scrape enough information together to survive.

Utilizing riveting, hold-your-breath long takes that recall fellow countryman Alfonso Cuaron, Naranjo work behind the camera is a breakthrough to make film lovers sit up and take notice.巴拉deserves comparison with4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days其通过简单的肠穿孔现实社会弊病的描写没有政治说教或电影,电影废话的痕迹。这是一个痛苦的经历,也有强制悦目之一。

Naranjo is aided by Stephanie Sigman, who delivers a performance of beautiful vulnerability and well-modulated desperation as Laura. Often the director does well to simply rest the camera on her face and watch as her expressive doe eyes absorb the seemingly endless string of horrors.

Miss BalaisMexico’s submission for the foreign language Oscar...which is gutsy on their part since I've seen movies about the Vietnam War that depict a safer, more stable country. Oscar's foreign language branch, like its doc branch, is prone to wild, inexplicable omissions, so I won’t make any predictions, but I will say this: I would be shocked if five better, more powerful films are in contention this year.

Sep 23 2011

Mighty Submissions? Mexico's Got "Miss Bala" and China's Got Christian Bale

在又为今年的最佳外语片竞争最主流就绪的消息,Chinahas submitted Zhang Yimou'sThe Flowers of War。电影现在(直译)已经改变名称至少3次,但,是的,这是基于严歌苓的历史小说非常昂贵的克里斯蒂安·贝尔电影The 13 Flowers of Nanjingwhich is about the Nanjing massacre when Japanese soldiers slaughtered Chinese civilians in 1937. Bale will play a priest who is helping to save Chinese citizens. I believe previous titles includedThe 13 Women of Nanjingand南京英雄。一个很长的生产之后,影片将按说开幕今年十二月。



张艺谋是一个超级巨星作为auteurs去,在此之前执导世界名曲和奖励磁铁一样Ju Dou(Oscar nominee Foreign Film ),大红灯笼高高挂(奥斯卡提名外语片)To Live(Golden Globe Nominee Foreign Film),Shanghai Triad(奥斯卡提名-cinematography)Hero(Oscar nominee -China),The House of Flying Daggers(Oscar nominee -cinematography) andCurse of the Golden Flower(Oscar nominee in costume design).

But with Bale in the lead (or prominent ensemble) role, one wonders how much of his new film is in English and whether that might not be a problem when the Oscar committee starts ruling about eligibility?Early reports suggested that 40% of the film would be in Englishthough there's also dialogue in Mandarin, Japanese, and Chinese. Academy rules don't allow the majority of your dialogue to be in English in this category so we shall see. You know how finicky the Oscar committee can get about eligibility rulings. But one things for sure: this film won't have trouble winning attention with Yimou behind the camera and Bale in front of it.


Runar Runnarson的处女作火山将代表冰岛for the Oscars. It's the story of a retiree rediscovering his life. The film already has achieved a small degree of fame for an old age sex scene. Reviews are strong and it's said to be quite moving.

Last year's winning countryDenmarkhas gone with苏perClasico

Then we have two countries that share the distinction of several nominations without a win yet.

Israelwill present FOOTNOTE, the story of combative father and son Talmud professors which won the screenplay prize at Cannes. Israel is the most nominated losing country ever having been up to bat for 9 Oscars thus far.

Mexico(tied with Poland, just behind Israel, at 8 nominations without a win) will go with MISS BALA as most cinephiles suspected. I will be seeing the acclaimed beauty-queen in distress drama Tuesday for the New York Film Festival. Can't wait after all the good things I've heard.

Here's the US trailer which I'm not watching so as to be surprised next week. The film opens in limited release next month after this final festival bow.

Imagine that. At least TWO of the contenders are actually opening in the States before the following calendar year!It's so rare these days. And lately when that's happened it's been on December 31st. Boo! So give Mexico'sMiss Balaand China'sThe Flowers of War点冒着真正的释放和打击的大屏幕前,不寄望于未来的奥斯卡提名的彩票。

UsefulUseless Statistics!
Countries that submit regularly that still wait on virgin nominations:

Oscar's favored countries *these past 10 years*(they tend to go in waves):

  1. 德国(6项提名,2胜这十年来)
  2. France (5 nominations or 50% of the lineups)
  3. Canada (3 nominations, 1 win these past ten years)

最被看好的国家(在历史上),其已与奥斯卡粗糙的最近运行:西班牙是学院的整个历史上的第三最受尊敬的国家(19项提名和4胜),但他们只是在过去的十年里被提名一次。当然,他们那年赢了(深海长眠) and two of Spain's biggest stars also won acting Oscars recently (marrieds Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz ... so, uh, never mind.I take it back.Not a rough run! It's ITALY that's smarting. Just one nomination for the country with the most competitive wins and second most nominations ever these past ten years. What's going on Italy?)

CHART UPDATES (ONGOING) HEREincluding new films from Ireland, Albania, and Vietnam.

八月 三十 2011

外语片Oscar: South Korea's "Front Line"

奥斯卡外语片递交公告将在我们飞下个月,你可以跟踪整个列表的我foreign oscar predictions pages。A short time ago I told you thatSouth Koreahad narrowed down their Oscar submissions. That news was shortlived as the competition is over andthey've gone with the battlefield dramaThe Front Line。[Thanks to faithful TFE readerJinfor the info.]


Excuse me but I barely see any actressing! I mean other than Kim Ok-bin. Shouldn't there be a rule against films light on actressing in South Korean cinema? They have so many good ones and their one representative film for AMPAS is practically bereft of them?sigh

To make up for their sudden xy departure, here's a recent photoshoot starring Kim Ok-bin,who you'll recall was a Film Bitch nominee right here in 2009 forThirst

I feel much better already...

Three other selections were announced last week...

Romania, like South Korea, doesn't have any Oscar nominations to show for years of cinephile enthusiasm. The Academy generally can take some time to catch up so if a country wants to get Oscar play their international cinema heat can't be shortlived. Their entry this year is Marian Crisan debut featureMorgen, a hit at the Locarno festival, which is about an unlikely friendship between a security guard and an illegal Kurdish immigrant.

演员Roschdy Zem's second feature as a directorOmar Killed MestarsSami Bouajila,谁的国际艺术电影的观众可能还记得同性恋喜剧最佳费利克斯历险记or from major roles in two different Algerian Oscar nomineesDays of GloryandOutside the Law(both of which happened to co-star Zem).Bouajila pops up in English language films once in awhile too (The Siege, London River)。以前的奥斯卡热量不会停在那里:导演拉彻德·鲍彻雷布,谁导演都在最近阿尔及利亚主演提名这两项,这个传记片约一个无辜囚犯的剧本改编帮助的。好莱坞记者称其为“intense and superbly acted。"

Alejandro Bellame Palacios’sThe Rumble of the Stonesis about a mother attempting to rebuild her family's lives after a natural disaster. There are many hardships along the way but apparently it's an optimistic picture; one fan on Facebook called it a "true tribute to the nobility of Venezuelan women."

Not yet announced but getting there...

It's not official yet but you shouldn't be surprised if Mexico goes with festival sensationMiss Balafor their Oscar filmwhich we've mentioned a few times.Awards Daily likes the trailerbut I'm not watching it since I'm seeing the film in a couple of weeks and want to be surprised. I'm pretty wild for the poster. It's provocative ... and I mean story-wise though I'm sure breasts never hurt in selling a movie. The movie is getting a U.S. release in the fall courtesy of Fox International.

Mexico currently has these 11 features under consideration. Thanks to Armando for sending in the list. The films are

  • Miss Bala(Gerardo Naranjo)
  • 180˚(费尔南多·卡利夫)
  • Dias de Gracia(埃韦拉多瓦莱里奥痛风Grautoff)
  • El Baile de San Juan(Francisco Athie)
  • Flores en el desierto(José Alvarez)
  • La Mitad del Mundo(Jaime Ruiz Ibáñez)
  • 巴拉Mordida(Diego Muñoz Vega)
  • Siete Instantes(Diana Cardoso)
  • Somos lo que Hay(Jorge Michael Grau)
  • Una Pared Para Cecilia(Hugo Rodríguez)
  • Viaje Redondo(Gerardo Tort)

如果我没有记错的话,所有这些电影制作人曾经提出了由墨西哥之前,所以没有“宠儿”的先例也可能是任何人的球赛......如果不是在明显的关键热情Miss Balathat is. The other film that has something of an international profile is the disturbingly grotesqueSOMOS老阙干草which opened in the US asWe Are What We Are。恐怖可怕的力量,我看不到操作系统car touching that one.

八月 17 2011

NYFF Overflows with Fascinating Auteurs & Oscar Contenders

Gael Garcia Bernal gets licked at the New York Film FestivalSince I'm not doing Toronto this year (I hope to convince a few volunteers to do coverage for the site. If you're going and you're a reader/writer...) I plan to go full hog on the NYFF. I will also be enlisting at least one extra member of the Film Experience team to join me so that we have more for you. Below you'll find the final lineup culled from theofficial sitebut I've divvied it up for you into categories. Please do let us know in the comments which films you're most interested in hearing about, or, if you're in NYC, which films you plan to see.

Buzzy Indies
Martha Marcy May Marlene, in which Elizabeth Olsen leaves a cult in time for her Oscar campaign, directed by Sean Durkin (USA)
A Separation, a tense family drama that keeps winning awards, directed by Asghar Farhadi (Iran)
Shame, directed by Steve McQueen, in which sister Carey Mulligan visits her sex addict brother Michael Fassbender. From the director ofHunger所以因此必须看到......即使不断迈克尔·法斯宾德床戏不够(UK)

Will Their Countries Submit Them For Oscar's 'Best Foreign Language Film'?
The Kid With A Bike, directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, is about an abandoned 11 year old. It won prizes at Cannes because it's a rule that all Dardenne Brothers films do, don'cha know. (Belgium)
Le Havre, directed by Aki Kaurismäki (Finland)

Miss Bala in danger

Miss Bala, directed by Gerardo Naranjo, in which a beauty pageant contestant runs into trouble with a drug cartel. I'm curious about this one. (Mexico)
黄飞鸿在安纳托利亚, directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan -- I've never really understood the cinephile adoration -- it's a crime drama about the search for a missing body(Turkey)
学生, directed by Santiago Mitre, a political thriller about a student who falls for a radical organizer (Argentina)

Oscar Players... Maybe
The Artist, directed by Michel Hazanavicius, an homage to Old Hollywood (France)
Carnage, directed by Roman Polanski, an adaptation of the hit play (看到以前的帖子) (France/Germany/Poland)
The Descendants, directed by Alexander Payne, in which George Clooney has multiple crises (USA)
My Week With Marilyn, directed by Simon Curtis, about a week in Marilyn's life during the filming ofThe Prince and the Showgirl(看到以前的帖子) (UK)

导演狂热……(我不习惯失踪的films by these men)
A Dangerous Method, directed by David Cronenberg, about Freud (Viggo Mortensen), Jung (Michael Fassbender) and their crazy subject (Keira Knightley), (UK/Canada/Germany)
Melancholia, directed by Lars von Trier, in which Kirsten Dunst's wedding plans are plagued by the impending apocalypse. (看到以前的帖子) (Denmark)
The Skin I Live In, directed by Pedro Almodóvar, in which the director finally reunites with Antonio Banderas for a gruesome tale of revenge involving a plastic surgeon. (先前的文章) (Spain)

4:44: Last Day On Earth, directed by Abel Ferrara, bills itself as an "apocalypse trance film". Starring Willem Dafoe. (USA)
Corpo Celeste, directed by Alice Rohrwacher, is about a young girl struggling with religion. (Italy)
George Harrison: Living In The Material World, music documentary directed by Martin Scorsese (USA)
Goodbye First Love由米娅·汉森爱执导,跟踪初恋超过八年(法国/德国)
Pina, directed by Wim Wenders, which is a 3D dance film and tribute to Pina Bausch (Germany/France/UK)
Policeman, directed by Nadav Lapid, which includes wealthy anarchists and anti-terrorist police (Israel/France)
Sleeping Sickness, directed by Ulrich Köhler who won Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival. It involved doctors combating an epidemic of, well, the title (Germany/France/Netherlands)
The Loneliest Planet, directed by Julia Loktev, is an English language drama about a couple falling apart. Starring Gael Garcia Bernal. Yay. (USA/Germany)
都灵马, a meditation "on the interconnectedness of things", directed by Béla Tarr and Agnes Hranitzky (Hungary/France/Germany/Switzerland/USA)
This Is Not A Film由贾法尔·帕纳希谁是目前吸引他的刑期在伊朗和莫哈塔巴·米塔马斯布(伊朗)执导

Have at it in the comments!

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