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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
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Apr 05 2019

April Foolish Predictions #2: Music and Sound Categories

[drumroll]It's Time!Our annual April Foolish Oscar Predictions have begun.

Ad Astra was supposed to be out next month but rumors are that it's not finished yet

Firstwe looked at Animated Featuresand now we turn our attention to the Sound categories.It's rather perverse to do them second and here's why: Original Songs and Original Scores are among the last things we have confirmed each year.Technically speaking you can wait until your whole film is nearly complete before adding a score or commissioning an original song.It's not always wise to wait of course since songs,especially,can be more effective if they're woven in and some directors prefer to work with some idea of what the score will be like while they're editing.Nevertheless there is much that's completely unknown about this film year in terms of its music...

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Jan 24 2017

Happy Thoughts from Oscar Nominations!

We've delivered the hot takeaways,mourned the snubs,but now let's get positive.I polled Team Experience about what made them happiest this morning and which category is the best overall.I hope you'll chime in.An unexpected consensus emerged straightaway in their answers.More after the jump...

Which nomination made you happiest?

Tim:Kubo and the Two StringsforBest Visual Effects.It's a great movie that deserves as much as it can possibly get,and also a good reminder to keep our conceptions about what "counts"as film craft as broad as possible

Laurence:Kubo and the Two Stringsfor Visual Effects.After theEx Machinawin I got the sense that branch was becoming more interested in awarding outside the box effects, so I bet on this nomination happening early.It's stunning work even by Laika standards...

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Jan 11 2017

FYC: Jackie's Original Score by Mica Levi

by Sean Donovan

You sit down in a movie theater to see the latest biopic that has earned a superstar Oscar heat,and after the series of trailers for undoubtedly happier movies you could be seeing,you stare at a black screen.Gradually you hear something,a strong string note that quickly careens down the scale into dissonant whine.It's immediately upsetting,destabilizing: flat and lacking grace when you were promised a classy portrait of one of America's most iconic first ladies.So disjunctive it possesses a strange,ethereal beauty.It reminds me of the sound of an airplane flying overhead,fitting for a film where some of the most dramatic scenes occur onboard Air Force One.

Music is the standard-bearer for everything that makesJackiean unusual Oscar contender...

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Dec 12 2016

Team Experience: Golden Globe Snubs & "WTF?"s

We polled Team Experience on theGolden Globe nominationsthis morning.Here is part one in which we dispense  quick thoughts about the most head scratching nominations and the 'I know they di't' dismissals (I know we're not supposed to call them snubs anymore but the word is such convenient shorthand).


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Sep 13 2016

"Jackie"Sells to Fox Searchlight.December Gets Yet More Crowded

The Oscar Race just gota lotmore crowded.

Natalie Portman as "Jackie".Photo by William GrayWhile Natalie Portman may be enjoying the lion's share of buzz for playing the title character inJackie(her best performance yet) if Fox Searchlight plays their FYC hand correctly the film could be a major player across the Oscar board (Portman and Sarsgard are the only acting possibillities.Greta Gerwig,Max Casella,John Carroll Lynch,John Hurt,and Beth Grant support them well but in extremely limited doses) including especially Costume Design,Director,Screenplay,and Production Design.The Cinematography,Editing,Sound and Original Score are also marvellous but the film is a little out of the box challenging so not everyone is going to respond to it;in its own caged bird way it's as angry as Pablo Larraín's Chilean pictures.

As expected given the festival raves and the film's connections to Darren Aronofsky,Fox Searchlight had first dibs.The deal took longer than expected but they will distribute on December 9th.That puts the film at the end of a flurry of major Oscar contenders opening between October and early December (Fences is the only possibly major player -- that is not a sci-fi/fantasy --  opening afterJackie.It opens Christmas day).

Pablo Larraín and Natalie Portman in Venice for the premiereThe schedule right now of golden hopefuls:
Oct 7th -Birth of a Nation,The Girl on the Train
Oct 14th -Certain Women,Miss Hokusai (APP亚博娱乐 )
Oct 21st -Moonlight,The Handmaiden (if there were justice in the world but alas,South Korea didn't select it as their Oscar bid)
Oct 28th -Eagle Huntress (documentary)

Nov 4th -Loving,Doctor Strange,Bleed For This
Nov 11th -Arrival,Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk,Elle
Nov 18th -Manchester by the Sea,Nocturnal Animals,Fantastic Beasts
Nov 23rd (Wed) Allied,Moana (APP亚博娱乐 ),Rules Don't Apply
Nov 25th - Lion

Dec 2nd - La La Land
Dec 9th - Jackie,Miss Sloane,The Salesman (Asgar Farhadi)
Dec 16th - Rogue One,Collateral Beauty,The Founder,and Neruda (alsoby Pablo Larraín)
Dec 21st (Wed) - Assassin's Creed,Passengers,Sing!(APP亚博娱乐 )
Dec 23rd -A Monster Calls
Dec 25th (Sun) - Fences,Toni Erdmann (foreign film submission)

Qualifying Releases: Hidden Figures,The Red Turtle,and ???