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Ritesh Batra onPhotograph


Daniel Schmidt and Gabriel Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)
Christian Petzoldt(Transit)
Richard E Grant(Can You Ever Forgive Me?)
Rachel Weisz(The Favourite)
Toni Collette(Hereditary)
Glenn Close(The Wife)

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Apr 23 2019

The New Classics - Michael Clayton

Michael Cusumano here to christen mynew serieson future classics of the 21st Century with Tony Gilroy's 2007 legal thriller.In each episode we'll be discussing one great scene.

The Scene: Karen Crowder's Downfall

How does the final scene of Tony Gilroy's Michael Clayton work so well despite the wheezy cliché at its center?Secretly recording the villain's confession is right up there with the Monologuing Killer on the list of tired plot devices.Yet when Clooney coerces Swinton into exposing her sins it doesn't feel the least bit lazy.On the contrary: it's electrifying...

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Jan 29 2019

Oscar Trivia: How often do three films dominate the acting categories?

Bradley & Gaga at the beginning of their run for "A Star is Born"by Nathaniel R

With the 20 acting nominations this year coming from only 11 films this year we got to wondering how frequently that happens.The Favourite,Vice,andA Star is Bornall received 3 acting nods each.Green BookandRomareceived doubles,though of course doubles happen frequently.But how often do three acting noms from three separate films happen in a single year?And is this anything like a record?This was somewhat tough to investigate but investigate we did.


Before we get to individual years which had a small pool of films dominating the acting prizes,let's look at the films that hold the record for nominations:  It's an nine-way tie for the record with the following films receiving 5 acting nominations each...

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Oct 26 2018

Posterized: Tilda Swinton's Greatest Hits

by Nathaniel R

Alien movie star Tilda Swinton is one of the true glories of modern cinema,and she's playing multiple creepy roles this weekend in her third Luca Guadagnino picture.After starring for the Italian director inI Am LoveandA Bigger Splashshe's the MVP of his new spin-off riff (it's hardly a 'remake') of Dario Argento's classic hallucinatory horror filmSuspiria.

What's more this is not even the first time the actress has played mutiple roles sometimes of multiple genders in the same picture (see alsoTeknolust,Hail Caesar,Man to Man,andOrlando).Since Tilda Swinton works so often,her filmography is over 70 movies long.That means we can't do a comprehensivePosterizedlest we be here for literally hours working in Photoshop,so instead we've opted for Swinton's largest and/or most essential roles.

How many of these 21 key Tildas have you seen?The posters are after the jump...

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Feb 18 2017


More truths and amusements and curiousities after the jump including Viola Davis,La La Land,Isabelle & Viggo,Kate McKinnon,and the perfect deployment of Tilda Swinton...

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Nov 05 2016

Rank the "1 and Done"Oscar-Winning Actresses!

Since today is both Tilda Swinton's birthday and National Love Your Red Hair Day (there's a day for everything) we found ourselves suddenly missing Tilda's redhead years.She's been preferring platinum bold for several years now but for a good long stretch she favored RED.

Hmmm.What does Oscar sound like?

Sudden Listing Impulse after the jump...

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Oct 05 2016

On this day: Jacob Tremblay,Pitch Perfect,and The Ten Commandments

On this day in showbiz history...

Still undersung: the great Glynis Johns in "The Ref"

1902Ray A Kroc,who popularized the McDonald's empire is born.The Founderwhich is about his business shenanigans/success opens this December (it was already supposed to have opened but we can't have movies for adults in the summer for some reason).
1908Joshua Logan is born.He later makes famous movies likeBus Stop,Picnic,CamelotandSouth Pacific.
1923Happy 93rd birthday to Glynis Johns,one of the greats!Her classics include:Mary Poppins,While You Were Sleeping,The Court Jester,The Ref,andMiranda.Why she doesn't have an Honorary Oscar is simply beyond our understanding.She was nominated only once for fine supporting work inThe Sundowners
1945A strike by set decorators turns into a riot "Blood Friday"at Warner Brothers studios.Are you still enjoyingour series "The Furniture"on the work of production designers and set decorators?If so please comment and let Daniel know.
1946The very first Cannes film festival wraps up...

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