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"Whenever Niecy Nash is an option I've got to pause a minute and appreciate that she walks among us."-Scott

"Schitt's Creekhas managed to outdo just about every other show,comedy or drama,in how it gives its characters genuine life beats to play off,and to then pay off in beautiful (and hilarious) ways."-Manny

"Overall,I'm satisfied with the nominations.A lot of good surprises."-Goodbar

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Jun 09 2019

Review: Dark and Tired Phoenix

This review was previously published in Nathaniel's columnat Towleroad...

Don't they have any healing and creative rejuvenation among the super-powered mutations at Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Children?If so they needed them to lay their hands on this franchise for a few years before making another bungled attempt at the beloved Dark Phoenix storyline (from the 1980 comic books) within this movie franchise's 19 movie years.But that's a rhetorical question.IfDark Phoenix(2019) is indication,mutations cannot save this franchise.

When we return to our characters,much has changed since our last visit.Which is fine since who wants to be reminded ofX-Men Apocalypse?The X-Men are now no longer shunned by society but held up as heroes.Professor Xavier (James McAvoy,phoning this one in...but then who isn't?) has a direct phone to the White House,like a Batman / Commissioner Gordon sitch on steroids.Their first mission,which serves as kind of a second prologue to the over and underwritten film,is making Raven (Jessica Lawrence) nervous for some underwritten/performed reason...

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Nov 26 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Black Boys Looking Blue

Jason fromMNPPhere,still a little stuffed with turkey but ready for this week's "Beauty vs Beast"poll nonetheless - Barry Jenkins' fine new filmIf Beale Street Could Talkis hitting screens in a couple of weeks,and so we turn our eyes upon 2016's most deserving Best Picture WinnerMoonlightto prepare.It seems likely that the film's Best Supporting Actor winner Mahershala Ali will at least be nominated again this year,if not win,for his best-in-show work inGreen Book,which I have few qualms with.But it does remind that I never understood why Naomie Harris' work inMoonlightwent unrecognized at the Oscars,亚博主页as she was best in that show for me.Granted her character is much more difficult to root for than Ali's conflicted dealer is...

PREVIOUSLYBefore the holidaywe had ourselves a Fassy-Off,facing down two of Michael Fassbender's best perfomances for director Steve McQueen,and I guess TFE loves itself a sex addict becauseShame's Brandon swung himself three-quarters of your vote.SaidSarah:

"I love both of these performances but I went withHungerin the poll mostly because of the "foal"speech he gives which I love but Shame is a real powerhouse performance.It's a shame (heh) how people were so preoccupied with the full frontal that they don't give the performance (and the film and Mulligan) the credit it deserves."

Nov 12 2018

Beauty vs Beast: And Then There Was Fassbender

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere for a new week's round of our "Beauty vs Beast"poll,wherein we ask you to choose between a "good"guy and a "bad"guy and roll and around and muck up the in between what that means.One of our modern masters in mucking up that in between has a new movie out this weekend - Steve McQueen returns withWidows,out on Friday.If you'd like my long-form thoughts on ithere's my reviewfrom last week,but if you just want short-form,here: it's great!Go see it!

I will say there's one thing I was disappointed by withWidowsthough,and that's the absence of McQueen's lucky charm Michael Fassbender,who'd starred in every one of his movies before now.And that's where we turn for this week's contest.(I'm worried about Fassbender in general,who's all but disappeared from acting since The Snowman soiled our cinemas last year - come back,Fassy!)

PREVIOUSLYAlthough we should be celebrating Parker Posey every daywe really celebrated the heckout of her last week for her 50th birthday - for our poll it was her incest-minded Bouvier twist who took top honors,swallowing up 64% of the vote along with all that scenery.SaidJames From Ames:

"Jackie O left me awestruck.It's such a star-making role and performance that it's almost painful to think on,given that Hollywood never capitalized on this huge talent.My cousin,10 years younger than me,was obsessed with the real Jackie O and wore that pink suit for Halloween.She didn't like my suggestion to add brains to the look,and I found out she had never heard of this great film!"

Aug 01 2018

Soundtracking: "Shame"

byChris Feil

There is reinvention of a golden standard and then there is whatShamedoes with "New York,New York".Carey Mulligan's Sissy interrupts the life her sex addict brother Brandon,played by Michael Fassbender,initiating his decent into rock bottom.But when he goes to see her perform in some anonymously upscale bar,her rendition of Frank Sinatra's musical calling card similarly halts the film's syncopated rhythms.Sparsely orchestrated,Sissy goes off-melody and off-tradition,singing an unexpectedly fragile version that McQueen uses to link the emotional brokenness between siblings.Decidedly not the triumph we are used to hearing in a Sinatra horn section...

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May 28 2018

Remember When...

...Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender didthat incredibly steamy photoshoot together?It popped into my head for some reason today and I'm not mad about it.

May 18 2018

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