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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Jul 21 2017

Brief Notes on Baby Driver and Spider-Man

by Nathaniel R

I'd be remiss if I didn't publicly thank Chris Feil for the extra work he did while I was away.Such a good hire.(Send him your love andfollow him on Twitter!) Herewith 150 words each on two movies Chris already reviewed but I wanted to chime in briefly just cuz.

As some of you know I just returned from theNational Critics Institute.In one session we read a curated batch of stellar articles and we discussed in fine detail as a group what made them pop and resonate...

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Jul 08 2017

Review: "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

byChris Feil

It's another go around the spider's web again.WithSpider-Man: Homecoming,the second reboot in under a decade,Peter Parker cashes in some MCU cache in attempt to regain audience enthusiasm after a string of disappointments.The good news is that director Jon Watts (Cop Car) and team have delivered a distinct revamp that may be far off from the cinematic heights of Sam Raimi's first films,but is still one of the most entertaining.As we last saw him inCaptain America: Civil Warthis is our youngest Spider-Man yet,and he may not be ready for his crime-fighting responsibilities yet.

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Dec 11 2016

Yes No Maybe So?"Spider-Man: Homecoming"

By Nathaniel R

Spider-Man longs to be on top.But there are still more Batman movies.You might safely be asking 'why do we need a sixthSpider-Manmovie in fifteen years?' The answer is of course 'We don't.' But an equally correct answer might be 'We don't...but Tom Holland!The correct comic pitch.Marvel Studios is finally least in some capacity.Etcetera'

If you answered the question the first way,chances are you're a "no"sight unseen.We would've been in that camp but for the fact that we kept campaigning for Tom Holland to get the part (his incredible work inThe Impossiblewas enough) without actually believing that he would get the part.So now we must keep an open mind.

If you answered the hypothetical question the second way chances are you've probably already seen this newSpider-Man: Homecomingtrailer.Either way we'll break it down together via our Yes No Maybe So survey...

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Mar 29 2016

First Bite.Will "The Founder"Serve Tasty Drama?

As iconic logos go,it's impossible to beat those golden arches.Smart teaser work,then,to instantly brand your movie.On the other hand...

Does McDonalds really scream "Major Motion Picture"or will it have people thinkingi saw a doc about that once.

The presence of the newly dazzling Michael Keaton (quite a comeback these past two years!) should help win the film attention.Keaton is the businessman who wrestled away control of McDonalds in the 1950s and made it into an empire...but not without a lot of behind the scenes drama apparently.The supporting cast includes John Carrol Lynch and Nick Offerman as the actual McDonald brothers,and Laura Dern as Keaton's wife.Patrick Wilson and Linda Cardellini play another couple though we're not sure how they fit into the story.The film opens on August 5th from the Weinstein Co who keep claiming they're determined to make the summer work for Oscar launches (after having helped making the last quarter mandatory over the last 20+ years).

The screenplay is by Robert Seigel (who wroteThe WrestlerandBig Fan).Director John Lee Hancock has directed one Best Picture nominee to date (The Blind Side) and one intended Oscar player that didn't get invited to the playground (Saving Mr Banks) but his best film remainsThe Rookie(2002) don't you think?Part of the one-two punch (withFar From Heaven-- odd bedfellows!) that should have been the great sticky comeback for Dennis Quaid a dozen plus years back.(We're distracted by comeback stories of late thanks toKyle's Easter post.)

Do you have high hopes forThe Founder,Oscar-related or otherwise?

Jan 07 2016

What's Next for the Spotlight Cast?

Manuelhere talking about theSpotlightcast.If the SAG voting crowd can see beyondtheir cooky nominations,they might yet crown a handsome roster of winners.That's what we hope happens,at least in theBest Ensemble categorywhich,besides being quite testosterone heavy,doesn't really feel reflective of the "best"of ensemble work that we saw this past year.Should the Tom McCarthy cast prevail though,we'll at least know the Actors went to the right film and its talented cast.

But what are the actors behind the Boston Globe reporters up to next?Let's find outafter the jump...

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Dec 31 2015

Don't Forget About Michael Keaton

Greetings fromChris,wishing you all a Happy New Year!And a Happy Voting to Academy members finally filling out their nomination ballots.With plenty ofFYCblurbs out on the internet proclaiming personal favorites outside of the race,I want to talk about someone much more obvious that's somehow missing out on the love:Michael Keaton inSpotlight.

Of course,he's winning attention as part ofSpotlight's ensemble,but it's a headscratcher that he missed nominations from SAG,the Globes,and BFCA.Even various regional critics groups are favoring Mark Ruffalo to single out.The potential reasons for Keaton's omission (too much competition from his own film,category confusion,the notion he doesn't have a "scene") feel petty given the gravitas and soulfulness he brings to the narrative.

Some saySpotlightlacks threat or conflict,that the big,bad church we keep hearing will put their weight on the Boston Globe for their investigations never actually does.But whatSpotlightis really about is getting the story right and facing up to our own culture of ignorance and the times we've looked the other way.All of that is perfectly embodied by the resurgent Keaton.It's not just that he's the member of the ensemble that has the clearest arc,but the grace to which he fills Walter "Robby"Robinson with regret and anger.Ruffalo's "scene"allows that actor a catharsis that Keaton's coiled disposition doesn't receive until the final moment when his team's efforts are shown to have an effect on the lives of victims.

The performance is a study gentlemanly rage.He underplays every scene where he is calling for justice,filling silences with loaded pauses and a judging stare that fuels the film's angry undercurrent.If you think he doesn't have a showy moment,rewatch any time wherein he studies the layers of spin and bullshit delivered by Billy Crudup's sleaveball lawyer and tell me thatSpotlight's central conflict isn't right there on Keaton's expressive face.WhereBirdmanallowed him to run wild with mannered anxiety and deep well of emotion,Spotlightserves us the actor at his confident and naturalistic best.

Following theBirdmanmiss,it's particularly odd that Keaton is on the outside ofthe nomination conversation.Best Supporting Actor often favors combacks from older actors and previous losers,so you think he'd be a plum candidate to ride the past year's momentum ina Best Picture frontrunnerat that.He'll soon return to leading roles in John Lee Hancock's McDonalds biopicThe Founder,but don't let the opportunity to reward some of his best work pass you by!

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