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"I watchedWhere'd Ya Go Bernadette,it was entertaining enough but what did it all add up to in the end,not sure.I also watchedAngel Has Fallen,which was silly,made no sense in parts but who cares,it was a fun movie."-Rami

"Finally went to seeOnce upon a Time...in Hollywoodand boy did I find it pompous and underwhelming!"-FrenchToast

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Dec 14 2017

The Power of Reese Compels You in "Home Again"

Home Againis out on DVD and Blu-Ray.Here's Spencer Coile...

Home Againis not a particularly good movie.The film debut of Nancy Meyers' daughter,Hallie Meyers-Shyer,follows Reese Witherspoon as she deals with motherhood,a recent separation...and the three young filmmakers she agrees to let stay with her for an extended period of time.Standard fare,right?And it is,despite that third curve.The writing is a little too on-the-nose,characters do not feel fully fleshed out,and the editing implies serious cuts were made.Still,though,it is hard not to be won over due heavily to Witherspoon herself...

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Sep 14 2017

Review: Brad's Status


Brad's Status,the new film from Mike White (the creator ofEnlightenedand the writer ofChuck And Buck) is about a forty-something man's emotional crisis.That information made me giddy with anticipation.Could White have come up with the male version of Amy Jellicoe in Ben Stiller's Brad Sloan?Are we in for an emotional ride with a polarizing but endearing character with rough but compulsively watchable qualities?

Alas,no.If you were expecting all that,I'd say go in with tempered expectations...

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Nov 17 2016

America,The Damned Thing

byJason Adams

Nocturnal Animalsis a strange little beast.I find myself tempted to call it the "GayStraw Dogs"(gay in spirit if not in character) but that's not quite right - it is very much its own fascinating thing;it is very much the work of one man,one artist,grappling with his own art and the idea of himself as an Artist.And our idea in turn of him as an Artist.So much so that there's a discussion of Art and the Artist both framed by the film's structure - that of a "reality"where Amy Adams is reading a book and then a "fiction"inside the book itself - and by the film itself;that is to say that two characters actually sit down and have a conversation about what it means to be an Artist,to be critiqued,and to put one's self out into the world for that sort of judgement,bare-assed and vulnerable.

I think the most telling bits in the film comes early...

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Sep 21 2016

Yes No Maybe So: "Passengers"

Do you like thePassengerstrailer?The film,opening December 21st,is a mainstream-aimed original.Those are not quite an endangered species (yet) even though it feels that way afterthis summerof numbing sequels,remakes,and franchise extensions.

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Sep 11 2016

Masters of Sex Catch-up: Our Story So Far

Season 4 ofMasters of Sexpremieres on September 11 at 10pm Eastern on Showtime.I've beenblogging this showfor all of its run.

Masters of Sexis based on the true story of the breakthrough sex research of Doctor William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) ("Masters & Johnson"),while intermingling fact and fiction.Some characters are entirely fictional,parts of the chronology are tweaked,but major historical moments are generally respected.

Where we left off: Here's the quick summation of the Season 3 finale—read below for a detailed series summary.Bill Masters,realizing his love for Virginia Johnson,confesses his affair to his wife,who already knew.Too late;he's chased Virginia and her new fiancé to the airport,but they take off for Mexico and presumably elopement.Barton Scully is in love with a hot gay doctor.Helen and Betty are expecting thanks to Austin.Libby dumped the next door neighbor hottie,who moved out immediately.

Okay,what?If you want to know more,read on:

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Aug 18 2015

The Team on TV: Masters of Sex S3

Last week we kicked offa new weekly seriesin which we assemble a few rotating members of Team Experience to discuss various TV shows.Here's Dan,David,Deborah,and Manuel on discuss Masters of Sex -Editor

Dan: Hello everybody,welcome to our roundtable discussion onMasters Of Sex.I want to begin with a general topic: How do you all respond to time jumps in TV shows?Masters of Sexdoes this a lot,with several months often taking place offscreen either in between episodes or even during a single episode (S2's "Asterion"comes to mind).The second season ended in 1961,and this season began in 1966,skipping anything dealing with finding a publisher and marketing the study as a book.Did that throw you?Did you miss anything that would have been covered in the years we didn't get to see?

I was taken aback when it turned out Isabelle Fuhrman was Virginia's daughter Tessa,because last we saw Virginia had given up custody of her kids and Tessa was still a little girl.Now she's all grown and sneaking alcohol and drunkenly attempting to kiss Bill....what happened to our sweet girl?

Deborah: Hi Dan and all!I'm aMad Menfanatic,so I don't mind time jumps in theory.ButMasters of Sexhas been clunky with it.A big time jump at the halfway point of a season (Asterion) is awkward.At the time,I wrote "Halfway through Season 2,Masters of Sex decides 'to hell with this.'"It was strange.Jumping forward between seasons is a more elegant way and it makes sense.Here's what doesn't make sense: The show clearly wanted to get to the publication of the book,because all the years of research for the book were bound to become repetitive.That being the case,now that they've brought us to the book,why put so much attention on Virginia's kids and Bill's marriage?


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