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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


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Jan 24 2018

Team Experience Grieving the Oscar Shut-Outs

Nathaniel R

We're not supposed to use the word "snub"anymore (stop trying to make "snubbed"rehappen).It's true that it's become overused to the point of insanity.The word implies a purposeful disdain,a rebuff,when Oscar voters surely aren't saying "ugh,that Franco!"when they vote (errr,bad example perhaps they were).The point is they're merely voting onthe ones they keep hearing abouttheir favorites.Some films and performances and achievements just don't quite make the cut.And who knows?Someone or something you love might have been one vote shy of a nomination so it wasn't "snubbed"at all,just unlucky!This is what I'm choosing to believe about Jake Gyllenhaal's raw,rangey,vulnerable,and altogether stunning turn inStronger.He's one of his generations very best actors and keeps proving it in film after film and they just keep ignoring him year after year.It's driving me mad.So...

Whichomissionpissedyouoff the most?That's the question that I ask you in the comments and that I already asked the (usually) Oscar loving Team Experience.Their angry-fun answers are after the jump...

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Jan 20 2018

What a Cast of Character (Actors)

by Deborah Lipp

Has anyone else noticed the enormous overlap of faces in Oscar buzzing movies this season?It's like they ran out of character actors in Hollywood.For the record,I love everyone listed here,but surely there are other talented thespians who need work!Here are the actors I spotted in multiple awards movies,in alphabetical order.If I left any off the list,jump in to add them (for the sake of having a touchpoint,I was including any movie that appears anywhere onNathaniel'sPrediction Index):

Alison Brie: The Disaster Artist and The Post

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Jan 12 2018

FYC: Michael Stuhlbarg for "Call Me By Your Name"

byChris Feil

It's the final day of Oscar voting before the nominations are announced before the nominations are announced on Tuesday January 23!Who knows if most Oscar voters have their nomination ballots in or not,but that doesn't stop the rest of us from screaming last moment FYC hosannas for the procrastinators that mights be listening.My last minute plea would be for one performance that I find shocking to have received so little traction over the season: Michael Stuhlbarg inCall Me By Your Name...

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Jan 03 2018

Will "Call Me By Your Name"Be Ignored by Oscar?

The following article was originally published in Nathaniel's column at Towleroad.It's reprinted here with some updates...

Though you might feel like you've been hearing "Oscar buzz"for months,it's always good to be reminded that timetables are askew and "buzz"is a lot faster/noisier than the real thing.Academy members don't actually start filling out their nomination ballots until Friday morning!

They'll have one week to determine which movies and performances are in the running for the industry's most coveted golden statues.Each year some adult-oriented movies risk going wide without Oscar's blessing while others lay in wait,banking on Oscar favor to help sell them to a wider audience.One of the pictures that's trying the lay-low-until-Oscar game is the gay coming-of-age dramaCall Me By Your Name.Though it's been in theaters for six weeks it still hasn't expanded past major markets and is only on 115 screens (stateside) at this writing.It's poised to become either one of the biggest Oscar players or one of the most "snubbed".So this seems as good a time as any to share some anxiety about it...

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Nov 29 2017

Call Me With Kindness

byJason Adams

Call Me By Your Nameis turning out to be the sort of success none of ussaw coming sixteen months ago when it was first announced that the director ofI Am Lovewas tackling a little gay love story.It just broke the2017 record for per theater average over the weekend,and its reviews have been unanimously stellar.It won Best Feature at the Gothams Monday night,it topped the Independent Spirit nominations,and it's expected to stick around racking up such prizes all awards season long.

And yet there's been one complaint that's nagged at the movie from a determined bunch of folks (including the film's own writer,legend James Ivory) since it first screened at Sundance in January – a supposed shyness about nudity and gay sex.Ivory toldVarietyit's a "pity"there's no full-frontal nudity in the film,whileThe Guardiancalled the movie "coy"andSlatecalled it out for a "lack of explicit sex."One shot in particular has rankled these folks the most – a seemingly old-fashioned pan out the window just as the characters finally approach their erotic consummation.

The film's director Luca Guadagnino,who probably had to look up the word "coy"in the dictionary the first time it was lobbed at him for this,is nonplussed by the reaction – he toldVulture:

"It's really something I don't understand.It's as if you said there are not enough shots of Shanghai.I don't understand why there has to be Shanghai in this movie."

I'm inclined to agree with him.Not only because I found the film sexy as hell,erotic in languorous,voyeuristic ways that movies don't really approach anymore.Its sense of tactility,for sweat and fabric and skin,and its often-prurient stares – up the legs of swimming trunks,for example - are a welcome shock to the system that makes the forbidden seem commonplace,easy...

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Sep 22 2017

Oscar Chart Updates: Actor & Supp Actor

All sorts of things could yet throw theBest SupportingandBest Lead Actorraces into confusion.In a  somewhat uncommon development the former is much more crowded than the latter.The shallow pool of viable Lead Actors is very good news for candidates like Timothée Chalamet (someone Oscar might normally resist due to his age) and Jake Gyllenhaal (someone Oscar has resisted for reasons inexplicable to us).

What do you make of the Supporting Actor race in particular?They way it looks now it could be made up almost entirely of character actors with worthy careers who have never won an Oscar and that's a very exciting thing.More exciting if you happen to be a fan of either Michael Stuhlbarg,Sam Rockwell,Richard Jenkins,or Willem Dafoe.I doubt that all four of them will make it all the way to the shortlist but the buzz is currently in their favor.

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