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Sep 28 2017

Middleburg Festival 2017: James Ivory,Dee Rees,Greta Gerwig and More...

by Nathaniel R

Awards season is really heating up now that release dates (or lack thereof) are firming up,and various pre-Oscar honors are being announced.Last year,you may recall,The Film Experience was invited to attend the Middleburg Film Festival and we're invited for a second round next month.亚博主页

The fest,now in its fifth year and closer to something like Telluride than Toronto or Cannes considering its Oscar focus and brevity,is growing each year and all takes place at one well-heeled resort.Last year they had big events forLa La LandandLionas well as very crowded talks with Cheryl Boone Isaacs on the Academy's diversity efforts as well as a fascinating discussion of US presidents and cinematic depictions with Janet Maslin and David Gergen where the danger of Trump was discussed at length (before the election - sigh).At that event they spent a lot of time on Nixon's disproportionately large place in cinema as presidents go.(Unfortunately since we're in Nixon Round Two only much more vile and,well,stupider...we can safely expect there to be manymanyfilms on Trump and Trump's corrosive effect on the nation for decades to come!"Wheeee,"he squealed with much sarcasm)

More info about this year's festivities to come but for now we know this...

Special Honorees:
The legendary James Ivory (Call Me By Your Name's screenplay,Howard's End,Maurice,Room With a Viewetcetera)
Director Dee Rees (Mudbound)
Composer Nicholas Britell (Battle of the Sexes,Moonlight) with an orchestral concert of his work!

Opening Night: DARKEST HOUR (Ben Mendelsohn in attendance)
Saturday Centerpiece LADY BIRD (Greta Gerwig in attendance)

Oct 31 2016

October Highlights

October was busy busy busy with two festivals,the classicNYFFand the newMiddleburgand our semi-annualOscar Horrors(though a fourth season is somewhat unlikely given that we're running out of nominees outside of music and sound categories!).Here are 16 highlights from the spooky best-weather month in case you missed any of them.The fall is too too short,don't you agree?

8 Favorites
re: Isabelle Huppert's emails-Nick's scandalous discovery
Kiss Me Katethe peak of George Sidney's fluffy fun as a director?
Loving those20th Century Womena first impressions top ten
Moonlightin Three Actsa tag team review
Janis Joplin Biopicsan incomplete history
Judy & Liza"Together Wherever We Go"
Oscar Horrors:Flatliners'Sounda confession of love for Schumacher
Lionat Middleburga new festival,a winning film

8 Most Discussed
Viola Daviswill be an Oscar record breaker in January
The Departed10th Anniversary Oscar Look-back
Glenn Close isThe Wifea new fim lined up
Pablo Larrain's Great YearJackieandNeruda
Gwyneth Goes Grocery Shoppinga photoshoot
Michelle Williams Oscar Moment?Manchester by the Sea
Oscar Horrors:The Sixth SenseDo you remember your first time?
Posterized: Emily Bluntare you a fan?

Coming in November:
Jessica Chastain asMiss Sloane,the wonders ofLionandArrival,Cape Fear's 25th Anniversary,Warren Beatty'sRules Don't Apply,The Honorary Oscars,亚博主页Disney'sMoanaand a look back at our favorite film noirs.Any requests?

Oct 24 2016

Middleburg Finale: "Loving"& "La La Land"

Lynn Leehere stepping in for Nathaniel,on his way back to NYC,for the final day of the Middleburg Film Festival which was Sunday.As a D.C.area resident,I've been observing the rising profile of this local-ish film festival over the past few years with great interest.  Festival founder Sheila Johnson seems bent on making Middleburg a lower-altitude Telluride of the East,and she certainly has the Hollywood heavy-hitter connections to do it!  This year's lineup was easily the most impressive so far in the festival's short history;it's as if the program was constructed specifically to highlight likely Oscar contenders.

The Lovings in the beloved Virginia.

In both that ambition and its picturesque Virginia setting,there was no more fitting film to cap the festival thanLoving...

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Oct 24 2016

Middleburg Day 3: Presidents,Production Designers,and Girl Power

Photo by Mara RoszakSaturday,my final full day at the fest,was a chilly windy day in Middleburg - horseback ride thwarted again!The unplanned theme of the day was girl power.The day began with a lively keynote conversation with AMPAS President Cheryl Boone-Isaacs.The moderator kept mentioning that she was the perfect person to be leading the Academy in these tough times and after listening to her for an hour,we can't disagree!It's quite obvious why they keep electing her.She's extroverted,quite funny,movie-loving,and knowledgeable about Hollywood with quite an interesting storied career behind her in film publicity.After that rousing breakfast conversation,the day ended with a standing ovation for Emma Stone and the dazzlingLa La Land(it's even better the second time!).

Inbetween those events a 13 year old Kazakh girl inspires in the documentaryThe Eagle Huntress,a very crowded panel on Presidents in the movies,and a conversation with four time Oscar nominated Production Designer Jeannine Oppenwall...

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Oct 22 2016

Middleburg Day 2: The Salesman,Manchester by the Sea,Women in Hollywood

by Nathaniel R

On the first full day at the Middleburg Film Festivalafter that cathartic teary opening withLion,I attempted to schedule a horseback ride for the full Middleburg experience.The town is known for its rich horses & hunting history and you can see horses and foxes in sculpture form and in signs and logos in the charming little town.Rain got in the way of a ride but all was not lost since a beautiful black and white cat named Callisto greeted me inside the stable at practically a full gallop and began rubbing up all over me.Dear reader,I can assure you that her love was requited!She was 21 years old but super friendly,spry and playful so the country life has obviously been kind to her.One can assume the horses also love her as she hasn't been stepped on.

So back to the movies I went,a perfect activity for rainy days even when youaren'tat a film festival.

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Oct 21 2016

Middleburg Day 1: "Lion"is a winner

By Nathaniel R

Sheila Johnson welcomes you!Salamander

Middleburg Film Festival,now in its fourth year and just an hour outside of Washington DC,is a rising festival to watch.Most of the festival's big events take place at the Salamander Resort and Spa which sits on 340 beautiful acres.The rooms are gorgeous -- I even have a nice little terrace to sit on while typing up these diaries for you.In short,this is a destination festival rather than a 'drop in for a film or two or two after work' type big city festival.Emma Stone and Damien Chazelle are coming into town forLa La Landand other luminaries appear for their films,too.

The festival,which has an Oscar hopeful heavy lineup,was founded by the African-American billionaire Sheila Johnson (co-founder of BET network) who welcomed us to the opening night screening.The event was in the resort's huge ballroom and I was surprised to be very happy and pleased with the screen size and sound since non-traditional venues at regional festivals can sometimes present challenges.

The opening night film was the lost child / adoption dramaLion.True to early buzz we've heard the movie is quite wonderful...

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