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Dec 11 2017

Would you rather...?

Mondays can be such a drag so let's fantasize that we're hanging with celebrities rather than returning to the day jobs,shall we?

Would you rather oatmeal raisin cookies with Jessica Biel?
...get a quick drink with Wolverine and Professor Xavier?
...visit the ancient pyramids with Hilary Swank?
...hit the recording studio with Ben Platt?
...doing drag with Kristin Scott Thomas?
...can fruit with Dolly Parton?
...go to yoga with Lea Michele & Jonathan Groff?
...see the last Jedi with TV genius Bryan Fuller?
...welcome the snow with Lena Headey?
...or have a spontaneous dance party with Miguel Angel Silvestre?

[Pictures are after the jump to help you decide]

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Jul 25 2017

Would you rather...?


...model rompers with Taika Waititi? tribute to Antonio Banderas with Miguel Angel Silvestre?
...soak up some sun with Elizabeth Banks? a screenplay with Saîd Taghmaoui?
...have a peroni with Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glumsan?
...appreciate your sycophantic base with Charlize Theron? a slice with Laura Dern and Jim Sturgess?
...or do some facepainting with Paul Bettany?

Photos are after the jump to help you decide...

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Oct 31 2016

Instagram Battles: Which Celebrity Gave Best Costume?

Which celebrity did it up right for Halloween?See all the pics after the jump...

Neil Patrick Harris,David Burtka and children as Hollywood icons?
Naomi Watts and kids as dead people?
Andres Velencoso and dog as A Clockwork Orange?
Kaitlyn Dever (Short Term 12) and friend as Holly Golightly & Eliza Dolittle?
Alan Cumming as monkey?
Colton Haynes as Miss Piggy
Miguel Alan Silvestre (Sense 8) as Woody fromToy Story?
Elle Fanning as a fairy princess?
Chloe Bennett (Agents of SHIELD) as a pinata?
Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton?
Bridget Regan (Agent Carter) as All the Way Mae fromA League of Their Own?
or Willam & Tom Daley as Miss Piggy & Kermit?

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Aug 12 2015

Little Link on the Bloggie

Today's Must Reads
Cleo Journalhas an excellent piece by Sara Black McCulloch on audience complicity,cat-fights,and star persona inWhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
GrantlandMark Harris,typically brilliant,looks at this weird dispirited holding place (2015) before the next wave of superheroes are due to hit the movies for five plus years

VarietyMelissa Gilbert,that little girl from thatLittle House on the Prairiemust have liked her role as SAG President some years ago -- now she's running for Congress in Michigan where she moved in 2013!Michigan politics are SO messy.Perhaps Laura Ingalls can help clean things up!
Gabby Sidibeloves Jussie Smollet cleaning her floors.LOL.Get all of that dirt,papi!
CriterionMeryl Streep and Jeremy Irons look back onThe French Lieutenant's Woman
LA Timestalks to the men behindShaun the Sheep's dialogue free wonders
Rope of SiliconAngelina Jolie'sBy the Seagets a hard "R"from the MPAA

EmpireReese Witherspoon to produce and star in a supernatural thriller calledCold.She stays busy,that one
Defamertalks about the twist in Joel Edgerton'sThe Gift.I can't read this yet because I haven't seen the film but I love Rich Juzwiak's articles
The Hairpin"32 Things That Are All In Your Head"
MNPPGratuitous Miguel Angel Silvestre
The Film StagePT Anderson made a music video again.This time for his Inherent Vice supporting actress Joanna Newsom
Uproxxa sequel to the one-off wonderEdge of Tomorrowis a possibility.Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossble - Rogue Nation) and Tom Cruise maybe thinking about it
Slateargues that the problems with theFantastic Fourmight just be in the source material
AV Clubon the proliferation and pros and cons of the anthology format,postAmerican Horror Story.Interesting but I dearly wish people would stop crediting Ryan Murphy with inventing a genre.Anthologies have existed since the beginning of television.He just popularized them again after a few decades when they went mostly extinct.It's like crediting Baz Luhrmann for inventing musicals or something.

Here atTFEwe recently discussed that recent damning Miles Tellers profile in Esquire and The New York Times has now published"a brief history of the tough celebrity profile"featuring Mira Sorvino,Cara Delevingne,Ernest Hemingway,and more.I thought I'd share it sincewe were just talking about Mira Sorvino at length in Mighty Aphrodite.

Stage Door
Playbillawww.Cyndi Lauper visited the stars ofFun Homebackstage.Incidentally the show has been selling out houses for months now.That Tony win did good for a great musical.I keep wondering if anyone will dare make it into a movie?
CNNBenedict Cumberbatch is on stage in London asHamletbut having trouble with fans who are filming him do it.Jesus,what is wrong with people?Just watch the thing you've paid to see.

Jun 12 2015

Identity Crisis: Sense8's NSFW Evolutions

What to do about the Wachowskis?Lana and Andy started so strong and sexy with their lesbian grift noirBound(1996) - which remains their best work -- and then captured the whole world's attention with the reality-bending sci-fiThe Matrix(1999).The global success of that influential movie seemed to give them carte blanche and blank checks going forward and the freedom doesn't appear to have been good for them;the size of their ambitions and geektastic dumb/coolness of their concepts (like college students getting stoned and talking superheroes and theology all night long) is undermined every time by messy storytelling.That's so strange for filmmakers who started with such a tightly constructed narrative piece likeBound.

Daryl Hannah is the Octomom !!!

Tim will be reviewingSense8proper for us when he's finished with the first season but for now I want to talk about what I do love about this aggravatingly slow series and that is its radical sexuality.I've never seen the like in American mainstream film or television.NSFW business after the jump...

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