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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


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Feb 18 2016

Interview: Ed Lachman on the Exquisite "Carol"and Dancing with Todd Haynes

It's our lastCarolinterview,he announced with a catch in his throat,attempting to let the best film of 2015 go for awhile.Our subject today is one of the great cinematographers,Edward Lachman.His filmography is loaded with essential mavericks of independent cinema like Sofia Coppola,Robert Altman,Steve Soderbergh,Todd Solondz and European auteurs,too.But his most fruitful collaboration has been with Todd Haynes.Carolmarks their fourth and arguably best collaboration and brough him his long overdue second Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography.

The New Jersey native started in Studio Arts like painting and art history and viewed them as more creative outlet than profession.Eventually he found he could earn a living as a cinematographer and a rich succession of images have flooded out of him ever since -- think of the golden ragged warmth ofErin Brockovich,the supremely stylized Sirkian homage ofFar From Heaven,and the hazy mystery of The Virgin Suicides.And that's just three titles.

I was eager to get on the phone with the man behind so many beautiful films and share a personal way his work affected me at the beginning of my cinephilia.But first I had to gush overCaroland how much it rewards repeat viewings. He joked thatCarolobsessives have seen the movie more times than he has...and he shot it!

NATHANIEL: I began all myCarolinterviews this season with "Why are you such a genius?"

ED LACHMAN: Someone once wrote that I'm a 'near genius'.I feel like more of a near genius.

NATHANIEL: [Laughs] Stop qualifying.The movie isexquisitelybeautiful

LACHMAN: Thank you.A lot of it has to do with our director Todd Haynes.I'm a conduit to his vision.I interpret it through the images but what's so beautiful about Todd is how he references his stories through conceptual ideas.For me,images aren't just about the aesthetics but the gravity of the content and what the images represent.

More after the jump

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Dec 16 2015

HBO's LGBT History: Mildred Pierce (2011)

Manuelis working his way through all the LGBT-themed HBO productions.

Last weekwe talked about polygamy and homosexuality inBig Love,all the while singing Chloe Sevigny's praises.This week,we focus on the"genius"Todd Haynes,who's obviously on our minds what with our infatuation withCarol.HBO,as we've seen,has always celebrated and supported out gay filmmakers,from Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (Common Threads,The Celluloid Closet) and Cheryl Dunye (Stranger Inside) to Gus Van Sant (Elephant) and Alan Ball (Six Feet Under).It makes sense that Haynes's adaptation ofMildred Pierce,led by the incomparable Kate Winslet found a home at the cable network.

We could spend all day gabbing about this languid adaptation but I'll keep it short and sweet today with5 Reasons Todd Haynes'sMildred Pierceis deliciously gay...

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Apr 13 2015

Mad Men @ the Movies: Ali + Brigitte = Megan?

Julia Ormond returns to her Emmy-nominated role as Megan's motherLynn Lee,back again to discussMad Men at the Movies.

The title of this week's episode was "New Business,"which may or may not be meant ironically.The episode felt contrived to strike certain thematic chords at the expense of developing the characters believably.  Diana the waitress feels more like a construct than a person,designed to appeal to Don's hang-ups (the lover to be saved,the mother who abandoned her child);even their awkward elevator encounter with Sylvia Rosen just reminded me of how bored I was withthataffair.  Megan does a 180 from the regretful wife bidding Don a tearful goodbye to the bitter ex-wife who accuses him of stealing her youth.  And her bickering French Canadian family shows up for no discernible purpose other than to bring back Julia Ormond and leave Don with a literally empty home.

That said,it's Megan who bringsMad Menas close to the movies as it can get in an episode without any specific movie mentions. Megan's film career has stalled,to the point that she's subsisting on handouts from Don while their lawyers fight about divorce terms. She's apparently desperate enough to seek help from Harry Crane,of all people - Harry,the noob who's been lusting after her since her show-stopping performance of "Zou Bisou Bisou."

After seeking permission (sort of) from Don,Harry meets Megan for lunch and loses no time buttering her up.He can't believe she hasn't gotten bigger parts!He compares her to movie stars,both foreign and domestic...

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Apr 09 2015

Mad Men @ The Movies "Hey,Mildred Pierce!"

Please welcome new member of Team Experience,Lynn Lee (who you may remember from the Reader Spotlight andFurlough Guest Blog) here to continue our unofficial Joan Crawford week - Editor

Lynn here,filling in for Nathaniel asMad Men– and with it,Mad Men at the Movies– returns for the final seven episodes.The show has had a good run but from a filmgoing perspective I'm sorry we won't get to see what Don would make of the weird and wonderful cornucopia of movies in the '70s,from gritty crime sagas to paranoid conspiracy thrillers to,well,"Star Wars."

Curiously,the only obvious movie reference that popped up in tonight's episode was to a movie from decades earlier –Mildred Pierce(1945),the half-soap,half-noir blockbuster that revivedJoan Crawford's flagging career and won her the only Oscar of her career.  Fittingly,the shout-out comes from Roger Sterling,our most senior character now that Bert Cooper is gone.  Even more fittingly,it's delivered as slightly derisive banter wrapped around an order to an underling: Roger's in a diner with Don and three ladies,all decked out in evening wear,and he wants the waitress to bring him the bill.

Hey,Mildred Pierce,can I get the check?"

It's not exactly a flattering sobriquet...

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Aug 09 2013

Cinema Swimwear: Mildred Pierce

This summer The Film Experience is launching its own swimwear line!亚博主页*not really

Back to Results| You are in:Swimwear

larger viewThe Two-Piece Pierce
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Buttoned-up,hard-working,unappreciated single mother/entrepeneur by day?Wardrobe Master Milo Anderson brings you this little number to knock out your unsuspecting suitor when he brings you to his beach house.Our luxurious men's-style cover-up (sold separately) will keep your still-slim dancer's body comfortable while lulling him into submission,until that moment when it comes off and..BAM!

Just don't expect a whistle.He'll need a police siren to show his affection for your body in this!

Bill it to your wealthy trust-fund paramour

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...In fact,he probably already has one waiting at his beach house!

Details and Care
Matching swim cap also available!Order Now!This flirty,feminine two-piece is sexy enough or him and lady-like enough for you.Just don't let your teenage daughter grab hold of it...who knows what might happen?

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Apr 08 2012

Take Three: Melissa Leo

Craighere,back with the third and final season of 'Take Three'.

This week:Melissa Leo

Take One:Red State(2011)
Leo gives an ugly yet riveting supporting performance as Sara in Kevin Smith'sRed State.She's the matriarch with no maternal manners of the Five Points Trinity Church and wife to Michael Parks' Phelps-like religious nutjob.We first see her open a trailer door to three horny teens who,we eventually gather,she entraps with the promise of a ‘good time'.She's chugging a beer,resignedly eyeing these unsuspecting victims,playing her part in their "punishment".Leo makes Sara immediately unlikeable.She's a fully paid-up cult member either lost in ecstatic zeal (when Parks' Abin spouts his bile-filled sermons) or riddled with utter contempt for ‘outsiders' (all other times).But at no point does Leo deliver a two-dimensional portrait of hatefulness.

It takes a seasoned pro to make such a distanced and indefinably spiteful presence feel truly compelling.There's something horribly absorbing about the way Leo carries herself.[More after the jump]

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