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MINDHUNTER (s2 episodes 1-2)

"I am also a big fan of this show,because of Fincher and the detective work,even if the show skirts very close sometimes to murderer fetish..."-Jono

"I love this show.I binged 7 of the 9 episodes and could have finished but I wanted to savor it a little longer.It's such an engrossing show and beautifully filmed"-Raul

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jul 13 2019

Review: Stuber

byDancin' Dan

Stu is a nice guy.Far too much of a nice guy,in fact.After he clocks out from his job working a big-box sports store,he cleans his car and clocks in to Uber,enduring all the assholes and drunks that use the car service in and around Los Angeles.He does this to get the money to help his best friend Becca open an all-women spin center,because he's also hopelessly in love with her.So after a rash of particularly bad (and mostly unfair) Uber reviews puts his precious star rating in jeopardy,and taciturn cop Vic Manning gets in his car,Stu is willing to do just about anything to make sure he gets a five-star rating.The problem is,Vic is reeling from the death of his partner,has just gotten a lead on his killer,and just had Lasik eye surgery.He can't see,and needs someone to drive him.Let the sparks - and laughs - fly.

Yes,the plot ofStuberis pretty boilerplate buddy comedy stuff.But it gains a lot from its casting...

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Jun 09 2019

Apr 24 2019

Would you rather?


• kiss a giraffe with Asa Butterfield?
• cut your own hair with Nathan Fillion?
• do a happy dance at Disney with Mira Sorvino?
• smoke a cigar with Michael B Jordan?
• try a glass of wine with Jennifer Coolidge?
• sing Joni Mitchell with Minnie Driver?
• paint your house with Celine Dion?
• greet the spring with Tessa Thompson?
• box with Billy Magnussen?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide

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Dec 15 2017

Ashley Judd might have been Arwen...or Galadriel

by Nathaniel R

Ashley Judd in her blockbuster breakout "Double Jeopardy"in 1999I keep getting into trouble when I tweet out semantic arguments on the internet as if I'm missing the point of very serious topics.So let me assure you that I'm not missing the point.I am filled with rage when I read these stories about the toxic treatment of actresses in Hollywood but the only way I can cope (I live for actresses,duh) is to nerd out and take deep dives into thinking about their filmographies,or looking at Oscar stats,or other less fraught things to rage less.Lashing out in all directions with rage or feeding my rage by continually sharing it is just not my way and has never helped me cope with pain.So,in other words,I'll save my little semantics quibble until the end of the post.

Anyway the reveals of what Harvey Weinstein was up to in his most powerful days keep getting worse.To stay within the confines of Weinsten adjacent imagery,let's just say it makes me want to watch anInglorious Basterdsahistorical style rewrite in which some Ashley Judd gets the Brad Pitt role and her team of merciless female soldiers gives Weinstein what he deserved back then...

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Sep 28 2017

Dance Party!It's Mira's Birthday.

Happy 50th to Oscar winner Mira Sorvino!

What's your favorite performance of hers?

  • Romy White inRomy & Michele's High School Reunion?
  • Dr Susan Tyler inMimic?
  • Diane on "Wil & Grace"?
  • Sharon Cassidy inBeautiful Girls?
  • Linda Ash inMighty Aphrodite?
  • Sara in "Falling Skies"?
  • Betsy Branigan on "Psych"?
    Dionna inSummer of Sam?
    or _____?

Aug 12 2015

Little Link on the Bloggie

Today's Must Reads
Cleo Journalhas an excellent piece by Sara Black McCulloch on audience complicity,cat-fights,and star persona inWhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
GrantlandMark Harris,typically brilliant,looks at this weird dispirited holding place (2015) before the next wave of superheroes are due to hit the movies for five plus years

VarietyMelissa Gilbert,that little girl from thatLittle House on the Prairiemust have liked her role as SAG President some years ago -- now she's running for Congress in Michigan where she moved in 2013!Michigan politics are SO messy.Perhaps Laura Ingalls can help clean things up!
Gabby Sidibeloves Jussie Smollet cleaning her floors.LOL.Get all of that dirt,papi!
CriterionMeryl Streep and Jeremy Irons look back onThe French Lieutenant's Woman
LA Timestalks to the men behindShaun the Sheep's dialogue free wonders
Rope of SiliconAngelina Jolie'sBy the Seagets a hard "R"from the MPAA

EmpireReese Witherspoon to produce and star in a supernatural thriller calledCold.She stays busy,that one
Defamertalks about the twist in Joel Edgerton'sThe Gift.I can't read this yet because I haven't seen the film but I love Rich Juzwiak's articles
The Hairpin"32 Things That Are All In Your Head"
MNPPGratuitous Miguel Angel Silvestre
The Film StagePT Anderson made a music video again.This time for his Inherent Vice supporting actress Joanna Newsom
Uproxxa sequel to the one-off wonderEdge of Tomorrowis a possibility.Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossble - Rogue Nation) and Tom Cruise maybe thinking about it
Slateargues that the problems with theFantastic Fourmight just be in the source material
AV Clubon the proliferation and pros and cons of the anthology format,postAmerican Horror Story.Interesting but I dearly wish people would stop crediting Ryan Murphy with inventing a genre.Anthologies have existed since the beginning of television.He just popularized them again after a few decades when they went mostly extinct.It's like crediting Baz Luhrmann for inventing musicals or something.

Here atTFEwe recently discussed that recent damning Miles Tellers profile in Esquire and The New York Times has now published"a brief history of the tough celebrity profile"featuring Mira Sorvino,Cara Delevingne,Ernest Hemingway,and more.I thought I'd share it sincewe were just talking about Mira Sorvino at length in Mighty Aphrodite.

Stage Door
Playbillawww.Cyndi Lauper visited the stars ofFun Homebackstage.Incidentally the show has been selling out houses for months now.That Tony win did good for a great musical.I keep wondering if anyone will dare make it into a movie?
CNNBenedict Cumberbatch is on stage in London asHamletbut having trouble with fans who are filming him do it.Jesus,what is wrong with people?Just watch the thing you've paid to see.