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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
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Dec 05 2014

Interview: Liv Ullmann on 'Miss Julie',Jessica Chastain ...and Carrie Bradshaw?

Josehere.The first thing I tell Liv Ullmann is that I remember being ten years old and having my father introduce me to the work of Ingmar Bergman.

That Swedish legend directed her in more than ten films includingPersona,Cries and Whispers,andFace to Facefor which she was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar.She offers me a warm smile,touches my shoulder and says "oh,thank you".During our conversation I realize how much she "talks"with her hands,which she uses to draw figures on a table,to mimic camera moves and also to touch her face in an expression of awe,as she talks about the work of the actors she directed in her adaptation of August Strindberg'sMiss Julie(opening today in NYC).

She hadn't directed a film in almost fifteen years (since 2000'sFaithless),but was compelled to return behind the cameras when she was given carte blanche by producers who asked her to make a film about a femme fatale.She chose Strindberg's classic because she felt there was much that still hadn't been said about the title character.As played by Jessica Chastain Miss Julie is a rebellious soul who pretends to be in control,but has little self awareness.She finds her true self through the way she treats her servants John and Kathleen,played by Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton respectively.

Ullmann moved the story to 1890 Ireland where she felt the socio-economic inequality between the characters made more sense than in Sweden.She unleashes the three characters in a castle straight out of the most existential version ofHamletand infuses the text with color,both literal and figurative,to make the most compelling version ofMiss Julieto be put on screen,a tribute to Bergman,Strindberg and a reminder that Ullmann's work both behind and in front of the camera is always a pleasure to watch.She talked about her cast with passion,explained her thoughts on conveying physical space on film.And she even talked some Carrie Bradshaw![after the jump]

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Jul 25 2014

Yes No Maybe So,Eros: "Miss Julie"& "50 Shades of Grey"

It's a steamy class-conscious double-feature edition ofYes No Maybe Sotoday with the recent debuts of two adult-oriented "nasty thoughts"dramas.They're both directed by women which is an unexpected plus from the complete rarity of it and oh my god I never want to type that sentence again because it's so infinitely gross that it's being typed in 2014.First we have iconic actress turned director Liv Ullman's adaptation of Strindbergh's classicMiss Julieabout a cross-class dalliance between a lady (Jessica Chastain) and a servant (Colin Farrell) and then we have rising director Sam Taylor-Wood turned Sam Taylor-Johnson*'s adaptation of the not-classic best-seller50 Shades of Greywhich is also a cross-class dalliance between a fledgling reporter (Dakota Johnson,spawn of Melanie & Don) and a billionaire  (Jamie Dornan,who has already spawned thank god because those genes must not go to waste!).

Which of these movies do you most want to have sex with right now?

Don't be shy.

Let's get to the YNMS breakdown starting with Miss Julie.There issomuch moreafter the jump...I'm longwinded today.

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Jun 06 2014

Thoughts I Had...While Looking at the Poster for "Miss Julie"

Presented in the order they appeared without self-censorship...

img src

Audrey Hepburn inGreen Mansions(but better dressed which is weird to say about anything Audrey)

That neck purse looks very uncomfortable

Oh how cute,all three starsareGolden Globe winners.

I hate when Cate Blanchett chops Samantha Morton's head off in 'Elizabeth: Full Throttle'

That's a pretty wide she running?Doesn't the whole play take place in a kitchen?The posters already panicking "open it it up"

Period frizz is the enemy: See also La Pfeiff in that age that was innocent.

Liv Ullman is flawless in Bergman movies.I did see her last directorial gigFaithless(2000) and I liked it as an actor's showcase but not more than that.

Green is my favorite co-- no,second favorite color.Purple.

I wish this were directed by Jane Campion but then she's always the first choice with ladies in bulky dresses out in the elements

This is the French poster to your left.Which to prefer?

Redheads are so hot right now.If Ariel were alive and still had her legs she'd probably compete for Isla Fisher and Amy Adams's parts.But not for Jess's.

I saw a play with Sienna Miller once calledAfter Miss Juliewhich is just basicallyMiss Juliefor Brits instead of Swedes with some politics.So I've never understood why there's another one.But then I've never seenMiss Julieperformed and am no expert on it.And this has Jessica Chastain so level up.

I forgot to say anything aboutColin Farrell.

Jan 31 2013

Oscar Can You Link Me?

Big Screen
The AdvocateBarbra Streisand to sing at the Oscars for the first time in 36 years - she'll do "The Way We Were"亚博主页over the in memoriam segment.There sure are going to be a lot of musical performances on Oscar night.
VarietyJessica Chastain to star in new screen version ofMiss Julie.Chastain being cast is something isn't exactly news (she's everywhere) but LIV ULLMAN is directing this oft-filmed Strindbergh tale.
GawkerRich Juzwiack on the mainstream appropriation of "shade"andParis is Burning(That documentary on NYC's ball culture is still one of the largest blights on Oscar's documentary branch.It was critically raved at the time and is still must-see viewing 20+ years later but Oscar ignored it)

The New York Timeson the still heated atmosphere of allLes Mizconversations.Stanley Fish wonders if it's the film's lack of irony that so enrages people?
EmpireWill our dream of seeing Viola Davis & Denzel Washington reprise their Tony roles inFencesonscreen come true?It turns out Denzel is planning to direct a film version.If he doesn't bring Viola along,I'm going to freak.
CHUDThe Muppets...Againis already shooting.Here's a synopsis and cast list
The Carpetbaggeron Spielberg's ACE prize from the editors in Hollywood
GuardianCharlize Theron will co-star in the Seth McFarlane comedyA Million Ways to Die in the Westwhich is said to be an homage toBlazing Saddles.
The Playlistfirst pic of Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston (god,what a pairing) inOnly Lovers Left Alive

Hey Look....Jodie Foster inElysium

Coming Soon...the movie's title refers to a pristine space station.She plays a government official out to protect the wealthiest citizens from their dirty Earth-bound counterparts who wish to emigrate.(The last time Jodie did sci-fi it turned out well,I think,don't you?LoveContact.)

Small Screen
A Blog Next Doorsays goodbye to30 Rockwith an encyclopedic memory of the show.What will we do on Thursdays now?I always want to go to there.
BuzzFeed'HowSmashbecame TV's biggest train wreck.' If you're aSmashobsessive this is a must-read...though it's more than a shade shady.The biggest shocker for me was hearing that Steven Spielberg wanted to replace Megan Hilty!!!Good God,are his eyes and ears working?She's the single best thing on the show by an embarrassing margin.