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Nov 06 2016

Box Office: Doctor Strange,A Man Called Ove,and More...

What did you see this weekend?

The bulk of the moviegoing nation went to eitherDoctor Strange(reviewed) orTrollsas expected.Doctor Strange's nearly 85 million is a major success for Marvel Studios,though weaker than theGuardians of the Galaxylaunch it was quite a lot stronger than theAnt-Manlaunch.It's already earned over $325 million globally.When is Marvel going to have their first flop?It seems a long way off,doesn't it?

The top 10 wide and limited charts and notes on other pictures after the jump...

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Oct 02 2016

Mr Burton's Box Office For CGI Whimsy

If you were a peculiar orphan with supernatural powers could you imagine anyone more perfect than Eva Green to be your guardian?Tim Burton may not be the director he used to be in quality or bankablity but he was smart to latch on to Eva Green as his latest pale skinned raven haired muse.She ran so many circles around everything else that was happening inDark Shadows(2012) it's a miracle that it was her character and not the film that cracked apart and crumbled.Her reviews are strong again for this new fantasy film.

01Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children$28.5NEW
02Deepwater Horizon$20.6NEW
03The Magnificent Seven$15.7 (cum.$61.6)Review
04Storks$13.8 (cum.$38.8)
05Sully$8.4 (cum.$105.3)Review
07Queen of Katwe$2.6 (cum.$3)Review
08Don't Breathe$2.3 (cum.$84.7)
09Bridget Jones's Baby$2.3 (cum.$20.9)Review
10Snowden$2 (cum $18.7)

(Excluding Previously Wide)
01M.S.Dhoni The Untold Story$1.2NEW
02No Manches Frida$380K (cum.$10.9)
03The Dressmaker$357K (cum.$622K)
04The Beatles: Eight Days a Week$355K (cum.$2)
05I Belonged To You$325KNEW
07Don't Think Twice$99K (cum.$4.1)Review
08The Hollars$98K (cum.$910K)
09American Honey$75KNEW
10A Man Called Ove$61KNEWSweden's Oscar Submission

In limited release it's clear by now that niche distributors need to study whatever it is companies like FIP and China Lion are doing because they keep managing strong opening weekend grosses for Bollywood films and Chinese films without so much as a sliver of traditional US media promotion.

What did you see this weekend?

I got a cold (boo) so I missed a screening or two (no one needs someone sneezing through a whole movie while they're watching it) but did manage to catch up with the Molly Shannon cancer dramedyOther People(and thereviewandinterviewright here) which were all quite enjoyable.

Mar 17 2016

Thoughts I Had While Looking at the Miss Peregrine... Poster

Just in time for the kiddies' spring break movie fever,we've started to see teases for the new teen-targeted Tim Burton featureMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.Based on the young adult book series by Ransom Riggs,there's a feast of spooky oddities that fit right into Burton's sensibilities.However,the first looks suggest that he's playing into his current era's weaknesses.The trailer and some thoughts I had staring at the new posterafter the jump...

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Mar 08 2016

Eva Green's Peculiar Children and Geena Davis Returning to TV

Laurencehere with a couple of juicy actress news tidbits.After a string of well-cast disappointments,we're all hoping for a return to Tim Burton magic this year with his new filmMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.We finally have some images from the film,which has what might be Burton's most formidable (live-action) cast sinceBig Fish,including Judi Dench,Samuel L.Jackson,Allison Janney,Terence Stamp,Kim Dickens and Rupert Everett.Whoa.

Most importantly,though,here's Eva Green in the title role.[More...]

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Nov 15 2011

You Better Link

Clara and soldiers in "WINGS",the first Best Picture winnerThe Film Doctoroffers 7 notes onJ Edgar(mostly in relation to two time jumping powerful men classics it attemptes to emulate:The Social NetworkandCitizen Kane...both recently discussed right here.) I particularly like thought #7.
Rope of Siliconthe first Best Picture winnerWingsis finally coming to DVD/Blu-Ray.Yay.Loves that movie,I do.
Coming SoonTim Burton may be doing an adaptation of the children's bookMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenafterThe Addams Family.

Little White Liesinterviews Paul Feig on the success ofBridesmaids.
Hollywood Reporteron 7 films that could be looking at SAG Ensemble nominations:Bridesmaids,Midnight in Paris,andThe Artistare the more comedic possibilities but will SAG take comedy seriously this year?
Super PunchCalling all artists who read The Film Experience.亚博主页Super Punch is hosting a James Bond art contest if you're 007 inclined.
AnimationYes,it's true.They're going to make an action movie set in the world of Legos.

Go Fug YourselfLisa Rinna atThe Muppetspremiere.LOL.
GrantlandMark Harris on the multiple Davids and three Goliaths (Leo,Brad,George) of theBest Actorrace.
In Contentionthe Vanessa Redgrave AMPAS tribute
Pajibaon classics of Lady Porn and the men ofThe Immortals.

Not since the costuming department of "Mad Men"got ahold of Christina Hendricks has a pair of mammaries been so lovingly showcased.In fact,the accentuating bronzer is liberally applied not only on Henry Cavill's heroic bosom,but also Luke Evans' grimly clenched ab muscles and Stephen Dorff's morally questionable obliques.

"Morally questionable obliques."Hee!

Speaking of morally questionable...I lurvethis Puss in Boots piece at Ultra Cultureon Puss's "synthetic heterosexuality".It's pretty great.

The trailer for season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race

If only their budget on the show was as high as their advertising budget ;) "Go forth and be sickening!" LOL.Quick head count: how many of you watch this show?Am I speaking to deaf ears whenever I mention it?