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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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May 19 2017

Three Games for the News: Denzel and the Mias


News is coming at us so fast from the 70thCannes,currently unspooling,that we can hardly keep up.Let's then take a moment then to ruminate on a film that might screen at the 72nd edition in May of 2019...

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Apr 13 2017

Say What?Tom Cruise Stunting for "M:I 6"

Chrishere.Now that filming has commenced onMission: Impossible 6,we can start anticipating what stuntqueenmaster Tom Cruise is prepping for our amazement.How can he top hanging from a giant skyscraper or strapping himself to a flying plane this time?Time will tell but we have already been told that Cruise has been prepping for a year on the showstopper.Maybe new costar Henry Cavill can get in on the fun?

Cruise was recently filming a more low-key feat on the Paris streets,crashing a motorcycle and somersaulting over a car on a wire.By comparison of several hundred feet,this stunt is positively quaint.But what's Tom got on his mind as he breezes through the air?Tell us in the comments!

Mar 17 2017

Three Questions in the News


As Carrie Bradshaw would say,some of today's movie news got us thinking.The news offered more perplexion than usual.We'll present you with the questions and maybe you can help with the answers.Or just join in the bewilderment:

How many franchises can one actor be in?
You'd think being Superman would be enough.But no Henry cavill is joining Tom Cruise inMission Impossible 6.No details about who he's playing.Simon Pegg,and Rebecca Ferguson are expected to be back for the new adventure.Jeremy Renner is not.

Who is starring in Jennifer Kent's follow up toThe Babadook?We know who Sam Claflin is,as we've seen him in a few films includingThe Hunger Games.But he's not the lead,the new film titledThe Nightingaleis set in Tasmania in the 1820s,and follows a young Irish female convict whose family is murdered by a British soldier.With the help of an Aboriginal tracker,she heads for the wilderness in hope of exacting revenge.Have you heard of Aisling Franciosi?Well she nabbed the coveted lead role.Digging into her IMDB we found out that she played Lyanna Stark inGame of Thrones,you know in that famous flashback scene.She was also in Ken Loach'sJimmy's Hall(2014).Can't say we remember either performance,but we are very excited to see whatever Kent chooses to show us.

And finally buried in a news item announcing Andrew Dominick's new film;War Partywhich is billed as an action-adventure movie about Navy SEALs that will star Tom Hardy,is this nugget about his long gestating Marilyn Monroe project,Blonde:

he has been trying to get his Marilyn Monroe movie Blonde off the ground [],but has struggled to find a leading lady everyone can agree on

Hmmm.The names that have been publicly shared so far were Naomi Watts in the first iteration and then a few years later Jessica Chastain.We wonderwho else was up for playing Marilyn and was deemed not appropriate?

Feb 27 2016

Film Bitch Awards - Best Scenes of Multiple Kinds

We're nearly finished* with2015 Film Bitch Awards,our own annual year in review yearbook/party and of imaginary Oscar ballot (well,half of it is that).Today the remainder of our Best Scene categories with six final scene categories.This group hands more nominations to films fromthe top ten listof course but for highlights to point out here on the blog before you click over,we're using films outside the top ten list.

Obviously this page (and post) of awards contains mild spoilers so if you haven't seen the films and wish to stay pure,these are not the awards categories you're looking for.Here is one nominee I felt the need to gab about (maybe you will too?) from each category...

WhileCreedwas mostly ignored by the Academy,chances are its big box office (which significantly outgrossed Stallone's last two attempts are reigniting the franchise) will insure a big career for Michael B Jordan.Can Tessa Thompson hope for the same (it's always trickier for actresses of color)?They're wonderful together.Especially endearing is the scene in her apartment where Adonis makes up a godawful wrap and they end up collapsed on the floor,caught up in the moment.It's an upside down shot from above and they're something beautifully innocent and pure but also sexy about this kiss.(Later they'll bring the heat in a proper sex scene at Rocky's house."but what about your Uncle?"/ "He old!"Ha!)

Angelina Jolie's third directorial effortBy the Seawas mercilessly trashed upon arrival but this was always going to be its fate.The Jolie-Pitts are extremely mainstream-famous.And household name blockbuster stars that the public has longed to see paired again onscreen aren't supposed to reunite for an indulgent overly serious tribute to Euro art cinema of the 1970s.That's for theotherkind of movie star,like the Julianne Moores and the Ryan Goslings of the world,whose filmographies are built on eclectic sensibilities and crisscrossing between the ittybitty and the giant.ButBy the Seaisn't without its moments.The best scene,repeated in different forms like a musical riff,is when the couple sits on the floor in their hotel room and shyly watches another younger couple (Melanie Laurent & Melvil Poupaud)make love in the next room through a peephole.It's beautifully sympathetic and tragicomic,an estranged couple tiptoeing back to intimacy through surrogates.

David O.Russell'sJoyis an easy movie to quibble with.It often feels like five different movies that haven't reconciled themselves.This problem (?) is embedded right in its prologue which jumps from inside a stylized soap opera,to Diane Ladd's wonderfully expressive fable-like narration,and back to the soap opera but this time "outside"of it through a TV set,and into little Joy's bedroom where she makes a castle and theorizes about her possible superpower (maybe she doesn't need a Prince?).Ladd's Grandma guides us through this collision of styles and ideas with an expertly dropped line about Joy's creativity that doubles as a guide to how to watchandmake ambitious movies.

The patience to figure it out."

WillJoygrow on us with time?Perhaps it might.Perhaps we quibbled too much.Perhaps Russell didn't have the patience to truly figure this one out but there's a lot to figure therein.

Spotlightmay have the most mellow finale we've ever nominated in this category but there's something about its sober work ethic and the core ensemble wide shot,with Walter "Robby"Robinson centered,that really lands emotionally and elevates the film.His phone rings and they all just return to work.Where they've always been.


I've been disappointed these last few years that it's more and more common for films to have virtually no credits at the beginning and double up at the ending.So shout out toMission: Impossible - Rogue Nationwhich has great openingandclosing credits.The opening credits would be spoiler-alert central if they didn't come at you so aggressively with machine-gun montage speed.The ending credits are even more stylish --bothan homage to the TV showand film appropriate -- with action frames from the film outlined by the wicks of time bombs;this movie is a blast.

[Read more aboutthese two sequences at The Art of the Title.]

When writing about the Film Bitch Awards I often revisit a whole bunch of movies in clip forms,particularly the earlier releases that are blurry int he memory.Here we are at the end of the prize-giving and here comes Diary of a Teenage Girl and it suddenly looks just as good as everyone claimed it to be (I was previously in the admired but only admired camp).It was easy to turn certain movies off after checking the scene in question but I kept getting sucked into this film,as if it were the first time.One of the best moments is an animated interlude "The Making of Harlot"where a 'Beautiful Junior,' getting it on with Minnie,remarks upon her aggressive sexuality with something like judgment in his voice (though he's benefitting).Giant Minnie,holding him in her King Kong paw,turns away,with a single teardrop and casts him aside.True movie magic.


* Only three categories left to announce (Limited Roles x2 & Line Readings).Can you believe we're actually going to finish this yearbefore the Oscars亚博主页**?!Wheeee.We'll announce those three categories plus all the Gold Silver and Bronze medals at some point in the next 24,ya dig?

** Okay technically I won't have finished,damnit.I never named the Animated Feature nominees (we only go 3-wide here) because I was trying to seeBoy and The Worldbefore voting.So we'll be finished with everything but that category.

Feb 03 2016

Action Sequences: Man vs Bear,Max vs Furiosa.

The Film Bitch Awards "extra"categories have commenced.We've already discussedEnsembles,Breakthrough,and Castingand now we hitAction Sequences.These are sometimes hard to define as with the much celebrated fourth installment of Mad Max whichcouldbe described in its entirety as "chase sequence"but I've tried to break it down a bit for these purposes.Given the choreography,wonder and passion happening on Fury Road the bar was high and even hugely entertaining fight sequences that I thought would be easy placements for the category like the "Hulkbuster"fight inThe Avengers: Age of Ultronor technical wows like Johnson vs.Sporino inCreed(all in one continuous shot!) were edged out.

Films with standard action setpieces,whatever their other strengths,like the two biggest blockbusters of the year (The Force AwakensandJurassic World) or films with inventive brief moments that didn't quite transcend their otherwise rote action beats (Ant-Man) didn't really stand a chance in this high energy competition that put the motion in motion pictures.

Click the image for more on fine action sequences of the past year in cinema

Dec 10 2015

Outstanding Achievement in Belated Linkage

It's so tough to keep up with other movie stuffs during precursor week.So here are several news items,essays,montages to help up catch us all up.Ready.Set.Go...

i09One sorcerer supreme is not enough forDoctor Strangestar Benedict Cumberbatch.He's also signed on to playJasper Maskelyne,aNazi-fighterWar Magician
The WrapUniversal'sMummyreboot will swap the gender of the monster.Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: Secret Service) will star
Film StageGeorge Clooney's next directing job is the noirSuburbicon.He's lining up an all star cast and Julianne Moore just joined

PlaybillLee Daniels creating a girl band tv series for Queen Latifah (Empirewas such a succcess that there are  lot of music industry series about to hit or in development)
/FilmAng Lee'sThrilla in Manila,a boxing drama is said to be eyeing Ray Fisher as Muhammad Ali and David Oyelowo as Joe Frazier
Guardianlooks like it's Idris Elba vs Matthew McConaughey for the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King'sDark Tower

Film School Rejectshas a curious but interesting take on why people need to stop namingMad Max Fury Road"Best"of the year
Film School Rejectson theMission: Impossible - Rogue Nationcommentary track
Viv & Larryinterview with illustrator Alejandro Mogollo Diez who specialize in movie icons
MNPPRob Kazinsky's new tv show has been renamed...but will it help?People really aren't into the Frankenstein myth that much as evidenced at box office
Pajiba's review of Joy is getting a lot of traction for its skewering of David O.Russell as a mansplainer of feminism.I suppose I should write about this movie.It's not great but I don't think it's getting a fair shake
Comics AllianceFrank Miller is not into Netflix'sDaredevilchoices

Washington DC Film CriticsawardSpotlightbest pic but give multiple prizes toRoom,Mad Max: Fury Road,and The Revenant
African American Film Critics AssngiveStraight Outta ComptonPic,Ensemble,and Supporting Actor (Jason Mitchell - weirdly ignored by NAACP).Creedwins three prizes including Breakthrough for Michael B,he broke through years ago people!
Vulture&Slateboth do best TV shows of 2015:Jessica Jones,Mad Men,Jane the Virginetc
The New York Timesbest theater of 2015:Hamilton,The King and I,Lupita Nyong'o etc

If you haven't yet seen these give them a spin.It's David Ehrlich's Top 25 Films of the Year (his editing skills are absurd but so is having Tangerine way down at #24),Channing Tatum saying 8 Hateful things to a kitten "you know what sucks about you,dude.You don't have thumbs"You know what sucks about you,Chan.You're not in nearly enough ofThe Hateful Eightto make that 182 minu--- oops,embargo.

THE 25 BEST FILMS OF 2015: A VIDEO COUNTDOWNfromdavid EhrlichonVimeo.

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