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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jul 14 2015

Misc: Suffragette Colors,Cruise Stunts,Karl Shows,Jake Trains

Look,Suffragettefinally got a poster.[src]

Unfortunately it's fugly (not Carey.She pretty).Incidentally purple and green are my favorite colors but I never like them in combo unless I'm looking at The Joker.

Pajibamarvels that 'Tom Cruise does his own stunts' is way more than just lip service
Southpawa Featurette as Jake Gyllenhaal trains for the movie
TowleroadRob Lowe dubsmashingThe Sound of Music
AV ClubOscar Isaac headlinesShow Me a Herofor HBO,which now has a trailer
AV Clubhating onTeen Wolf's current season - I'm finding the show more and more incomprehensible every year.Considering quitting
The Guardianin "current weirdest movie news"Mel Gibson is now a "Creative Adviser"on a Chinese WW II epic The Bombing

Off Arts
I'm really struggling to be more well rounded as a person - i only think of the arts!- so every once in awhile i must share current and extremely random items of fascination
New Yorker"The Really Big One"-- this article on the fault lines in the Pacific Northwest is more terrifying than any disaster movie
Slateinvestigates the tails of seahorses -- they're actually square unlike the traditional round

Showtune to Go
I sawOn the Twentieth Centurya couple of weeks ago starring Kristin Chenoweth (one-of-a-kind amazing as usual) and you only have a few more days to see it (it closes on the 19th).The show was a little too manically staged for me but Chenoweth as a movie star and Andy Karl as her coattails riding actor boyfriend were both delicious and sensational and more than the sum of their parts.Unfortunately there's precious little quality video of Andy Karl online so here's a promo for his turn in "Rocky The Musical"in 2014 which seemed to prophesy the revival of that franchise -Creed coming at you soon.

For whatever reason Karl barely ever does TV or film (unlike a lot of other stage stars) so his profile is weirdly low with the general public considering he's funny,sexy,good-looking,traditionally masculine,talented and all  of that.I was enraged all over again watching his extremely funny work in "On the Twentieth Century"as a narcissistic actor that Christian Borlewon a generous second Tony for "Something Rotten"when his category was filled with so many better and truly inspired performances from Tony-less men (one of them even in his own show).The Emmys tendency to love the same people over and over again is much documented and groused about online,but the Tony habit of the same is even more mystifying since they're dealing with different shows and characters altogether each time.With the exception of a few people as default nominees,I'm deeply grateful that Oscar voters have somehow not inherited this usually* awful and stingy gene!

* there are people who have deserved multiple Tonys of course (Cheno,McDonald,Foster,Bernadette,etcetera).But...generally spread the wealth is a wiserandmore justified impulse.

Mar 25 2015

Yes No Maybe So?Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Someone needs to do a supercut of all the things Tom Cruise has hung from in his career like a daredevil,an action martyr or a human sacrifice: there've been helicopters,cliffs,glass skyscrapers,Scientology campaigns,cables,and now a big jet plane.Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nationhas a lot to live up to now that the series improbably peaked as late as its fourth installment,Ghost Protocol.

After the poster,let's breakdown the trailer with our trademark trifurcation...

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Nov 03 2014

Blog Wars: The Link Strikes Back

Must Read ICYMI
The HooplaFrances McDormand suggests that looking your age is a subversive act.Great stuff.It's been great to see her face all over signage forOlive Kitteridge

More Linkage
Coming Soonstrange news: Christian Bale drops out of Steve Jobs biopic two weeks after taking it claims 'he's not right for the role'.Hmmmm,then why take it?
CHUDthe poster for Neil Blomkamp'sChappiewith Hugh Jackman.It's weird and cute and hmmm.
Previously TVgreat piece on a key scene in the awesome seriesTransparent(on Amazon - youmustwatch it if you haven't,especially if you're interested in the psychology of family dynamics or in trans issues)
MNPPif you missed any episodes of Jason's "13 Phones of Halloween"now is the time to rectify that.Was your holiday good this past weekend?
TowleroadBenedict Cumberbatch responds to complaints thatThe Imitation Gameisn't as gay as its subject
DissolveJJ Abrams confirms via "thank you"letter (such manners!) that Star Wars Episode VII has wrapped filming
Deadlinebonafide crazy person Nicolas Winding Refn is making a female led horror film calledThe Neon Demonbecause...

One morning I woke and realized I was both surrounded and dominated by women.Strangely,a sudden urge was planted in me to make a horror film about vicious beauty"

VarietyJohnny Depp performed with Marilyn Mason on Halloween
MNPP[NSFW] Awww,it's Dolph Lundgren's birthday today.RememberShowdown in Little Tokyo? a Bad Movies We Love winner
/FilmTom Cruise doing his own Mission Impossible stunts again like a crazy person
PajibaTaylor Kitsch "Officially"reacts to being replaced as Gambit by Channing Tatum in the forthcoming superhero movie
Pop Culture CrazythinksThe Tale of Princess Kaguyais a knockout (I wish I liked this one more!I want to)
Daily MailJamie Dornan refers to his cock as "gratuitous,graphic and ugly"when discussing what we will and won't see in50 Shades of Grey.How could any part of him be ugly?

Exit Video ICYMI
Every death in the originalStar Warstrilogy.The saddest part isn't even a minute in when the body count jumps to 2 billion.Sigh,Alderaanians.We hardly knew thee.

Jul 19 2014

Team Top Ten: Best TV to Film Adaptations of All Time

Amirhere,to welcome you to another edition of Team Top Ten,a poll of all of the website's contributors.The topic du jour given that it's Emmy season isBest FilmsAdaptated from TV Series.

For as long as film and TV have coexisted,their fates,stars,successes,failures and histories have been entangled.Their ever-shifting dynamic has had an immense impact on both industries.The complexity of their relationship made devising a list like this one quite difficult,beginning with the question of what really constitutes an adaptation.For example,The Holy GrailandLife of Brianare not adapted fromMonty Python'sThe Flying Circus;they are inspired by it,but one is more inspired than the other,so we rendered the former film eligible and the latter ineligible.On the other hand,series likeMission ImpossibleandNaked Gunpresent a different type of challenge because the sequels are continuations of the original film,rather than the TV series,but we considered them eligible nonetheless.We faced another difficulty with franchises likeThe Addams FamilyandThe Addams Family Values,based on a series that is itself based on comics.The extent to which the films were inspired by either source was taken into account and we considered only the former film eligible in this case though the latter has far more ardent fans among the team here.

And so on and so forth. The point is to take this list with a grain of salt and add your personal favourites in the comments below.Without further ado…


10.Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Unlike these days,David Lynch needed to make a film in order to portray all of the incest,rape,pedophilia,murder and drugs that his and Mark Frost's television series mostly only alluded to.WhileTwin Peaks,which ran for two seasons in the early 1990s,was a woozy blend of murder mystery,soap opera,dark comedy and surrealist imagery,the film was an altogether different beast.A dark and often brutally ugly ‘horror melodrama',it angered many fans and even filmmakers (Quentin Tarantino was not a fan).For people willing to take the plunge,however,into the dark recesses of Lynch's mind,it is a compelling and tragic affair that remains one of the definitive directorial statements of the ‘90s.Plus,David Bowie as an FBI agent who may be a ghost.Or an alien.Or a shape-shifter.Who can tell?–Glenn Dunks

9.Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Ghost Protocol
seemed like a squeaker eligibility-wise,with the show a distant,tenuously related memory and three other movies interceding between them.But the film is one of the great pop entertainments U.S.studios have produced in recent years,dynamically edited and gorgeously shot by Robert Elswit without the self-conscious handsomeness ofThere Will Be BloodorGood Night,and Good Luck.With set-pieces as stunning as the Kremlin infiltration,the sandstorm chase,and everything else that happens in,on,or around the Burj Khalifa,this is top-notch,exuberant,and imaginative action filmmaking.  I liked De Palma's gimcrackery and Abrams' more traditional and character-driven suspenser,butGhost Protocolis the franchise's happiest marriage of scene construction,silliness,and star charisma (not just from Cruise,but from everybody).  Its division into discrete,flavorful sequences gives it the roaming energy of a television serial.You want to binge four more movies afterward.–Nick Davis

8 more after the jump

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Sep 25 2013

Léa Arrives

Sometimes without warning I flash back to Léa Seydoux's entrance inMission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol,strutting toward the camera/me in her grey trenchcoat.

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Jan 03 2012

Box Office: Mission New Years

Your mission should you choose to accept is it to rate the Mission: Impossible movies.I'm not sure that I can since I've found all four so easy to watch,even thrilling intermittently,until I promptly forget about them the next day.That said,I think I likeGhostocol,aka.I Am Mission Fourthe very best.And given how well it held up after a pretty big opening weekend,perhaps other audience members felt the same?

I wonder if Tom Cruise chose the tagline himself "No Plan.No Backup.No Choice"?That might well describe this franchise for him in terms of mega-star survival if you smooshed it together."No Backup Plan.No Choice".He needed this movie to work and it did.Well done.Extra points for choosingBrad Bird aka Mr.Incredibleas your boss,Tom.

Box Office Top Ten 3 Day New Years Weekend (Estimates)
01 MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4$29.5(cum.$132.4)
02 SHERLOCK HOMES 2$21.0(cum.$131.0)
03 ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS 3$16.3(cum.$92.7)
04 THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO 2.0$14.8(cum.$55.8)
....whoa,Fincher's remake falling under the 3rd week of the Chipmunks regurgitation?Ouch.
05 WAR HORSE 1$14.3(cum.$40.4)
06 WE BOUGHT A ZOO 1$13.2(cum.$40.6)
09 THE DARKEST HOUR 1$4.3(cum.$13.2)

Talking Points
The Iron Ladywas packing them in (extremely) limited release which just goes to show you that the Weinstein Co was setting fire to money by not opening it wider right away given that it's a) Meryl and b) the media is all up in that shit with Meryl profiles,60 Minutesandthe Kennedy Center Honors.That's free publicity that'll will wear off before the movie goes wide!PlusThe Iron Ladyis not the sort of movie that will benefit from word of mouth as it's not very good.A SeparationandPariahalso opened to totally respectable if not earth shaking results which is too bad becausethey're both among the very best of the movies.This season is such a tough market for small movies.And yet they try to sell dozens of the best ones round about now every year.

Timid release strategies *can* work well for high quality hard to sell movies (The Artist,Shame) but you always run the risk of losing momentum...especially when you have major stars (Carnage / Dangerous Method) or brand recognition (Marilyn)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy(up to $4 million) andThe Artist(up to $5) both had their first million dollar weekends now that they're no longer quite so impossible for moviegoers to see.Wider please.A Dangerous MethodandCarnage,which have much more improbable Oscar dreams,continue to do pretty well in super limited release.If they don't go wider soon they're totally going to miss a window since it's hard to imagine them scoring major Oscar nods.

New Year's Evewas up 92% this weekend.Gee,I wonder why!Expect it to vanish from the face of the earth next week despite being on over 2000 screens at the moment.Who gets those screens?Why is only one movie,a horror film,going wide?

Did you see a movie on New Year's or were you nursing a hangover?

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