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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Aug 30 2012

Melanie 'Must Be Going'...With A Playlist

Hello everyone!My little guest blogging stint has come to an end.

It has been really fun,and I want to thank Nathaniel from the bottom of my heart for entrusting me with his wonderful blog for a few posts.

"Hello,I Must Be Going"September 7th in theaters!

So,right now I am preparing for a movie that I'm shooting in October,and one of the things I always do to prepare is to create a playlist for my work.It's a collection of songs that will bring up specific feelings for me,or music I think the character would like,or songs that have an energy to them that feels right for the tone of the film.I usually find that while we're shooting,I will start to listen to one song from the playlist kind of obsessively,and that song will be my "theme song"for the movie.

When I was shooting the strip club scene inAway We Go,I listened to the Band Of Horses song "No-One's Gonna Love You"so many times that it became the number one most played song on my ipod the next day.DoingThe Informant!I only listened to music from the soundtracks to 80s movies."Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong"became my song for that one.  I have also noticed that I kind of do that same thing in my theme song for the summer has been Conor Oberst's "Lenders In The Temple".I just keep going back to it right now.And crying,because it's gorgeous,and heart wrenching.

the strip scene in "Away We Go"

My favourite thing about this little guest hosting thing has been interacting with all you smart,funny,film lovers in the comments.

So for my last post I would love to hear any and all of your stories about theme songs!Perhaps your life has a theme song right now?Maybe you like to listen to music at work,like I do,to get you in a certain frame of mind?Maybe there is a movie that uses music in a way you have really loved?My two favourite directors soundtrack-wise are Sofia Coppola (I lost my mind when The Cure's "All Cats Are Grey"started playing inMarie Antoinette!!!) and Wes Anderson (Nico inThe Royal Tenenbaumscomes immediately to mind).Or,we can be negative too!Maybe there's a song you hate that is used all the time in movies?If you have a story,or even just a random thought,I want to hear it.  And ask away in the comments if you want to know what my song was for any particular movie.Thanks for reading everyone and thanks again Nathaniel!!!

Wishing you all good things.


[Editor's Note.Thank you again to fine actress Melanie Lynskey for these amazing peaks into her process (here's a playlist to accompany her post),behind the scenes,intoher DVD collection,and especially thoselove letters toandfrom her favoritetalents in the movie industry.Give her a huge round of applause -- she really went all out!-- and go see"Hello,I Must Be Going"on Friday,September 7th when it opens.It's her best performance yet and a too rare opportunity to see her carry a whole film.-Nathaniel R]

Aug 26 2012

Behind the Scene with Lizzy & Adam in "Bachelorette"...

...Or,'How Public Transportation,Running Out of Time and "Party Down"Created Two Perfect Movie Minutes'

-by Leslye Headland

If there's one thing I learned making a movie,it's that every frame has a pretty epic story behind it.Here's one about the scene with Lizzy and Adam on the bed inBachelorette.

In 2007,during a bus ride from Beverly Hills back to Hollywood (I didn't have a car for two years),The Proclaimers "500 Miles"came on my iPod shuffle.It was a song that meant so much to me when I was little (Benny & Joon!) but I hadn't heard it in forever.I decided to put it in the scene where my pokerfaced ex-lovers,Gena (Lizzy Caplan) and Clyde (Adam Scott),reconnect.There's nothing like nostalgia to melt a cynical heart.

Fast forward to 2011.I'm in my first week of shooting.I'm on set with Lizzy and Adam.[Click for More]

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Jun 04 2011

Mix Tape: "California Dreamin'"in Chungking Express & Fish Tank

AndreasfromPussy Goes Grrrhere,with a special Mix Tape double feature.

Although released over a decade apart,Wong Kar-wai'sChungking Expressand Andrea Arnold'sFish Tank(one of last year's best films) have a shared emblem for their characters' longings and frustrations: The Mamas and the Papas' song "California Dreamin',"a staple of classic rock stations that has taken on a cultural life of its own.

InChungking Express,it's the anthem for lonely waitress Faye (Faye Wong) as she fixates on an equally lonely policeman.In Fish Tank,the impoverished Mia (Katie Jarvis) wants to use Bobby Womack's cover version for her ill-fated dance audition.These women come from radically different places -- Hong Kong and eastern England,respectively -- but they still each dream of a "California."

After the jump,one song seen from two very different perspectives...

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May 21 2011

Mix Tape: "In Dreams"in Blue Velvet

AndreasfromPussy Goes Grrrhere,with one of the most disturbing cinematic uses of pop music.

From his controlled demolition of the nuclear family inEraserheadto his grotesque send-up of Hollywood inMulholland Drive,David Lynch has always delighted in savaging American institutions.Through the S&M-tinged surrealism ofBlue Velvet,he pried the bland surface off of suburbia and illuminated the perverse secrets underneath.

The darkest of those secrets is Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper),an abusive,foul-mouthed gangster who holds sultry chanteuse Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) in his thrall.Hopper is a villain unlike any other,snapping from relative calm to strung-out psychosis without warning.But Frank's most terrifying tendency isn't his hair-trigger temper or his torrents of profanity: it's the unexpected well of emotion festering inside him.

Read more about Dennis Hopper in David Lynch's America after the jump.

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May 14 2011

Mix Tape: "Gondola no Uta"in Ikiru

AndreasfromPussy Goes Grrrhere,with an especially sobering song selection.

Midway through Akira Kurosawa's life-affirming masterpieceIkiru(1952),the terminally ill protagonist Watanabe (Takashi Shimura) gives those around him a painful reminder of life's transience.An aging bureaucrat,Watanabe has been trying to indulge in a little of the good life as he dies of stomach cancer.But nothing,not even a fancy new hat,has been able to lift his depression.

At his nadir,Watanabe sits in a bar surrounded by young revelers,with an attractive woman is at his side.The piano man calls out for requests,and in a low rasp,Watanabe suggests "Gondola no Uta."The piano man obliges him and,although the bar's denizens initially try to dance,they soon fall still and silent as Watanabe's anguished singing takes over the soundtrack.

Read more about Takashi Shimura's incredible performance (includingIkiruspoilers) after the jump.

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May 07 2011

Mix Tape: "We'll Meet Again"in Dr. Strangelove

AndreasfromPussy Goes Grrrhere,to talk about one of the most infamously ironic song choices out there.And spoiler alert -- if you care about such things for 47 year old movies -- it's all about the ending.

As Stanley Kubrick'sDr.Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bombreaches its bleakly absurd denouement,everyone is plotting for an imagined future.The Soviet ambassador is snapping photos of the "Big Board,"the hawkish General Turgidson is predicting a post-apocalyptic "mineshaft gap,"and even the title character,an eccentric ex-Nazi,is rising from his wheelchair and crying out,"Sir!I have a plan!"before adding,"Mein Führer!I can walk!"All of their paranoid schemes are self-evidently ridiculous,and ultimately futile,because that's right when the world ends.

But it doesn't end with a whimper,or with a bang: it ends with British songstress Vera Lynn singing her WWII-era hit "We'll Meet Again"over a minute-and-a-half-long montage of mushroom clouds.In a single blow,Kubrick and editor Anthony Harvey (reputedly working from a suggestion by British comedy legend Spike Milligan) render all of the film's frantic negotiations pointless and greet Armageddon with a smile.It's about the most superficially cheery response to annihilation this side ofLife of Brian's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,"and like that song,it hides bitterness in its whimsy.

The power of this satirical finale lies in the song's historical roots...

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