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Oct 29 2017

Middleburg Farewell: Nicholas Brittel,Greta Gerwig,and "American Crime Story"

Day 1(Darkest Hour),Day 2(James Ivory,Mudbound,A Fantastic Woman) in case you missed them,Day 3(Last Flag Flying)

Ann Hornaday and Greta Gerwig talk after a screening of Lady src

The last moments of Middleburg were a blissful blur that it's taken me a week to recover from.Before I left the splendor of the country at this under-the-radar festival in Virginia,I managed to attend three more events.

Lady Bird
I caught some ofLady Birdagain (one viewing isdefinitelynot enough).Just enough to give me that rush of pre-college feels again before meeting one-on-one with Greta Gerwig.We'll share that interview next week asLady Birdbegins its theatrical release.Gerwig is such a singular actress that we don't want her to give that up (please never leave our screens!) but it's a joy to know that she writes and directs just as beautifully.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
Since Middleburg largely takes place at a single resort,there are several panels and discussions in their coziest event space.The last on the menu was a discussion about the forthcoming miniseriesThe Assassination of Gianni Versace:American Crime Storywhich is the second season of that anthology series which began with the Emmy-winningThe People Vs Oj Simpson...

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Oct 26 2017

Middleburg Finale Pt 1: "Last Flag Flying"

Day 1(Darkest Hour) andDay 2(James Ivory,Mudbound,A Fantastic Woman) in case you missed them.

Saturday at Middleburg started really slow but then the tempo and key changed.And then it got chopped and screwed and tessellated...and became truly special.If you don't know what any of that means,it's okay;neither did I.I shall explain when we come to the topic of Oscar nominated film composer Nicholas Britell ofMoonlightfame.

But firstLast Flag Flying...

Richard Linklater is America's most distinguished auteur in the subgenre of movies in which a tight knit group of men just kind of hang out for two hours.He's back quickly after his delightful college baseball comedyEverybody Wants Some!!but this time he's trained his lens on three men his own age...

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May 29 2017

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"Returns !

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"began its eighth seasonlast week withMoonlight.If you're new to the blog or haven't yet experimented with actually participating in the weekly series that is open to all,we guarantee a good time.


Tues May 30thWonder Woman(1976)
We're doing Season 1 Episodes 5/6 (two parter) "The Feminine Mystique"which is largely considered one of the best episodes of the series and is after the show perfected Diana's spinning costume change (which was rougher / incomplete in the first few episodes).Plus this one features Debra Winger as "Wonder Girl",only her second role![Amazon(per episode or season) |iTunes(full season) ]

Tues June 6thParent Trap(1961)
For my birthday and to honor all the Geminis among you,my favorite childhood movie starring Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills![Amazon|iTunes|Netflix]


  1. Watch the assigned movie over the weekend
  2. Post your single favorite shot from that movie any time on Tuesday (i.e.what you deem "best"for whatever reason) on your blog/tumblr/youtube/instagram/twitter/pinterest whatever and tell us why you chose it!
  3. Let us know you've done so and we link up

Everything we've previously covered is after the jump...

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May 23 2017

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: "Moonlight"

by Nathaniel R

Little and Juan framed by nature

A truth: No matter how much you love a movie on first viewing,what makes it become a classic,a masterpiece even,is less predictable.That's in how it endures and oft times whether it can keep giving you new information.Aging,even for non-living things like a movie which is already "complete,"before it begins that process,is tricky.But after a handful of screenings ofMoonlightover the past nine months,it's quite obvious that the film (not to mention its surprise Best Picture win) will age spectacularly well.A prediction: We're just barely getting to know its marvel.

TheHit Me With Your Best Shot seriesinitially started as an idea to honor Cinematography but film is so collaborative and complex that that's not how it turned out.It's ended up being more of amise-en-scèneappreciation ...sometimes the images that grab you are lighting based,other times it's the perfect marriage of a sound and picture,and then there are performances so indelible that they even become the primary iconic visual.BecauseMoonlightis rich inallof its moving parts,I opted to just look at the first act (for now).And I did something I never do: I watched it with the sound turned off...

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Apr 29 2017

Tweetweek: La La Day,Demme Farewells,and the DC Aesthetic Summed Up

First things first.

This brilliant tweet was in response to a whole swath of new bitching online aboutLa La LandwhenLos Angeles declared April 25th "La La Land Day".And why shouldn't Los Angeles honor a blockbuster movie that was about the glamour and dreams and careers of Los Angelenos and the city and the movies ?!?I was as happy for that announcement as I was when I heard thatMoonlightgot a street named after it in Floridathe week before.They seemed like equally smart local government decisions to me but one was greeted warmly on twitter and the other was attacked.Honestly,people who can't let other people enjoy things are the worst kind of people I've decided.Don't be that kind of person.Fight the urge next time you hate a movie that other people love.Not ashamed to say I loveLa La Landand it's okay to wholeheartedly love it even if you agree thatMoonlightdeserved Best Picture from the nominees (as I myself do).Itispossible (and recommended) to love more than one movie.Monogamy has no place in movie-loving,polyamorous is the only way to be once you've married the cinema.

OH BUT YES,TWEETS OF THE WEEK.More after the jump includingLabyrinthsequel,Aquamanaesthetic,and more Jonathan Demme farewells...

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Apr 19 2017

Ten Little Links

People MagJulia Roberts named "World's Most Beautiful"for record fifth time in the magazine's annual list
i09newFahrenheit 451movie adaptation coming.To star two Michaels,Shannon and Jordan
Tampa Bay Timesa street in Florida renamed "Moonlight Way"- how wonderful!
TowleroadStranger Things"Barb"actress Shannon Purser has come out as bisexual
VarietyChris Pratt admits he was taken off guard by the harsh criticism ofPassengers
In ContentionFox Searchlight lines up multiple Oscar hopefuls a year after theBirth of a Nationdebacle
PlaybillAnika Noni Rose set to play a who,along with her daughters,becomes the center of a hacking media storm inAssassination Nation
Tracking BoardWill Smith circling the genie role in the live action remake of Disney'sAladdinmusical
Playbillthe Drama League Nominations for 2017
Film School Rejectson Hollywood's fascination with de-aging its stars and why,storytelling wise,this is generally a bad idea

Exit Videos
We're just under a year away from the debut of the superhero TV seriesCloak & Daggerbut they've released a trailer anyway.Seems kinda early!

We've already coveredThe Beguiledteaserbut here's the full trailer (which is very similar in structure but with extra footage).Having seen the 1971 film I wasn't worried about spoilers but you absolutelyshouldn'twatch this if you haven't seen the original film.For my taste it's a little too revealing.

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