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Feb 27 2017

The New Norm of the Picture / Director Split

Chrishere.Now thatthe Oscar closing shockhas worn off (oh,wait it still hasn't) let's take a second to discuss the growing frequency of the Best Picture / Director split.This is now the fourth time in five years two different films have taken home the two biggest prizes - with 25% of all instances occurring in the past decade.Has a Best Picture / Director split become an Oscar new normal?

But the recent prevalence of the split might be more symptomatic of an Academy more bent on spreading the wealth.In fact,La La LandtiesFury Roadas the most awarded film sinceGravity- also rewarded on the Director side of the equation...

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Feb 27 2017

La La Moonlight,an Unexpected Finale to Oscar Night

My head is still spinning.As I cleaned up after the Oscar party,I imagined an Oliver Stone likeJFKtreatment of the 89th Academy Awards finale.We need evidence and diagrams,I thought to myself while filling up the recycling bag with empty bottles.People might argue and theorize about this forever and make themseleves conspiracy theorists in the process.What was it,exactly,that happened?

First there was Warren Beatty's excruciating pause when he opened the envelope,a look of disbelief or was it confusion or 'how about that?' smirking.Inscrutable really...

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Feb 26 2017

Film Bitch Award Winners

This site's own prizes,Nathaniel's long-running Film Bitch Awards,the Oscar correlative categories at least,all arrrived before the Oscar nominations this year.I was on schedule for once!

Amy & Jeremy wondering how they only managed one gold medal in the first round of Film Bitch Awards

I'm behind schedule on the "extra categories"which are supposed to be done by now (sigh) but for now,please to enjoy the medal ceremony in the standard categories.If you're a purist and only want winners and not "gold / silver / bronze"which is my personal awards preference because spreading the wealth is the only way to go with awards for things as apples & oranges beautiful as movies,the list of gold medalists is after the jump...

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Feb 26 2017

A Clean Sweep for "Moonlight"at the Spirit Awards

Moonlightwon in every category it was nominated in yesterday in Spirit Award's big tent.That was five prizes as well as a sixth (non-competitive) with their annual Robert Altman award honoring great ensembles.Smartly the prize goes not just to the cast but the director and the casting director.The A24 hit won't be quite that lucky tonight at the Oscars but hopefully it won't go home empty-handed either.亚博主页

a moment between Mahershala Ali and The Bening at the Spirit Awards

History is full of wonderful films that had big nights at the Spirits as their last hurrah before Oscar shut-outs or Screenplay- only wins (The Wrestler,Far From Heaven,Sidewayscome to mind).But if you'd like to maintain hope thatMoonlighttakes Best Picture tonight at the Oscars there is always this factoid: The Spirit Awards Best Film winner has gone on to win the Oscar for Best Picture four out of six times this decade:亚博主页The Artist(2011),12 Years a Slave(2013),Birdman(2014),andSpotlight(2015)

The winners list as well as videos of some moments under that famous tent after the jump.

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Feb 24 2017

Beauty Break: Mahershala Ali for GQ

Chrishere.As our Oscar year comes to a close,let's take some reflection on one of this season's greatest joys: the rise of Mahershala Ali.While some (including Nathaniel) are predicting a Dev Patel upset this Sunday,Ali has dominated most of the circuit for his warm,conflicted work inMoonlight,becoming something of the face of its immaculate ensemble.And don't forget he's also a member of theHidden Figuresteam with his knee-flutter-inducing charms on full display.If you want a moment of true moving inspiration,look no further than his SAG acceptance speech on his experience as a Muslim American.We'll have to wait until Sundance entryRoxanne Roxanneto see more of him,so enjoy him now while we can.

And now he's giving some sunlight to go with theMoonlightin a popping yellow-drenched spread for GQ.Think of the photoset as a candy coating on an already delicious year:

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Feb 20 2017

Guilds-a-palooza: More honors for La La Land,Moonlight,Arrival,and...Suicide Squad

Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) and Eric Heisserer (Arrival) each won a WGA last night.But they're in the same category at the Oscars.亚博主页

Last night's Writers Guild Awards were a good sign thatMoonlightwill take Adapted Screenplay.Competing in Original with WGA (Oscar's writing branch put it in adapted) it blockedLa La LandorManchesterfrom taking that prize.With less fearsome competition at the Oscars it should be able to win...亚博主页although to do that it will have to fend off the surgingLionand the well regardedArrivalwhich took home the WGA prize for Adapted and is up for the same prize at the Oscars.亚博主页

Extensive writing and makeup guild honors after the jump...

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