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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


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Jul 18 2018

Thoughts I Had...Rewatching "The Dark Knight"

by Nathaniel R

Why so serious?Yes,you're 10 years older on this anniversary ofThe Dark Knight's release and probably watching the world burn with significantly less glee than The Joker would but still.Lighten up!At least we have the movies!I was commissioned to writea piece aboutThe Dark Knight's Oscar history elsewherebut I jotted down more film-centric notes during a recent rewatch and will now share them here.

This a chronological skip through the movie.It made such a cultural impact you surely remember its release and maybe even the circumstances in which you saw it.If so,do share in the comments.Ready?Let's press play...

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Aug 22 2017

link to the feeling

Film Doctor UKgood interview with a action film storyboard artist
IndieWireDavid Ehrlich makes a great case that Oscar needs to change their rules about Original Song."Cut to the Feeling"fromLeapis not eligible (incidentally for the same reason "Come What May"wasn't eligible...originally written for something else and then unused for that something else)
VarietyMorgan Freeman will be this year's SAG Lifetime Achievement Recipient
NYTandLATremember the career of movie & television star Jerry Lewis (RIP)

AV Clubmore drama for that Han Solo movie.Michael K Williams,currently Emmy nominated for The Night Of,has had his entire part cut out.
Deadlineanother new role for Roland Møller (in the action filmSkyscraper).The Danish actor is hot hot hot afterLand of Mine.You'll understand if you've seen that Oscar nominated picture
The Guardianwe're promised a definitive victor in the forthcoming action filmGodzilla vs Kong.But either way audiences probably lose.

Varietythe annual survey of who makes what per episode of hit TV shows.Casts of Big Bang Theory,Game of Thrones,Modern Family,and Robert DeNiro (in a new series) are swimming in money.Cast ofThis is Uswill surely eventually be but not quite yet.
OutRuPaul's Drag Race All Starsseason 3 is a go...and already filming!
VarietyPeak TV still hasn't peaked.At least in terms of quantity.One executive predicts 534 new series next year so you're not just imagining that it's impossible to keep up
Coming Soon'everything we know aboutStar Trek Discovery'...though can someone explain to me the deal with this.I keep hearing that it'll be on Netflix and that Netflix is distributing.Yet often times and sometimes even in the same single paragraph in various articles it will say "exclusively on CBS All Access"so I'm confused.Anyone?

Comic Book Resourcesfun article on that time that the Incredible Hulk could fly in the comics

Feb 25 2015

Black History Month: Morgan Freeman Enters The Conversation

Our celebration of Black History Month is,naturally,also an Oscar History Celebration.Today Nathaniel looks at Morgan Freeman's original claim to fame.

When you think of Morgan Freeman what's the first thing that comes up?Given his revered stature in contemporary cinema the answer is undoubtedly pulled from the following character types: wise mentor,savvy professional,trusted friend,quiet confidante,brilliant academic,noble leader.Freeman brings such natural authority and wise but warm old men sass onscreen that playing God in the comedyBruce Almightywasn't even a stretch but a light bulb "of course it's Freeman!"moment.So it's a little startling to remember or discover that his first of five Oscar nominations -- he's the most celebrated black actor in Oscar history outside of Denzel Washington -- and indeed his breakthrough in cinema does not fit the Morgan Freeman mold in virtually any way.

This ho said you wanted to meet me so here I am.

No,Morgan Freeman's original claim to big screen fame was as a vicious pimp named "Fast Black"in a largely forgotten journalist-plays-with-fire drama calledStreet Smart(1987).[More...]

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Sep 19 2014

Lukewarm Off Presses: Ben-Hur,Bourne-Again,Baz Junior?

Catching up with some stories we've missed of late.

Morgan Freeman was thefirst cast member announcedfor the remake of Best Picture winningBen-Hur(1959) which was itself a remake of the silent epic of the same name in 1925.Freeman will play the role of a wise old man who gives advice like a Pez Dispenser with Morgan Freeman's face on it. Can Morgan Freeman do anything else?Shame that a once very gifted actor now plays EXACTLY the same role in everything.Maybe he doesn't care to stretch?Jack Huston ofBoardwalk Empirefame (who seems to be in the running for everything these days -even if he hasn't booked the high profile stuff until now)will play the lead Charlton Heston role.But good luck trying to best William Wyler's Oscar winning classic (one of 'em rather).I shudder to think how they'll handle Messala,previously slyly interpreted by Stephen Boyd on the DL.

In a weird case of "WAIT.I changed my mind!"Matt Damon is getting back into the Bourne franchisealong with previous director Paul Greengrass (who is also possibly doing an Olympics bombing true story movie) and delaying Jeremy Renner's already begun takeover.The same thing happened with Jeremy Renner's assumed takeover of the Mission Impossible franchise until Cruise wanted back in.This will and already has prompted think pieces on Jeremy's failure to become a star but nobody would be griping on him if his agent (and maybe the man himself) hadn't gotten so greedy.How many franchises does one actor need?(Bourne,MI,Witch Hunters,Avengers,etcetera) Especially an actor that good with two Oscar nominations already?

But if we're going to start interrupting reboots with original casts,can we shelve the nextAmazing Spider-Manmovies and just get Tobey Maguire back in tights?P-L-E-A-S-E.That'd free up Andrew Garfield to be a real actor again and to say "you better lawyer up asshole"if they drop his surely unending contract.

I don't mean to be snarky about newbie director Diesel Schwarze,a Baz Luhrmann protege,because it's quite possible that he'll be his own brilliant artist.But I needed another "B"for alliterative blogging,what.SO,anyway,he's doing an original musical that uses pre-existing songs (a laMoulin Rouge!) calledZiggyand Dane DeHaan and Rooney Mara are earmarked to star in it.Can they sing?It's not quite Ewan MacGregor and Nicole Kidman exciting even in terms of in context 2014 vs 2000 stardom levels at press release time,but it's still interesting.Especially since it sounds weird...

Dehaan will play a hunchback in NYC who falls for a beautiful woman already mixed up with a powerful man -- you know how singing hunchbacks do!