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Mar 27 2019

Doc Corner: Orson Welles x2

ByGlenn Dunks

It has been suggested that Mark Cousins is a very unique brand of filmmaker.In that regard,he makes a perfect filmmaker for a project about another very unique brand of filmmaker: Orson Welles.I have not seen Cousins' much-lovedThe Story of Film: An Odysseynor any of his other film-centric documentaries so I can't speak to how his latest fits into his oeuvre,but I do know that I was pleasantly surprised to discover thatThe Eyes of Orson Welleswas not a typical bio-doc about Welles.

Instead,it takes the novel approach of using his work in another medium,his love of drawing and painting,to approach his cinematic output and his character as a man more broadly...

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Dec 19 2018

Doc Corner From the Short List - 'Won't You Be My Neighbor'

ByGlenn Dunks

Now that the15-wide documentary short listhas been announced,we're going to be looking at some of the titles we've missed throughout the year (primarily due to access issues - this particular column is written from Australia) in the lead up to our top ten documentary list and more Oscar talk in the new year.Up first,the crowned champion of 2018's doc class:Won't You Be My Neighbor?.

Morgan Neville'sWon't You Be My Neighbor?has proven to be one of the hardest films I've had to write about all year.It's not a film that throws up thorny issues that demand one's full attention or a documentary that challenges the mind.Instead,it's the documentary that America has embraced to the tune of some $23-million box office and the title of the 12th most successful documentary ever made (!) It's a film that people have taken to their heart and yet I sat here with my Word documentary open on a blank page for far too long...

What about this movie failed to inspire me in any way good or bad?Is Neville's film my own personal answer to the long-quipped mystery of "can you ever just bewhelmed?"(yes,but it turns out not just in Europe).

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Nov 11 2018

Critics Choice Documentary Winners 2018

In an unusually successful year for documentaries in terms of audience interest,two of the biggest hits,Won't You Be My Neighbor?($22.6 million) andFree Solo($7.3 million and climbing) now have yet more to crow about.They each won three prizes at the 3rd annual Critics Choice Documentary Awards last night.Though they both appear to be likely future Oscar nominees you just never know with the documentary branch.

The winners in each of the Critics Choice doc categories are listed after the jump...

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Jan 09 2016

Watching the Documentary Finalists: Part 3 - Confrontations

Glennhere looking at each of the 15 Academy's documentary finalists from which five will be nominated for the Oscar.

We're at the final of three parts looking at the 15 finalists for the Academy's best documentary category.In thefirst partwe examined people,in thesecond partwe looked at world politics,and now confrontations.It's something that can come in a myriad of forms.Confrontations can be between enemies on TV sets around the nation or in the towns and jungles of Indonesia.Whether it's the confrontation of death,or the confrontation of major religious corporation,these films encompass big themes that have a longstanding tradition in cinema but each go about it some wildly different ways.

All that after the jump

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