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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Nov 20 2017

We're Getting More Branagh Poirot!

Chrishere.Has everyone caught up toMurder on the Orient Expressyet?For yours truly,it was set exactly in the spot in Europe thatCluelesssaid we might be "whelmed"andour Eric Blume felt the same.But that hasn't stopped audiences from turning it into a modest hit,resulting in a global take of over $150 million - and that's enough for Fox to officially kick off a mini-franchise.

The new Agatha Christie Poirot films are keeping in line with the adaptations of the 70s,so next up will beDeath on the Nile- expectEvil Under the Sunafterwards shouldNilebe a success too.Branagh is expected to return as director and star,andOrient Express's screenwriter Michael Green will be back as well.Get ready for more CGI exotic locales and modes of transportation because this one is set on a steamboat in Egypt.John Guillermin's 1978 version was an Oscar winner for Costume Design (Angela Lansbury headresses!) so let's hope for repeat opulence there as well.

But most importantly it will feature another massive cast!The aforementioned screen adaptation featured Lansbury,Bette Davis,Maggie Smith,Mia Farrow,David Niven,and Peter Ustinov's Poirot to name a few.It wouldn't be too confusing to have Michelle Pfeifer return,would it?What famous faces do you want to see in Branagh's next ensemble mystery?

Nov 15 2017

Review: Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

by Eric Blume

The good news is the bad news:  director Kenneth Branagh's new adaptation of Agatha Christie'sMurder on the Orient Expressis exactly what you think it will be.  It's a stylish,corny,enjoyable two hours filled with movie stars and that absurd moustache.  It delivers on romantic glamor and old-school moviemaking,but there's not a surprise to be had.

Out of the gate,Branagh plunges us into a prologue that's both boring and obvious.  He means to establish Hercule Poirot's philosophy and fastidious nature,which sadly serves only as clunky groundwork which you know will circle back by the finale (which it does).  He also tries to bring some levity to the piece with a few lame jokes.  At first Branagh seems to be overplaying his hand...

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Nov 10 2017


It's funny because it's true.

He's not in very much of the movie (whew).More after the jump includingThe Abyss,Lady Bird,Jude Law,and the dread expansion of parts of Twitter to 280 characters...

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Oct 27 2017

La Pfeiffer and the Original Song Oscar Race

by Nathaniel R

Here's some rather surprising news: Michelle Pfeiffer sings the closing credits song ofMurder on the Orient Express.The song is called "Never Forget"which we never in danger of doing for anything Pfeiffer.Though opinions vary about how well the goddess sings,we personally love it when she croons.Case in point:Grease 2(1982),The Fabulous Baker Boys(1989),The Prince of Egypt(1998),andHairspray(2007).Listen it's not her fault that her character inUp Close and Personal(1996) was supposed to be a bad singer or that "Miss Baltimore Crabs"isHairspray's worst song!

"Never Forget"is written by two-time Oscar nomineePatrick Doyle,a regular on Kenneth Branagh films,who also composes the score.La Pfeiffer is,of course,not the sort who would deign to sing in front of the whole world on Oscar night so they will reassign the vocals if the song is nominated.

Regardless the Original Song category is beginning to show its possible contenders so we've updatedthat chartand still suspect the leader is The Greatest Showman's catchy "This Is Me"- which was recently performed in NYC by Keala Settle & Darren Criss.

We eagerly await the full eligibility list of 80ish songs we've never heard from 40 movies we've heard of and 20 movies we didn't know existed before this always surprising list hits.

Oct 16 2017

Beauty Break: Michelle Pfeiffer's Cover Girl Comeback

by Nathaniel R

Hollywood's greatest blonde is back after a way-too-long hiatus and she's the covergirl forboth Varietyfor their Women in Hollywood issue and in the "Edit"insert ofNet-a-Porterfor their "white"issue (the clothing trend not the race!).And with these fine profiles / interviews come photos.So let's share beautiful portraiture and the best quotes after the jump...

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Jun 01 2017

"Orient Express"Teaser Trailer Arrives!

Chrishere.We've been obsessively tracking the developments of Kenneth Branagh'sMurder on the Orient Expresshere at The Film Experience,亚博主页so of course we have to share the first trailer.

One of the open questions for the film we've had about the film was tone - would this be a campy lighthearted romp full of famous faces or a more morbid serious-minded mystery true to Agatha Christie's text?From the look of this first teaser we'll be served something in between.And with plenty of attention paid to each star of this massive ensemble,even if our eyes naturally wander to Michelle Pfeiffer.

In a nifty bit of character introduction,Branagh takes us through the train car and the various characters in one take before giving the big reveal to his Poirot.We're already sold on the film,so we won't do the full Yes No Maybe So.ButTAG YOURSELF as one of the passengers in the commentsbased on your response to this teaser - I'm Daisy Ridley's mildly concerned Governess (that rock anthem coda has me a little worried,friends).