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Entries in Murder on the Orient Express (11)

May 03 2017

Thoughts I Had: First images from "Murder on the Orient Express"

To Entertainment Weekly the honor of introducing us,or re-introducing us rather,to the characters ofMurder on the Orient Express.The Agatha Christie book was first published in 1934,got a very popular Oscar loved film adaptation forty years later and another forty-plus after that it'll be back in movie theaters again with a brand new cast.

After the jump a mega post about this cover and the adjacent character photos that came with it...

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Mar 06 2017

75 days until Michelle Pfeiffer returns to us...

Important dates in the RePfeiffal of 2017...

Michelle Pfeiffer as Ruth Madoff in "Wizard of Lies"

April 29thMichelle Pfeiffer's birthday.She turns 59
May 20thThe HBO premiere ofWizard of Liesstarring Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro in a TV movie about the Madoff scandal
June 19th25th anniversary ofBatman Returns(1992)
And Every episodes ofPfandom
Sept 17thEmmy Night - will she be a nominee forWizard of Lies?It premieres just before the Emmy eligibility cutoff
Oct 13thDarren Aronofsky'sMotheropens in movie theaters starring Michelle Pfeiffer,Jennifer Lawrence,Javier Bardem,and Domnhall Gleeson
Nov 22ndThe all star remake ofMurder on the Orient Expressopens in movie theaters starring Michelle Pfeiffer (in the Lauren Bacall role),Kenneth Branagh (in the Albert Finney role),Judi Dench (in the Wendy Hiller role),Daisy Ridley (in the Vanessa Redgrave role),Olivia Colman (in the Rachel Roberts role),Johnny Depp (in the Richard Widmark role) and Penélope Cruz (in the Ingrid Bergman role).The original was nominated for 6 Oscars in 1974,亚博主页including two for acting: Bergman and Finney.How will the remake fare with critics and the Academy?
Dec 11th25th anniversary ofLove Field(1992) which was unfortunately Pfeiffer's last Oscar nomination
Dec 25thWho cares.Santa comes way early in 2017 with the best gift: Bringing La Pfeiffer back


Michelle's last Oscars appearance.亚博主页Pictured with Julianne Moore & Kate Winslet backstage which is too much actress bliss for one photo

March 4th,2018The 90th Academy Awards.Cross your fingers for Pfeiffer as nominee,or at least presenter.Her last Oscar appearance was singing Jeff Bridges praises for the Best Actor presentation forCrazy Heart(2009)

No Date YetThe Sundance dramaWhere is Kyra?has no concrete release plans yet :(

Sep 30 2016

Cast Begins to Board "Orient Express"

Chrishere.Remember what fun we hadawhile back fantasy casting Kenneth Branagh's upcomingMurder on the Orient Expressremake?Well,now some official names have been added to the cast and it should be just as much of a delight.

The two biggest names come as something of an unexpectedDark Shadowsreunion (sorry for the reminder about that Tim Burton misfire): Michelle Pfeiffer and Johnny Depp will be the headliners to Branagh's own Poirot.Pfeiffer becomes the natural successor to Lauren Bacall as Mrs.Hubbard,a casting coup that feels both inspired and accurate.WithBeat-Up Little SeagullandDarren Aronofsky's next filmwhich is also probably coming in 2017,we'll be grateful to be seeing quite a bit of her.Depp will be playing Ratchett,the victim of the titular murder.

But they weren't the only names signing up,and the others make for quite an exciting assemblage: Daisy Ridley,Dame Judi Dench,Michael Peña,Derek Jacobi,andHamilton's Leslie Odom Jr.are all coming on board.That may sound like a lot of names,but this massive cast still has quite a few roles to fill.Stay tuned!

Jun 13 2016

Who should join Angelina Jolie in the Murder Cast?

Murtadahere.Agatha Christie'sMurder on the Orient Expressis being remade by Kenneth Branagh.He will direct and play the lead part of Belgian detective Hercule Poirot who's investigating a murder that happens on the famous train as it is making its way across Europe.The novel has been adapted several times,most famously into an Oscar winning film in 1974 by Sidney Lumet and an all star cast,led by Albert Finney as Poirot.Angelina Jolie was announced as Mrs Hubbard,an American loquacious socialite,played in 1974 version by Lauren Bacall.It's good casting as the part calls a star with lots of presence.

Even though I haven't read the Christie novel,I have seen the movie version and a 2010 British TV version with Jessica Chastain right before she hit it big.The story lends itself to an all star cast as basically every character gets an intro,one big scene and gets to participate in the finale.And everyone has a secret of course so the parts are juicy and fun and not too taxing on the actors.Hopefully lots of entertaining actors will sign up.

Who would you cast?Our suggestions for some of the characters after the jump...

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Aug 28 2015

Murder on the Orient Express: Ingrid Bergman steals the show - or does she?

We're near the end of Ingrid Bergman's career so here's the penultimate episode in our retrospective.Happy 100th to the superstar on August 29th.Here's Lynn Lee...

By 1974,Ingrid Bergman was agrande dameof film in the twilight of her career,with two Best Actress Oscar wins under her belt,and nothing left to prove.  Perhaps that's why she deliberately opted for such a small part in the star-studdedMurder on the Orient Express,despite director Sidney Lumet's attempts to coax her into taking a bigger one.  And yet,despite her own efforts to stay out of the spotlight,it found her anyway,with her tiny role as a mousy,middle-aged Swedish missionary netting her an unlikely third Oscar.

We don't see too many movies likeOrient Expressthese days – A-list extravaganzas where most of the stars end up with little more than glorified cameos but just seem to be in it for fun.  And to be fair,the movieisfun and directed with flair,even as it plays up the absurd theatricality of the whodunit setup – something that doesn't register as strongly when you're reading Agatha Christie's plummy prose.It's a bit much at times...

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