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Mar 03 2018

"BPM"takes the César

by Nathaniel R

Nahuel Perez Biscayart (pictured in BPM and AU REVOIR LA HAUT) can't get out sick beds!

So much awardage being crammed in before the Oscars.亚博主页In addition to the Spirits,the French César Awards were just held where,as expected,BPMtook six trophies including Best Film and Best Male Newcomer for its terrific leading man,the Argentine born actor Nahuel Pérez Biscayart.BPMapparently had tough competition,though,from Albert Dupontel'sAu revoir Là-Haut(the English title will maybe beSee You Up There) whichalsostars Biscayart!He's having quite a year...

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Nov 04 2017

European Film Nominations: "The Square"and "On Body and Soul" lead

by Nathaniel R

Hungary's weird and wonderful ON BODY AND SOUL keeps collecting kudosOne of our favorite undersung awards bodies is back.The European Film Awards,a hodgepodge of vastly different cinemas that sometimes has surprising results,have released their nominations for 2017.As per usual they're the awards body with the most in common withOscar's Foreign Language Film racewith many of their nominees being submissions this year from their respective countries.As such it's worth noting that Hungary's dreamscape slaughterhouse romantic oddity OnBody and Souland the Palme D'or winning Swedish satireThe Squareare both looking strong heading into the Oscar race;they lead the field here,each with four nominations.Russia'sLovelessand the latest Yorgos Lanthimos provocationThe Killing of a Sacred Deerare just behind them with three nominations,though the latter was a miss in the top category for Best European Film where France's masterful ACT UP dramaBPM (Beats Per Minute --currently in release in the US -- why is noone seeing it?It's brilliant!--  struck instead.

The ceremony moves each year and this time it will be hosted in Berlin,Germany on December 9th.Full set of nominees (links go to our reviews) including a France heavy Best Actress list are after the jump...

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May 26 2017

120 Reasons to be excited about '120 Beats Per Minute'


Of all the movies that unspooled at this year's ongoing Cannes Film Festival,the one that got this writer most excited is120 Battements Par Minute (120 Beats Per Minute).The movie has gotten almost unanimous praise and is expected by many to nab a major prize at the festival.Update: And it won the Queer Palme award as expected.

Campillo (center) and his cast at Cannes

Let's count the reasons to be excited about it after the jump.I lied,not 120 reasons,but here are 9...

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