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Dec 03 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Saoirse and Her Sisters

Jason fromMNPPhere with another round of "Beauty vs Beast"for you people.This weekendMary Queen of Scotshits theaters and I'm sure you'll hear more about it here being,you know,a movie starring two impressive young actresses being impressive once again - one of those actresses,the one called Saoirse,well she's spent 11 straight years now impressing us,and today we're looking back at the place that started,i.e.with Joe Wright'sAtonement.Saoirse should face down female relatives more often - her "cousin"Queen Elizabeth,her mother Laurie Metcalf,her sister Keira Knightley...it works out well for her.

PREVIOUSLYWetackled the parental figures ofMoonlightlast week (they could both use a good tackling,honestly) and y'all clearly thought the Oscars got it right,亚博主页giving Mahershala Ali almost 70% of you vote.SaidAlexD:

"Performance wise they're hand in hand for me.Both superb,both brilliantly adding depth and emotion to their characters.Ali shines all the dark and less flattering qualities of a character with whom we mostly sympathize on screen,while Harris humanizes a character with whom we don't (on screen)."

Nov 26 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Black Boys Looking Blue

Jason fromMNPPhere,still a little stuffed with turkey but ready for this week's "Beauty vs Beast"poll nonetheless - Barry Jenkins' fine new filmIf Beale Street Could Talkis hitting screens in a couple of weeks,and so we turn our eyes upon 2016's most deserving Best Picture WinnerMoonlightto prepare.It seems likely that the film's Best Supporting Actor winner Mahershala Ali will at least be nominated again this year,if not win,for his best-in-show work inGreen Book,which I have few qualms with.But it does remind that I never understood why Naomie Harris' work inMoonlightwent unrecognized at the Oscars,亚博主页as she was best in that show for me.Granted her character is much more difficult to root for than Ali's conflicted dealer is...

PREVIOUSLYBefore the holidaywe had ourselves a Fassy-Off,facing down two of Michael Fassbender's best perfomances for director Steve McQueen,and I guess TFE loves itself a sex addict becauseShame's Brandon swung himself three-quarters of your vote.SaidSarah:

"I love both of these performances but I went withHungerin the poll mostly because of the "foal"speech he gives which I love but Shame is a real powerhouse performance.It's a shame (heh) how people were so preoccupied with the full frontal that they don't give the performance (and the film and Mulligan) the credit it deserves."

Aug 30 2017

would you rather...?

It's time to play our new favorite fantasizing rather than dealing with awful reality game.So where and with whom would you like to be doing what right about now.Would you rather...

...hug a tree with Goldie Hawn?
...decorate Milla Jovovich's face with jelly stickers?
...float in the sea with Nico Tortorella?
...seeHamiltonwith Ashton Sanders?
...go vegetable shopping with Kristin Scott Thomas?
...hit the stables with Naomie Harris?
..."go heavy"with Orlando Bloom?
...do a shot with Leonardo Nam andPtolemy Slocum asWestworldseason 2 begins filming?
...F@*# Up some homophobes with Haaz Sleiman?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

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Mar 01 2017

Red Carpet: Best Dressed Women at the Oscars亚博主页

Here'sJosewith best looks from the 2016 Academy Awards...

And on Oscar Sunday Meryl said "let there be fashion",and then there was fashion.

The 2010's should not only be remembered for being the decade in which the greatest living actress earned her record-breaking 20th nomination,but also as the decade when she found a red carpet style that fit her iconoclastic image as both the Grand Dame of American cinemaandsomeone who wants the world to think she "woke up like dis".In 2017 she even had her very first fashion feud (paging Ryan Murphy) when she had a PR battle with couture supervillain Karl Lagerfeld over a Chanel dress that was to be worn by no one (perhaps we will seeNicole wear it at Cannes someday?) In the end Meryl showed up in a statement-making Elie Saab couture creation in deep regal blue that combined pants with a ballgown,perhaps a nod to Hillary and the ultimate dig at T**** who believes there is only one way for women to "dress at work"?

PS: She also forgave Karl.

Following in Meryl's magnanimity this year I present you my favorite looks from the Oscar red carpet unranked...

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Feb 27 2017

The Many Faces of the Shocked Oscar Crowd

Chrishere,to help you finally digest the shock ending of the Oscarcast,even if Meryl is still frozen in place.And maybe we can get the jokes out of your system as well.

By now we've all dissected crowd photos and video footage of the stunned response of famous people in the crowd like it was our own little Oscar Zapruder film.But if there's a silver lining moment forMoonlight's moment being a bumpy one (the history books will always honor it,remember) it's all of the delicious face we were served,from a heart-palpitated Trevante Rhodes,to a Snapchatting Taraji P.Henson,to well,Meryl.

Luckily for you readers,The Film Experience has obtained exclusive audio files to tell you exactly how every star responded...亚博主页

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Feb 25 2017

1 Day to Oscar: First Time Nominees


With one day to Oscar,let's salute 2016's class of first time nominees in the four acting categories.So many great actors never get nominated,and many just get that one nomination.So it must so exciting for these lucky 7: Isabelle Huppert,Ruth Negga,Naomie Harris,Mahershala Ali,Lucas Hedges,Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield.

They range in age from 20 (Hedges) to 63 (Huppert).As befitting that range there are newcomers,legends and everything in between amongst them...

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