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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Jan 19 2016

15 Best LGBT Characters of '15

We promised a grand total of15 "Best of "2015"Lists(apart from the awards -- yeah,we're overplanning crazy) so here's the second to last.Diversity is the hot topic of the week and regardless of any one particularity (like an Oscar nominee list) thing are getting better on television (obviously) and at the movies,too,though you have to look a little bit harder.Still,if you go to a lot of movies and attempt to draw up lists like this you'll find you're spoilt for choice.There are so many more films these days directed by women,for gay audiences,for people of the color and the like.You just have to look beyond Big Hollywood and keep your eyes open for intriguing surprises if you do regularly hit the all wide releases multiplex.

Since 15 is a finite number (damn you math) not every film with an LGBT character can make the list.Some I didn't see only because you can't see everything (Legend,Duke of Burgundy,Cut Snake,Eastern Boys) and some just didn't make this particular list (Tom at the Farm,Saint Laurent,Gerontophilia,Ricki and the Flash,Mr Holmes,The New Girlfriend,Boulevard,Stonewall,Match,andThe Danish Girl) though that shouldn't reflect on the film itself because that group has everything from terrible to great movies within it.The most high profile miss is Lili Elbe (Eddie Redmaybe) but that's mostly becauseThe Danish Girlneeded to be queerer and because there are several women that were far more fetching on this list.

Without further ado...

15 Best LGBT Characters of The Movies of '15
fromNasty BabythroughStar Wars(???) and on up toCarol

15Freddy (Sebastián Silva) inNasty Baby
Silva,one of Chile's best known filmmakers,doesn't usually star in his own movies,but this time out he gifts himself the lead role.Freddy,an artist working haphazardly on a new project involving adults pretending to be babies,desperately wants to be a dad and is continually trying to make it happen between his boyfriend (Tunde Adebimpe fromRachel Getting Married) and his best friend (Kristen Wiig).Silva's a fluid filmmaker when it comes to gender,ethnicity,and genre andNasty Babyis a fluid movie, freely hopping from genre to genre without much warning:  drama,comedy,character study,art world satire,and even thriller.(Bonus points for the cat-loving.)

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Jan 19 2016

Newish: A Walk with the Teenage Martian Outta Compton

It's time for the irregular 'newish for home viewing' list.If you've been trying to catch up on 2015 hits & misses (no judgments -- we're all for movie consumption of multiple kinds and whenever people can get to them) it's worth noting that a lot of things hit DVD,Blu-Ray,and Streaming over the past three weeks.Here are some highlights.(Links go to related articles here).

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Sep 15 2015

In praise of Wiigs

Manuelhere asking: when did Kristen Wiig become the reigning queen of indie cinema especializing in fascinatingly messed up women?

Left to Right: A Deadly Adoption,Diary of a Teenage Girl,Welcome to Me,Nasty Baby (front),Skeleton Twins,Girl Most Likely

I just watchedDiary of a Teenage Girl(Sundance review) and while the film is clearly a showcase for newcomer Bel Powley,I couldn't shake off the former SNL funny gal's Charlotte.And that got me thinking about Wiig's amazing recent roster of fascinating female characters,some of which deserved better vehicles (coughGirl Most Likelycough).She really was never going to rest on her comedic laurels,was she?

In other Wiig news,her other Sundance flick,Nasty Baby(read Nathaniel's review) now has a trailer and a release date (Oct 23).I'd embed it on here except all trace of it has apparently disappeared from YouTube and thus from all other outlets which posted it (guess they want to keep the film a secret?).But you can stillwatch it here.

BYOYNMSin the comments and tell me: Which indie drama Wiig is your favorite?

Jan 27 2015

Sundance Quickies: Dope,Last Days in the Desert,Nasty Baby

Nathaniel reporting from Sundance with three quick takes

The biggest sale at Sundance was this no-stars comedy about three geeky high school seniors who are obsessed with 90s hip hops (that's a character detail and joke factory -- not the plot).Malcolm (Shameik Moore joyfully charismatic in the lead role) a Straight A student who dreams of Harvard and his two best friends Jib (Tony Revolori - just as strong as he was inGrand Budapest Hotel) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons fromTransparentin her feature debut) live in "The Bottoms"an impoverished crime-ridden neighborhood.Malcolm gets mixed up with Dom (Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky),a local dope dealer,and soon the three friends are on the run from cops,drug dealers,gang members and continually out of frying pans and into other fires.The film it most reminded me of isGo(1999) for its parade of memorable characters,smart fast comedy,and crime plot but this one is lighter.Dopehas inarguably high energy and fresh laughs for the first hour but,like many comedies,it overstays its welcome as it wants to be taken more seriously in the second half (tightening the second hour before release would be of huge benefit).Regardless,those huge laughs,great racial politics jokes and its endearing central trio could well make it a sleeper smash.B/B+

Funny Coincidence: I saw this directly afterThe Diary of a Teenage Girland both movies feature a shot of a horny teenage girl licking a photograph.In this case it's lesbian drummer Diggy licking the2 Live Crew album cover.Ha!

In this film,shot in natural light by that DP without peer Emmanuel Lubezki,Ewan McGregor plays Jesus near the end of his 40 day fast and desert wanderings.McGregor also plays the Devil which gives this film the entertaining kick it needs to survive lots of contemplative moments / scenes of Jesus just staring into and walking around the desert thinking about the shit that Sons of God think about.I liked the film's invention of a troubled family Jesus meets (Ciarin Hinds and Tye Sheridan as father/son -- though thankfully their dramatic parallels to Jesus and his  "Daddy"as Satan hilariously calls God are not so neatly correlative as to be obnoxious.) Satan wears a beautiful dangly gold earring (I guess because vanity is evil?Or because they wanted to make fun of one earring wearers?) but otherwise he looks exactly like Jesus.The film is by Rodrigo Garcia,a director I've always wanted to love given his actressexuality -- though weirdly this film is almost entirely male -- but have never been able to because his films tend to be a bit sleepy.This one is smartly reined in at 98 minutes but it does feel a bit slight,exercize-ish,despite the heavy topic.B-/C+

Ewan McGregor revealed in the Q&A afterwards that he did a lot of studying to play Jesus (scriptures,books,etcetera) and none to play Satan ("the devil came naturally").Hee!

Kristen Wiig just keeps on overachieving,doesn't she?After conquering comedy she keeps on impressing in dramatic roles,too.She's got a beautifully authentic rapport with writer/director/star Sebastian Silva (who is most famous for his Golden Globe nominated terrific Chilean filmThe Maid).Silva and Wiig play Freddy & Polly,best friends who'e been trying to get pregnant for months but it hasn't been working.They enlist Freddy's hesitant boyfriend Mo (Tunde Adebimpe in his first feature since 2008'sRachel Getting Married-- he was the guy Rachel married!) to do the sperm donor duty.Meanwhile a crazy neighbor keeps harassing everyone on the street and Freddy struggles to realize his art project "Nasty Baby"in which he wants to explore how disgusting babies of all kinds are by investigating their "gross cuteness"-- it gets a big laugh in context,trust -- and he plans to explore that by rolling around naked making baby sounds?It's a video installation,just go with it.It's all an ultra specific urban slice of life dramedy -- so ultra-specific in fact that I assume this will be a very hard sell for many.Making it even more difficult for potential audiences is the sharp left turn it takes into uncomfortably suspenseful territory toward the end.But despite what will surely be a hard road to find its natural fanbase,I admired it for being so wholly itself...or maybe its two selves.Or its three selves?The end credits are set to the cast doing roller disco for totally inexplicable but delightful effect.And the cast -- including the little seen Mark Margolis (who you'll recognize from Darren Aronofsky's movies) as a protective old gay in the neighborhood -- just felt wonderfully organic.B

Aug 15 2013

I link for the applause, plause

The Backlothas an interesting thing to say about Marilyn Monroe.Interesting Monroe thoughtsarerare!
The Playlistthe new projectNasty Babyfrom Sebastian Silva sounds fun.With and Kristen Wiig and Tunde Adebimpe
In Contentionon the supporting/leading category placement decisions of upcoming performances.I'm really hoping Amy Adams (American Hustle) goes lead since that would be a nice change of pace.
Pop BlendSigh.People still care about Jennifer Aniston's feelings about Angelina Jolie!

Kvellerlol.the best use of Christina Aguilera's "Burlesque"sinceBurlesqueitself.That's one pricey flamboyant Bar Mitzvah celebration
Pajibawrites an open letter to Showtime since they'restillairing Dexter.(I'm SO glad I quit that show.I only wish I had quit it a couple of seasons before I did.
The Advocateterrific op-ed about waning enthusiasm for Lady Gaga and gay man + diva love affairs

I've heard other gay gripes about Gaga and wondered if it had less to do with Mother Monster and more with an approaching expiration date with the gay man/diva treaty (signed around 1900 between Sarah Bernhardt and Oscar Wilde,possibly).


Pajibacast changes atOrange is the New Black.Thrilled that Lorraine Toussaint (Middle of Nowhere) is joining!
New York Timesa revival of the musical adaptation ofThe Color Purple(for the stage) is winning raves in London - I didn't know there was a new one so that's not why we were talking about it.I guess it's in the ether.
The Dissolve"shocker"critics more critical than general moviegoers